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2 Oct, 2012

Anath - Silence (CD)

Efficiency is everything in solar power On a good day. Say a nickel an hour "avoided cost" income For a perfect conversion.

Or two cents a day al- fowlng for night and weather. Let your efficiency dnsp too low and there's no way that solar can be competitive. Get under the bottom-line efficiency of seven per- cent or so. So efficient solar electric conversion could connpletely blow away coal, nuclean and even most hydro. Marks has developed two dif- ferent solar-to-electric systems that seem to have rather high theoretical efficiencies.

Radio waves are electromag- netic. Solar energy is electromag- netic. The main difference between orange light Cat nanometers and television channel two 6 meters is a Just shove some electromagnetic energy into an antenna, rectify it somehow, and out comes DC power These days, we call the same thing a rectenna. So why not use light waves instead of radio waves? An antenna is any subsystem for converting radiated electromag- netic energy into conducted wire electromag netic energy.

Or vice ver- sa. As a transmitter, if your antenna is now properly matched to the rest of your circuit, nearlyallof your input energy will get radiated. And, since most antennas are linear and re- ciprocal devices, tf you input any electromagnetic energy well inside of the antenna s effective area, near- ly all of it will get converted into conducted electricity.

So, a property matched antenna can be TOO per- cent efficient. And a rectifier nearly so. Now, an optical antenna is trivial. Just make it any old color so long as it is black. Even a black felt tip pen will do. The trick lies in rectifying and gathering all the received solar elec- tromagnetic electricity, rather than burning it up as heat.

The Lepcon panel is the older of Marks" two new developments. In a Lepcon panel, tiny rectenna ele- ments are created on glass using more or less conventional but very advanced microlithography. These are basically a conductive channel ending with a metal barrier diode. New Energy Technology Sym- posium, pages From Plan- etary Association for Clean Energy below. An amazing fact: you can do more than four out of five VCR repairs with ordinary tools and basic fix- it proce- dures.

Our home study pro- gram sliows you how. Learn ail of the systems, mechanisms, and parts of almost all brands of VCRs. With no expensive instru- menls. The step-by-step texts and close personal attention from your instructor make learning easy. Texts, course materials, and tool kit are sent to your home. Send today for your free career booklet.

Unlike a traditional solar cell, there are no "whole lumps only ' quantum effects involved, and neariy all of the available energy gels converted. It converts the one polarization with up to a theoretical 80 percent efficiency and passes the remainder on through. You could put a second Lumeloid pane under- neath that is oriented 90 degrees from the first to convert the other polarization. Your combined efficiency ends up around a theoretical 72 percent. The Lumeloid film process uses chemicals instead of very expensive microlithography.

The chemical techniques in theory lend them- selves to low-cost and high-volume production. The chemicals attempt to mimic the first half of the long photosynthesis process. A rather long chain carbon molecule, such as polyacetylene, is attached to some electron donor acceptor complex, such as porphynn and quinone.

For all this to work, the molecules have to be carefully oriented while the sheet is being created, Marks work has centered on suitable bulk processes to do the orientation in a low-cost and high-volume process.

Projected costs are five dollars per meter and three cents per watt. At present, the Lumeloid films are only expected to last a year in strong sunlight.

Once again, Lep- con panels use conventional micro- lithography on glass, while Lumeloid use oriented films that mimic photosynthesis. Interestingly, the Lumeloid pro- cess IS totally reversible. You can input electncity and get Eight out as well. Which could lead to new light- ing and display technologies.

For any of this to become real, we will need working prototype panels, credible third party research, and the proper peer review. Because of the lack of even lab prototypes, their efficiency and cost projections at this time would ap- pear totally meaningless. Caller ID update Time sure does fly when you are having fun.

As a result. Ive gotten hopelessly far behind on a bunch of potentially great projects here. So my caller- ID project may take a while. Caller ID should be available in most parts of the country very soon. The controversy is dying down, since the benefits so totally and lu- dicrously outweigh any potential problems. If for no other use. Free sample kits are available. This one is supposed to include in- ternal ring detection.

Which is what nor- mally has to go between you and the phone company Key points inciude an exceptionally well-balanced transformer with a vo! While such an inter- face is fairly cheap and simple.

These are pnced well above what you could build your own for But they come pre-approved, elim- inating most legal hassles. Dallas Semiconductor and Cermetek are two typical sources. Both Cermetek and Sierra have free caller- ID ap notes available. As we've seen before, a number of ready-to-use caller-ID products are available from Hello Difect. The Best of Analog Dialogue is a three decade compilation of the very best in analog linear integrated circuit design info.

From the compa- ny Analog Devices. In a startling development, real thermography is now available for toner-based desktop publishing. One new source is Bennet LaserBrite. You spray on chemical A to soften your tonen dust on powder B, and then apply heat from desWamp C.

Instant raised letters. Even Brailte. Free stuff this month: A video on a high-end printed circuit prototyp- ing system from Direct Imaging. A free video on the Toaster, the low- cost broadcast-quality video pro- duction system from NewTek.

And a great new sample A plastic elec- tronic case from Serpac. A reminder that 1 do have a full collection of reprints available. Just give me a call on our no-charge tech helpline per the box for more de- tails. Or call me at my Synergetics. Overpriced signals? While the concept has validity for. Straight- wire - with-gain audiophiles — for whom tone controls of any kind are anath- ema — appear to assume that what- ever signal comes out of their carefully chosen disc player or tape machine somehow perfectly em- bodies an original performance.

Anyone naive enough to harbor such a belief has, at best, a very unclear notion as to how sound is recorded and reproduced. Assuming that you had a perfect stereo recording of the sound field Cat a specific location of a live musi- cal event — and all the elec- tromechanical and electronic ele- ments in your playback system were perfect — your speakers would still have the task of replicating the acoustics of a concert hall within the comparattvely cramped space of a conventional listening room.

In short, the chances of exactly du- plicating an original live sound field in your listening room are about zero. Given the aberrations in frequen- cy balance, noise level, and dynamic range likely to be introduced, plus the loss of rear ambience and reflec- tions.

I see nothing wrong with using Signal processors to help minimize, ameliorate, or eliminate the various ill effects. IVe long since given up any hope of reproducing the precise sound of any original musical perfor- mance in my home.

But when I achieve plausible reproduction, then Tm satisfied that IVe achieved high. System imbalance After a long struggle to find the reason for my having to operate the balance contnjl on my preamplifier at the clock position, I traced the difficulty to my speakers. What would account for the fact that a teadjustment of the midrange con- trol on one of my speakers cured the problem?

TX The frequencies that corrtribute to the perception of 'loudness ' are mostly in the midrange. CYou can confirm this for yourself by noting the small effect on the overall loud- ness of music produced by the out- ermost controls of a ten-band equalizer Hence, any control that boosts or cuts the mtd-frequenctes in a speaker system will also neces- sarily influence its relative "efficien- cy" or loudness. Alcoholic anxiety Some tape-cleaner ads seem to say that alcohol may be injurious to the insides of recorders.

But maga- zines seem to recommend alcohol as a cleanser. Which information is correct? W Covington, LA You should avoid solutions sold as "rubbing alcohols" because they ane likely to include a skin lubricant usually glycerin that could be transferred to the tape and the pinch roller Ask your pharmacy for isopropyl alcohol in "NF" purity: that will work fine for heads, pinch rollers, and for general internal cleaning of your machine.

My friends have had similar experi- ences. U Boston, MA We live in a time when very com- plex electronic devices are man- ufactured by automated machinery controlled by computers. But the elimination or reduction of the expensive hand- labor element in many of todays electronic devices is of no help when the device needs repair The repair process continues to be labor intensive, and it involves skilled, ex- pensive labor at that. In short, al- though electronic products are built by the most sophisticated auto- mated techniques available to the 20th century, they are repaired one at a time by the equivalent of an 18th-century handicraft approach.

As you have found, that's not cheap! Featured are brand name instruments such as Ffuke, Tektronix. Leader, Waller. Also included are DMM s, hand tools, power supplies, tool kits, test equipment, static suppNes ptus many other new products.

Orders placed by 4 PM are shipped before we go home! Andover, MA Canon PG Copier also. XSP Telephone Transmitter— line powered, transmits con ver sat tons up to mite. Both tune MHz. KST6O0— S XSP— S Southern Ave.

Or attach to telephone line. Hear an tele- phone conversations— crystal clear- over 1 mile away without batteries? VT mj- Cfotransmitter chip S Box , Bedford Hilts. NY Special combos available. We ship COD. Quantity dtsa unls. Call for pncing on other products. Dealers wanted. We stand behind our products where others fail. Box , Saco. Battery- backed RAM. Broadway Rd. To determine whether there is a potential problem, watch the woofer cone with its protective grille removed, if possible during a typical slam.

If the forced outward excursion exceeds a quarter inch or so. It might be best to close your trunk a bit more genlty in the futune. However, I expect that the better I ma nufacturers of the larger car ster- eo speakers, who knew where they I would be mounted, have designed their cone suspensions to with- stand large pneumatic shocks. NY As Far as I know, the only justiftca- tion far a n a mow- band switch is the rare case when a listener is located between two transmitters of conri' parable strength that are ad acent to each other on the FM dial.

Off-frequency FM Many of the rock stations in my area advertise themselves as being. Does something need adjustment? R San Diego, CA Yes — the thinking of those who like to reduce all communication to the short, punchy, and simple-mind- ed. In the U. But, come to think of it, that may be pretty close to what some stations are really broadcasting! Closing date same as regular rate card. Direct telephone inquines to Arline Fishman.

FAX Company RO. Vancouver, WA Phone Dept. Besides being chock full of test tnstru- ments, the catalog de- scribes protective cases that are tailored for individ- ual models, and a complete line of accessory test probes, cables, and test lead kits. Universal Elec- tronics, Inc. However not many people are aware of the variety of n on- video and data services that are also carried on sateflites.

Those services include au- dio newSp stereo subcar riers. This book covers all phases of this expanding side of the satellite business. Begin- ning With an explanation of the transmission and re- ception of satellite signals, the book goes on to pn3- vtde details about each of the systems transmitting hidden signals. It describes each system and how tt works, explaining who uses it and how the reader can receive it. The book also includes glossaries of data-communications and satellite-system terms.

Kleiciman, N1BKE. Everything you ever wanted to know about am- ateur radio — and then some — can be found in the more than pages of this book. A comprehen- sive section on radio princi- ples covers power sup- plies, audio and video communications, digital basics, modulation and de- modulation.

RF oscillators and synthesizers, princi- ples of radio transmitting and receiving, trans- ceivers, repeaters, ampli- fiers, antennas, and trans- mission lines. Modulation methods for voice, digital, and image communica- continued on page ! There have been some interruptions In the meantime but that s the way life is — it sometimes interferes with lEving.

This subject got put on hold for a bit because of the business of voltage regulators. Sorry about that but, even if you don't have any particular interest in cars or motorcycles, all that information should be put away for future reference. You never know Just to refresh all our memories, we had been talking about the things to be considered in designing a circuit that would serve as the beginnings of a digital scope. All scopeSp even the one we're going to design, have certain basic things in common and any project you have in mind that involves scope design has to start out life around these funda- mentals.

The design criteria for the scope we are going to be putting together are the following: 1. The scope will have a maximum bandwidth of at least 1 MHz. The display will be in a twenty- by- M twenty matrix. While you re looking at it keep in mind that, even though we're only 83 talking about a demonstration cir- cuit, the basic structure is the same for every scope there is.

Once you go through the design of a simple scope, it'll be much easier to under- stand the workings of more com- plex ones.

There are all sorts of interesting things that can be done with the scope we're building and there s no reason whatsoever why you can't take the basic circuit and add any- thing you want to it. But weVe get- ting ahead of ourselves. One of the major players in the accuracy of a digital scope is the timebase. Ordinarily, in a simple scope such as ours, the timebase is an RC-type circuit that gives you. RC-type accuracy.

But just be- cause we're not building the worid s most complex scope, there's no reason why we have to settle for so- so accuracy. Whenever you want accurate timekeeping, the answer is a crystal-based circuit, and that's what we'll use here. There s no shortage of circuits when it comes to building a crystal oscillator, and the schematic shown rn Fig.

You shouldn't have any trouble get- ting the 's to work at 1 MHz— even if you're only operating the cir- cuit at 5 volts. If you have any prob- lems, up the voltage to 9 volts or so working with CMOS stuff is great!

The basic structure is the same for every scope there ts. They want a supply voltage of 5 volts and going any higher than that IS a sure way to cook the chip. Once we have the timebase cir- cuit working properly, the next step is to do some straightforward fre- quency division to generate all the sweep speeds we need. First, how- ever we should decide what those sweep speeds are going to be and. Our dispfay is going to be, as we specified, a twenty-by-twenty LED matrix. There ane twenty columns of LED's and each column is going to be enabled in turn for a particular length of time.

When we refer to the sweep speed, we have to dis- tinguish whether we're talking about how long it takes to sweep across the entire twenty columns or how long each of the twenty col- umns is enabled. For frequencies below 1 MHz, this schematic is a simple solution. Therefore, we'll arrange our sweep speeds around the time each column is en- abled, and not how long it takes to cycle through all the columns. That is important to keep in mind be- cause we want to be able to get a rough idea of frequency when we're viewing a waveform on the scope, and the standard way of doing that is to count the number of divisions covered by a complete cycle.

Standard oscilloscopes use a counting sequence for divid- ing the sweep frequency. That means, at a basic leveln that it takes the trace five.

The maximum sweep speed we can reasonably ex- pect to have is about TO microse- conds since there are certain limitations to LED intensity, con- struction methods, and so on. It's possible to do a lot better, but the stuff you have to worry about has nothing to do with the basic design of the scope itself. The lowest sweep speed that makes sense for the scope we're working on is about a tenth of a second per column. The major fac- tor here is that when you get much slower than this, it gets increasingly hard to visualize the waveform on LED's.

Remember that the scope will be enabling one column at a time and only one LED in each col- umn will be lit. If the sweep speed is too slow, the eye won't be fooled into seeing several of the columns lit at the same time. Once we get the circuit working, you can experiment with the range of sweep speeds and see what the outside limits are. The top limit is a function of electronics but the hot- tom is determined by considering the persistence of the retina and other biological factors.

If you want to drop the sweep speed to one second per division because you have a particular need to do that it s relatively simple to set the elec- 3 i Q. The best way to get an tde3 of whal it would be tike is to sit in front of a real scope and play with the sweep-speed control Now that we know the sweep- speed range — from a low of a tenth of a second CIO Hz to a top of 10 microseconds ODO kHz per divi- sion — we can decide what the re- maining six sweep speeds should be.

Generating divisions in the stan- dard sequence is certainly possible but it s also a pain in the neck to do. We can cut this part of the design way down and reduce the needed parts to a bare minimum if we let the relationship between the sweep speeds follow the standard binary sequence. By doing that, we can choose from a wide variety of standard binary counters and. He too saved Israel. All rights reserved worldwide. Try it free for days. Font Size Font Size. Previous Next.

Thank you. Get your own Bible Buy a Bible today Select the perfect bible for you by using the filters below to help you pick the right bible. Search Search the Bible. Next Weeks Readings. Sat, Sep. Bible Resources. The route was then by the pass back of Julamerik and down the Bohtan Su. Olmstead heaven like the point of an iron dagger, where a passage for the chariots could be made only with much labor on the part of the pioneers. The capital of the same name was soon a smoking ruin, and its Nairi prince, Kakia, after a struggle in the mountains, begged the royal pardon.

The Haldian frontier was reached at Sugania, a tiny fortress perched upon a high rock at the junction of two small affluents of the Upper Tigris. Around the arched bridge it commanded, the Assyrians constructed a circular camp with a gate at either exit of the road.

Arrived at the doomed city, he dismounted, and, still surrounded by his body guards, shot his arrows against the fortress. The main attack was launched by the archers, but sappers, protected by long leather robes, were employed to loosen the stones in the walls, and other soldiers attempted an assault with ladders.

The natives resisted with bow and spear until the houses were fired, when they abandoned the struggle. Opposite the town, a pillar of heads was erected, and the survivors, naked save for the peculiar 'liberty caps' and up-tilted shoes, their necks bound in a yoke to a long rope and their hands tied behind their backs, were dragged before the official who stood, club of office in hand, to receive them.

Operations recommenced with a skirmish in the open. Opposed were the little Haldians, clad in short robes or entirely naked, armed with long or short lances, and defended by the short round shield and greaves.

In their formation, pairs of archers and shield-bearing lancers, they had followed Assyrian custom. Four- teen of the surrounding villages went up in smoke, the men were impaled on stakes set in the wall, the severed heads were hung in the gates.

The invaders cut down the palm trees, surprisingly far north until we remember that today they still flourish fruitless on the warm shores of Lake Van, and captive horses recall to our minds the fact that Armenia has always been famous for the fineness of its breed.

The strangest trophy was a rough platform on wheels, so ponderous that eleven men were needed to pull it along by means of ropes over their shoulders. On it was a huge grain jar, no less than eight feet high, held in place by a man mounted beside it, and guarded by pole s in the hands of the three 6 Sugania cannot be Shokh, the Kurdish name of Tauk, Layard, Nineveh and Babylon, , as Billerbeek, BA 6. The troops may have gone, not via Bitlis, but by the valley to the east where Sakh and Sakh Dagh may represent Sugania.

In camp, the grain was ground, the dough mixed on the floor, and the bread baked in the round mud oven. The eunuch camp-prefect made frequent trips in his chariot to oversee the collection of the booty, which was packed in camp under his business-like direction.

The army descended to a plain for its next encampment, a rectangular walled enclosure, studded with battlemented towers within whose protection, in 'one corner, stood the royal tent. Quitting this place, the army pushed on over mountains so steep and by roads so execrable that it was necessary for the attendants to drag the chariot horses up the slopes by main force. Without encountering further resistance, Shalmaneser reached Lake Van at a village where the mountains ranged about the curving shore.

The procession to the water's edge was formed, first the two royal standards, then the monarch on foot, his high officials, the musi- cians playing on harps, finally the bulls and rams destined for the sacrifice.

The royal effigy had been carved on a low cliff over- hanging the water, where Shalmaneser appeared as he was wont to be seen on state occasions, richly robed and with scepter and tiara, but unarmed, in token of the peaceful character of his mis- sion. The standards were set up, with a tall candlestick by their side, the king assumed an attitude of adoration, two bulls and four rams were slaughtered and presented on the three-legged altar before the stele, the libations were set forth in a jar on an ox-footed support.

Portions of the slain animals were thrown by the soldiers into the lake to be consumed by the fish, turtles, and wild swine that swarmed the shore or the waters. The raid had caused much damage to a corner of Haldia, but it was only a corner, and Arame, the Haldian king, had not even been engaged.

On his way, Asau of Gilzan brought in his gifts, the horses, cattle, and sheep we have come to expect, and with them two humped camels of the Bactrian breed. Nabu-apal-iddina made a formal alliance which brought him under Assyrian control as surely as 6 Arame is the traditional king of Armenia, Aram according to Moses of Chorene, 1.

Olmstead any 'ally' of Rome; the gods acknowledged his direct rule when he sacrificed to Marduk and Nabu in Babylon and Borsippa.

If plunder were desired, Syria always lay open to attack, and it was in this direction that the next offensive was planned. Lucky and unlucky days played a large part in Assyrian life; we realize the difference from the modern concep- tion when we find the army leaving Nineveh on the thirteenth of Airu, the beginning of May. Hasamu and Dihnunu were traversed, and the boundary of Bit Adini was reached at Lalate, whose inhab- itants thought only of flight to the hills.

A battle was contested under the walls of Kiraqa, and Ahuni, the new master of Adini, was forced to take refuge behind its fortifications. Resistance still continued and the Assyrian troops were in danger of attack from the rear. They did succeed in securing possession of the Aramaic settlement of Bur Marna, the 'Spring of our Lord,' and when the pillar of heads was set up, the threat was sufficient to bring in the contributions of Habini of Til Abni and of Gauni of Sarugi, whose name is connected with the Hebrew patriarch Serug.

The alliance, Synchr. Schiffer, Aramaer, 64, on the basis of the Harran Census, restored Saru. Kiraqa is restored by Rasmussen, ad loc. It must be near Samosata, as the Diarbekir-Samsat-Marash road was evidently taken. Olmstead, Sargon, When he turned southwest, he found his way blocked by a coalition of all the more important North Syrian chiefs which had come together at Lutibu.

The last country had already been known to the Egyp- tians as Samalua, and its present ruler, Haya, had been preceded by an unnamed father and a grandfather Gabbar. The Assyrian forces crossed the Orontes and appeared before the Hattinian fortress of Alisir, not far from where in time to come was the site of the mighty city of Antioch.

Again the allies went down to defeat and Bur Anata fell into the hands of the conquerors, but once more the victory was followed by no important results and Shalmaneser was forced to content himself with tribute from the 'kings of the sea coast.

Sammlungen, Sachau, SB Berl. Add also Ada the Olmstead umbrella, surrounded by his guards and attendants, the most important of whom were the three turtanus who faced him. The master of ceremonies, turning backward, beckoned for the ambas- sadors to approach.

The two representatives of Tyre and Sidon, accompanied by their sons, thereupon advanced, their hands raised in adoration. Their beards were pointed, their double robes were long and clinging, their turbans were wound with ribbons which fell to their necks, their shoes were upturned.

Behind them came the tribute bearers, some with trays filled with oriental sweet- meats, others with boxes on their padded shoulders or huge caldrons carried like caps on their heads. The last of the proces- sion stood in the water to unload their boat, for it was too shallow to permit reaching the land.

The boats were long, narrow craft, each with two men, who steered and rowed, or rather poled them along, by oars without oarlocks. Ropes attached to the upstand- ing heads of camels at the high prows and sterns held them fast to the shore.

They were piled high with bales, dark blue wool, wool, lapis lazuli, shamu, ingots of gold, silver, lead, and copper. Cloth was carried on poles suspended from men's shoulders, and one great jar required special attention as it was handed from the boat to the shore.

Whole trees and beams of cedar, in themselves sufficient to repay the Assyrians for the long trip, were brought down and piled up. Across the water could be seen a rocky islet, which bore a town with high battlemented walls and possessed two gates.

From it came forth, their hands laden with gifts, the chief and his wife, her skirt tucked up, her hair flowing. The Hattinians, clad in short girdled tunics and pro- tected only by round helmets and neck-pieces, were easily defeated in detail. The Assyrian soldiers seized them by the hair, stabbed 18 Schlumberger fragments, Lenormant, Gazette Arch. Our study, Historiography, 26 f.

The form Atalur is further confirmed by Mt. It cannot possibly be in the Alexandretta region Billerbeck, BA 6. Hazazu was a good-sized fort on a low artificial mound which witnessed to the respectable antiquity that already lay behind it.

When the troops in heavy armor began the escalade and the town was already on fire, the townspeople could not resist. The king received his prisoners under a canopy held by his servants and placed before the round camp.

Great was the contrast between the richly-clad Assyrian officials who introduced them and the long line of captives, some without a stitch of clothing, their necks in a rope and their hands tied behind them, the women with their hair hanging down their backs and clothed in gowns which reached only to elbows and ankles.

Tribute from another Arame, the king of Gusi, closed the year. Nineveh was again left on the lucky thirteenth of Airu. Accom- panied by the crown prince, he hastened by the direct road to Til Barsip, the capital of Bit Adini, which commanded one of the most important fords of the Euphrates, where to this day the islands show in summer and a ferry crosses. The city was large as such cities went, the ramparts on the land side were strong, a quay cut to the river through the conglomerate testified to commerce by water, and the character of the people was indicated by the expected Hittite sculpture in basalt.

JAOS Arne, V Anthropolo- gic, Rec, 3. Nulia may be Niara, Ptol. The sea is that of Antioch, Winckler, Forsch. Butamu is the Badama of Yaqut, s. For Gusi, note that Heraclius sent his brother Theodore against the Arabs, and they came to Gusit, a village near Antioch, where there was a stylite named Simeon, and here they were defeated by the enemy, Michael Syr.

Thompson, PSBA Olmstead in full flood and collected the plunder of six of the Adini cities. The defenders dropped stones upon it, but in vain ; the city on the low mound which gave so commanding a position to the crusading Turbessel was taken, and the inhabitants deprived of hands and feet and impaled about the walls, above which pro- jected the gable of the palace of 'Hittite fashion' so popular among the Assyrians a century later.

The citizens of the upper town, bearded men wearing liberty caps, with long double robes open at the side and pointed shoes, were led with ropes about their necks; the matrons, their hair below the waist and bare-legged, followed meekly, and dromedaries and mules brought out the couches and other furniture which were considered worthy of removal.

The whole convoy was under the direction of the crown prince, whose uncertain stand in his chariot was made easier by the protecting arm of his attendant. His presence was also indi- cated by the smaller tent at the side of the larger one occupied by his father and by the double guard which watched the camp.

The caliph Suleman followed the custom of his family in making it his headquarters during attacks on Masslsa, died here in A. Sayce, RP 2 4. Hiising, OLZ 1. The capture of Sazabe 25 brought the coalition to terms, and the narrative for the remainder of the year is made up of the list of tribute furnished by the various princes.

That the numbers have grown in the process of transmission is to be expected, but in spite of this, we are given a valuable insight into the eco- nomic life of North Syria. The ruler of Hattina or Unqi brought three talents of gold, a hundred of silver, three hundred of copper, the same of iron, a thousand articles of that metal, a thousand dresses and cloaks, twenty talents of purple, five hundred cattle, and five thousand sheep.

For its collection, it was necessary to penetrate the great swamp of Unqi, access to which could be gained only by flat-bottomed boats that could pass anywhere in the shallows. Two men, their long hair bound with fillets and their clothes as abbreviated as might be expected of an aquatic folk, rowed and steered them by oars hung in thongs, while the wild ducks flew before them.

Shalmaneser did not trust himself to with Mabashere. Hogarth, Accidents, , reports the find of many Hittite cylinders and other small objects, but wrongly calls it Pitru. It is referred to by Matthew of Edessa, 1. Tell Bashir was a fortified qal'a and an exten- sive kura, inhabited by Armenian Christians, with outlying settlements and markets, well cultivated and peopled, Yaqut, s.

Its greatest claim to fame is that, as Turbessel, it was the capital of the famous Crusader, Jocelyn of Courtenay, Rey, Colonies franques, Gregory the Priest, the Armenian historian, Rec. Charles, who visited it in the spring of , writes as follows: 'The mound lies in the rolling plains five hours southeast of Aintab, and is the most impressive object in the whole region. It is long and narrow, about a hundred feet high, and is surrounded by a low ellipse of mound formation which marks the line of an early wall, with gateway at east and west.

Just beyond the west gate is the ziaret of Qara Baba, "Black Father. Olmstead such uncertain protection, but contented himself with a position on the shore across the water from where, on a low mound in the midst of the swamp, stood the capital, a double-gated fortress with battlemented walls. Under the parasol which the damp heat demanded, he received the Hattinian monarch, aping the Assyrian with his long fringed robe and shawl.

With him were his nobles, with long hair on head and face, long robes carefully draped, and the inevitable Hittite upturned shoes. Among them was to be observed a man with a strongly negroid face, mute witness to race mixture. The plundering was thorough, and the attendants car- ried off their goods in baskets and sacks, skins filled with wine, trays heaped with valuables, tusks of elephants.

What was her heart for what she did? They nurture. They care. Men should pray. Help us! Direct us. Show us what to do. God may give you the opportunity to be influential with that message, but not because you tried or sought to influence or to be a leader, but just because you were being faithful and obedient to the message that God put on your heart. When we as women serve in those distinctively feminine ways, we end up wielding even greater influence than we possibly could have imagined or attained if we had tried to get that for ourselves.

We're able to bring you series like this thanks to listners who support Revive Our Hearts with their prayers and their gifts. When you support this ministry with a gift of any size, we'll send you the Revive Our Hearts wall calendar. I think you'll appreciate the care our designers took in designing this year's calendar.

The quotes from Nancy and Scripture will encourage you as you flip the pages month by month. Just ask for your calendar when you donate any amount to Revive Our Hearts. The number is You can also take us up on this offer by visiting ReviveOurHearts. What do you do? Nancy will address that tomorrow. Nancy : Lord, I pray that You would give us understanding and wisdom in Your ways. We know how we are to serve and how we are to influence, in ways that will bring glory to You and in ways that are distinctively feminine.

Thank You for making us women, and thank You for Your calling in our lives.

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  1. Anath: Silence ‎ (CD, Single) La Tribu (2), La Tribu (2), La Tribu (2) LAT France: Sell This Version: LAT Anath: Silence.
  2. Anath: Silence ‎ (CD, Single) La Tribu (2), La Tribu (2), La Tribu (2) LAT France: Sell This Version: M Kimberose: Chapter One.
  3. El, Anath and Baal O Astarte you're naked with a Lilly {And you're} holding a serpent You raise your spear And silence the Men You're the thunder with a spearhead Qudshu Anath, Shalim, El, Baal Aliyan Holy Virgin, bringer of peace, Shalim May all the gods Break the curse of Canaan Qudshu Anath, Shalim, El, Ball Aliyan Land of Canaan, the Son of Ham.
  4. Encoding took place 1) in silence, 2) while listening to street noise, or 3) while listening to Vivaldi's "Four seasons". Recognition always took place during silence.
  5. El, Anath and Baal O Astarte you're naked with a Lilly (And you're) Holding a serpent. You raise you spear (and) silence the Men You're the thunder with a spearhead. Qudshu Anath, Shalim, El, Baal Aliyan Holy Virgin, bringer of peace, Shalim May all the gods Break the curse of Canaan Qudshu Anath, Shalim, El, Ball Aliyan. Land of Canaan, (the.
  6. You raise you spear (and) silence the Men. Tú alzas tu lanza (y) callas a los hombres. You're the thunder with a spearhead. Eres el trueno con cabeza de lanza. Qudshu Anath, Shalim, El, Baal Aliyan. Qudshu Anath, Shalim, El, Baal Aliyan. Holy Virgin, bringer of peace, Shalim. Santa virgen, dadora de paz, Shalim. May all the gods. Que todos los.
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  8. {"Keep silence"} (Judges ). Bruce tells us that this is "An onomatopoeic word," F19 that is, a word based upon its resemblance to some sound, such as `bow wow,' `splash' or `bang.' In this light, the word here was probably something like, "Shhhush," a word which the king's valets interpreted as requiring them to withdraw from his presence.

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