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2 Oct, 2012

Ay Que Dolor - Ricky Amigos - Loco Loquito (Vinyl, LP)

The band sets no boundaries and the album explores extremes of the Hard Rock concept. We get Spanish guitar, Trumpet, distorted guitars, hard hitting drums and bouncing bass riffs. Vocalist Lee Pistolero has a great voice, which holds both power and passion. The album opens with trumpet, Spanish guitar and a Latin beat, where after the electric guitars kicks in.

It's actually a good general description of the content on "Wild, Beautiful, Damned". The selection of notes for the solo is superb. Forever Is Para Siempre is one of the most "regular" songs with an in-your-face swaggering melody. The song could very well be a Tarantino movie scene shot in some sleazy Mexican cantina. And Senor Mangi Acqui are instant live favorites.

Gypsy Pistoleros is a flashy and flamboyant band live. Moonchild is the only ballad like song. The change of acoustic and electric guitar works perfectly and the interplay provides the song with a special haunting emotion. The song changes between Rock and Flamenco. Check it out for yourself! Rating: 7. The common feature of all four bands that played on the night is that somehow everything comes easy to them — the stage presence, the chops, the style.

The message is as convincing as it used to be, but there is more subtlety and savvy to it today than ever before. First of all the amazing Gunfire Dance album reviewed somewhere else on these pages and now the Gypsy Pistoleros who bring us some of the wildest sleaze rock I've heard in years mixed with a dash of…eh…flamenco. Yeah, you read that right, sleaze rock under the influence of the original Spanish styled flamenco.

Take multiple electric axe attacks, couple them with some crazy acoustic guitars and over the top trumpets and you have the ingredients for the most hyperactive sleaze rock record of the year. The kind of album that can save even the dullest party in the world. Arriba Arriba! They take "Ricky Martin" and mix it all with a fat dose "star star" and "Hanoi flair" and create a cool mix of Flamenco Sleaze n ' roll. Exactly, the "Gypsy Pistoleros" mixes Glam flair with Latino sound and the whole fits really perfectly.

I can understand that also well, because its Debut album "Wild, Beautiful, Damned" is verflucht cooles part. My Fave is completely clearly the rockige "Un Hombre Sin Rosto Pistolero" from the first second on goes off like a rocket and a knalligen Refrain had. Who did not understand it now yet: Buy this record, this is fucking wildly, beautiful and damned!!! This album needs to be heard. Without a doubt, GYPSY GUNMEN offers all a lesson to us of classic rock with an amused vein mixing styles and that into the hands of these boys, has been professional and cheers, everything a gift for which was boring of the same of always.

Originating from Spain, the Gypsy Pistoleros have combined the romantic elements of Spanish culture and language and niftily blended it together with their own influence of dirty rock n roll. The way God intended it to be, maybe. Ok from a distance it could sound a little odd, maybe even a little kitsch but trust me it's as instantly loveable as when you first heard the husky tones of that intoxicated rogue Tyla, and Pistoleros tattooed frontman Lee J often sounds a little like him at times too.

A great deal similar to the Dogs albums 'Graveyard of empty bottles' or 'Straight' with the huge amount of glamour from the sexy vagrant look, the strength in the lyrics and the intense dynamics and ornaments contained in each melody.

The Gypsy Pistoleros both vocals and musicians alike take a hold of each song and don't let go until they're well and truly done with it, the riffs roll from beginning to end with the randomly accompanying flamenco rhythm, a rollercoaster of passion and raw rock n roll.

This band and every track on this album just can't help but make you smile. There are moments when the Spanish feel slows down and you realise that the true influence here is rock, 'Senor Mangi Acqui' again lets the dynamics take over the song and the backing vocals really make this emotional and effective. Just as you think you know where the songs going, it blasts off into a totally different direction.

Not as predictable as you might think! Their style works wonderfully, as they dip their rumba grooves in glam, single-handedly inventing a cunningly chosen, multi-flavoured blend of styles. By the time LA Guns hit the stage, the audience was geared up and ready.

Because they have had to be a band of suffered brain damage English those that have fused the punk and hard rock with the flamenco one, adding to this cocktail a wind section, attitude in abundance and using like linguistic weapon delirious spanglish worthy of any rap band from the underground underground of Miami. And all surrounded it of a sense of the diversion outside comparisons, because the sensation that the eleven cuts of their debut disc leave you is the one of to have received a pure adrenalin injection, whose indirect effect include the strong perspiration, loss of the capacity of.

Without these pinceladas flamencas and this form to make texts, probably GYPSY GUNMEN underground of sleazy would be one more a band of the revival rock in which we were, luckyly are these elements those that give the necessary freshness them so that its proposal finds a place between marabunta of bands in which we were.

His they frontman and vocalista Lee J. The best thing than has without a doubt the work, in addition to music, it is without a doubt the letters, it mixes of ingles and Spanish with great blows of flamenco; very direct and pegadizas that hardly takes in leaving the head; which together with a rock n'roll, energetic, shining and direct with many dyes of glam and sleaze causes that it is a very powerful product, direct, original one and without waste some.

In helpings addition to Lee J. Evil Boy Records, A disc for the summer! I could close here. Even if it is with the successive piece a Hombre Sin Rostro, Gunman who ours detach the winning ticket. The Gyspsy Pistoleros is people very navigated, to feel the technical mastery in they possession. Forever Is Para Siempre is an other piece from ninety. They are too many, nearly all, the songs to emphasize. Greatest disc. Largest band.

AC www. Potrei chiudere qui. I Gyspsy Pistoleros sono gente ben navigata, a sentire la padronanza tecnica in loro possesso. Sono troppe, quasi tutte, le canzoni da sottolineare. Grandissimo disco. Grandissima band. I certainly like T. Rex and Sweet and Bowie. I even like a fair amount of the glam revialists of the early 80s, but by the mid 80s, the revival seemed to have lost sight of its roots. It became stale and formulaic and all but a few of those bands seemed to be going through the motions at very best.

That makes me wonder why anyone would want to resuscitate the genre at this point. It's over, it's spent, leave it alone. Then along comes the Gypsy Pistoleros to show me exactly why. The Pistoleros claim to be "flamenco rock. How can that be? Wild, Beautiful, Damned shows the flamenco part of that claim to be a bit of a stretch, but the result is far closer to greatness than disaster.

There is a very slight bit of Spanish flavor to their music, perhaps attributable to singer Lee Pistolero's days living in Spain, but the principle ingredient is the loose, dirty swagger of glam in its glory days yeah, the 70s, not the 80s. The Pistoleros manage to do everything right and still make it feel wrong in the way that good rock n roll always should.

They even opened the inexplicably successful Rocklahoma nostalgia fest. But it's the new kid on the glam block that really carries the mantle of the music that was established back in the 70s.

If glam is in fact alive, it is not because of half-baked reunions and bands trying to relive their ill-gotten glory, it's because the Gypsy Pistoleros can channel the Dolls and T Rex into something new, fresh and a little bit dirty. I can see it now, the opening frame is a shoddy bar, where the chongo is piss-warm and the bartender is missing a fistful of teeth.

They look like leather-clad outlaw trash, fresh off the sunset strip, surrounded by the perplexed stares of the locals. They jump up onstage and run through a quick sound check, while spitting back spanglish insults at the threatening patrons. The amps and microphones spark and pop from the frayed wiring, not many rock bands play here. The set is furious and hard edged, and some of the vatos at the bar grab at their ears and scowl toward the stage. Then, an uproar of flying beer bottles and whoops of approval, even a discharged pistol here and there.

The locals like what they hear. Craig Smith is a master of the somber minor tones of Spanish guitar and shredding heavy metal, it shows on the track Crazed Gypsy Girls Lair. His chops are really shown with the scorching solo on Switchblade Closer. The drums and bass of Leeroy Pistolero and Nate Pistolero respectively are the driving force behind each of the three tracks I heard.

The super up-tempo bass lines and heavy crash symbols are really what give the songs their speed and intensity. In a nutshell, what the Gypsy Pistoleros have done is taken a fat vein of punk rock and injected it with a hit of Spanish flamenco, the result of which is a meth bender that will leave you naked and disoriented in the front yard.

As I do some research and await their press package I check out the bands individual MySpace pages, which I always do. They just kicked my ass how good the songs are written, hooks galore and check this out the songs are bilingual mixing English and Spanish and it works. The CD was produced by Mr.

The chorus is burning in your memory as Iggie Pistolero reels off killer riffs and the Trumpet by Kris Jones sets a Spanish vision. Such a good song that you will listen to over and oven again. K for years! Even should you remain unconvinced by this utterly original concoction on paper, a Pistoleros live show is sure to have you dancing to their bizarre tune within minutes.

There are two immediately notable developments on the reworked version. Firstly, a revolving rhythm section has been replaced with the dependable duo of Angel and Leeroy Pistolero who provide tight, solid foundations of throbbing bass and hammering beats respectively.

For the two tradition and convention steeped genres, which they lash kicking and screaming together, Gypsy Pistoleros could just be the most exciting development to have occurred in decades. This is fantastic stuff and the production on this track alone makes it worth the price of admission, with gritty Mexican dust and magic oozing from every pore.

The rumour is that this song will be released as a single later in the year, with Joe Leste of Bang Tango and Beautiful Creatures duetting with Lee. Iggie Pistolero has captured a fabulous guitar sound on this album, managing to sound heavy and distorted one minute, and fragile and beautiful the next.

If their debut Wild, Beautiful, Damned and its remixed re-release Para Siempre were an exciting introduction to the band, Welcome To The Hotel De La Muerte is leaps and bounds ahead - a dynamic and unique statement of intent from a band that are legitimately doing something completely original and exciting. Shane Classic Rock Magazine December 09 issue "Britain'sgreatest and only Flamenco -glam-metalband returns with an impressive five song EP that will make even the grumpiest want to don a skull-festoonedheadwrap,smoke exotic cigs, and join some weird carnival.

Their music will put life back in a dead body instead of those generic shock paddles. You have to check out the vocals of Lee Pistolero and his raw sound and screams that send chills down your spine. I like a lot of guitarists but when you have a guy like Iggie Pistolero stunning you with acoustic and electric work that is way above norm you have to be chatting with excitement.

I love the subtle vocals and then at certain points Lee moves into high gear; amazing full-blown energy! The debut album "Wild Beautiful Damned" dates back to and since Gypsy Pistoleros has been touring extensively on that album including two appearances at Rocklahoma.

The debut album caught everybody off guard with its blend of English and Spanish. Gypsy Pistoleros is unique and this mini album again underlines you can blend Latin and Sleazy Rock N' Roll successfully. Guitarist Iggie Pistolero is solid and Lee's vocals are strong. The guitar sound and Lee's characteristic vocals define Gypsy Pistoleros. Joe Gibbs has once again produced the band and he has provided the band with a crystal clear sound that suits the English rockers perfectly.

Sangre de Las Rosas is the surprise of the album. It is a beautiful ballad with a great signature riff and a most extraordinary guitar sound. Unique is the keyword! Hopefully a full length release is in the can soon since this mini LP feels like an appetizer only. We want more! Turn it up, Amigo! Never heard of Gypsy Pistoleros? I am not really acquainted with their former work but that will change quickly.

Already in these four Brits, Lee J. Singer Lee came up with the idea when he was living in Spain Zaragosa and it has to be said, it sounds refreshing. The one moment full throttle with thundering drums, trumpet Kris Jones and shredding guitars with distortion and the next as vulnerable as glass, with Spanish guitar. The quick bass playing and heavy drumming give the songs their intensity.

Gypsy Pistoleros has a unique sound in the sleaze glam rock genre. They come up with something really new in stead of repeating the same stuff over and over again. That deserves appreciation. The unique thing can also be against their favour because how original it might be, the question is for how long will it be fun?

In the meantime it really does. Like that I was completely also not un-curious , mad word creation I white , when it was called, the volume takes up new material. New song are again somewhat more handy and from the Songwriting again a spleen better than still The Opener is Sleaze skirt purely and here hears I again, which does not ankotzt me everything from the category completely.

The EP sounds fresh and leave, needs one around this music life and fire to einzuhauchen. Amusingly, like the development, the volume had carried out itself in such a way grew and does not stand not on the place. Clearly, one will not be able to expect enormous progressive leaps here, but always a piece goes forward. Ne, simply forward looked and the best draus made, what one has today and can. The Titelsong is still another highlight worth mentioning on the 5-Tracker.

Continue to push bath reputation still another free downloadsingle after, which is to be had for first September already. In this hotel one checkt gladly, murderous is the music. So, I think they're pissed at me about it, and want to stove my brains in with a pint glass or something. At least, that's what I've heard. But I wasn't even there when they played, I was outside, ankle deep in the mud, waiting for a backstage pass that took hours to procure. Obviously, my pain and suffering over that long and winding festival, from the sunburn and fatigue to…well, watching three days' worth of aging hairspray bands, offered them no solace.

So, hopefully, the following will patch things up, and we can all move on: Para Siempere is a thrill-a-minute collection of melodic eye-patch swagger that smells of exotic spices and forbidden concubines.

The Pistoleros' bilingual tongues are as smooth and fluid as their easy-sleazy guitar riffs and their scarf-waving Big Hooks. Now that Hardcore Superstar and the Backyard Babies have traveled even further down the Bon Jovi path, seems obvious to this old salt that the Pistoleros are the new sleaze-bags du jour.

Nothin' left to do, really, except to find the biggest hoop earring your lobe will endure and join the mad gypsy dance. Naturally , you'd be horrified if the Gypsy Pistoleros set up camp in the lay-by outside your house. Then, after a week of curtain twitching and calls to the council, you'd find yourself knocking on the door of their caravan, seduced by the Glam-meets-flamenco riffs and guttural shreiks within, bandana and gold tooth in place, begging to join their seedy world.

The lyrics are a mix of Spanish and English….. It has that Vince Neil vocal but it has a really nice acoustic guitar in the middle and that shows a bit of diversity. Bottom Line: The Gypsy Pistoleros have been the talk of the town in Hard Rock circles for a few months now and all the accolades are well deserved.

Instead of re-hashing what has been done over and over again, the Pistoleros decided to blend styles and come up with something different. Lee Pistolero sounds like Vince Neil but there is enough separation between the two to hear the difference.

Iggie Pistolero is an absolute monster on guitar and shows a diversity by going from electric to acoustic, from Hard Rock to Flamenco. And I also dig the Spanish horns that back half the tracks up. Faster Pussycat London Underworld 1 May By Alissa Ordabai SugarBuzz London SugarBuzz Magazine The British support band Gypsy Pistoleros gave the crowd something cool and unforeseen with a synthesis of glam rock and flamenco, their genre-bending tearing down stylistic barriers with taste and confidence, adding luscious glam imagery to the classic flamenco standards.

It really does not matter because it will certainly rock you! Everything that is great from Punk to Classic Hard Rock is right here, and in your face!

No strangers to the road, Gypsy Pistoleros are a tight, highly strung and finely tuned music machine! Driving through thirteen tracks, one cannot help but move those hips and feet to provocative rhythms that these lads create. To sum up, Gypsy Pistoleros have put a metal sheen on Flamenco, bringing this fantastic style of music shining into the 21st Century.

After only one listen this musical collection will leave your head spinning, and that is a good thing! Un Hombre Sin Rostro, Pistolero 3. Forever Is Para Siempre 4. Senor Mangi Acqui 5. Jet, Jet, Jet Boyz 7. Una Para Todo Es Bandido 8. Living La Vida Loca 9. Chicas Peligrosa The Spanish style guitar riffs and the Spanish horns will draw you in and transport you to sunny Spain, or perhaps Mexico. But, your trip won't be a quiet affair. It'll be a crashing, ripping adventure filled with saucy senoritas, cape wielding matadors, and menacing hombres with big guns.

As the song goes from in your face rock to beautiful flamenco, it evokes images of a matador spinning around in the bullfighting ring with his cape spread out and rippling in the air as he turns. Lee J's strong vocals, with a hint of an early Vince Neil quality, grab you by the throat, and he doesn't let go until the end. The mixture of English and Spanish lyrics add another dimension and depth to what are already great songs.

Iggie, the band's very talented and versatile guitar player, sets the mood with his flamenco style guitar licks, that in a second transform into balls out, sizzling, hard rock riffs. He can seamlessly switch from acoustic to electric guitar, making a smooth transition from gentle, melodic, flamenco to gut-ripping, thrashing rock. And, although you can't explain why, it just works!

As you listen, you just can't help but to find your head rockin' back and forth and your toes tapping to the driving beats supplied by the rhythm section of the band, which is now supplied by Harri on drums, and Nasty on bass.

This album is a re-mastered version of their debut album, "Wild, Beautiful, Damned", along with a couple extra songs. However, I was wrong. I was pleasantly surprised at the amazing job they did of covering that song. They took what to me is a catchy, but boring, song, and turned it into a truly hard rockin' piece of music. I hate comparing one band to another, but unfortunately it's necessary in explaining a band's sound.

And, it's made more difficult in the case of a band like the Gypsy Pistoleros, whose sound is so unique they don't readily compare to anyone else. However, you can pick up on their influences and there are a few similarities to other bands. For instance, one of their influences is Hanoi Rocks, and you can pick up on that when you listen to their music.

You can also hear the influences of such classic glamsters as T. Rex and the New York Dolls. Panik LTDC. Cela fait un moment que je voulais publier quelque chose sur Panik , ce groupe punk "mythique". Si mythique peut s'appliquer au punk. Impensable pour des puristes. Mais peu importe. Pas trop d'infos sur ce festival de Sully, dans le Loiret Mais apparemment cet album comprend quelques perles que je ne manquerai pas de publier.

Que du bonheur. Charley's Stoned. Jean-Jacques Perrey pour de vrai. Ce coup-ci, le maestro nous donne rendez-vous en orient. Les arrangements de ce "Bazar Oriental" sont magnifiques. Tout est dans le titre, je pense The Gories. Un album garage et puissant qui marque sa filiation avec la grande famille Crampsienne.

Et j'ai une passion pour les groupes de rock avec des musiciens black : Love, Bloc Party, Bad Brains pour ne citer qu'eux. En vieillissant! Et parfois, nos plus jeunes nous voient comme de vieux Ce qui est somme toute assez normal.

Assez savoureux, non? D'abord la preuve en image, puis le clip. Sur Daniel Darc 2. Comme toujours. Je veux dire, cette phrase n'avait aucun sens! Quelque part, "Rodney Stone" est bien plus tragique que Je jetais ce que tu collectionnais, tu riais de ce qui me faisait pleurer. Tu n'as jamais pu le lire jusqu'au bout. Faux amis, faux objets, fausse violence, fausse ivresse. Sur Daniel Darc. Finalement tout ceci a assez peu d'importance, il ne reste qu'un membre en vie de Taxi Girl.

Nous sommes jeunes et fiers. John Sinclair avait raison. Il faut faire quelque chose maintenant. La Vie n'est pas ce qu'on nous faisait croire. Alors ne laissons plus couler dans nos veines que du sang.

Nous sommes purs et leurs mensonges n'y changeront rien. Ceux qui nous trouvent ridicules sont si vains! Nous sommes des boat people. Alors que peut-il nous arriver?

De quoi devrions-nous avoir peur?

Jul 13,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Loco Loquito - Alex Rose ft Jory Boy YouTube Ozuna FT Anuel AA - Bebe (Lyric Video) | Odisea - Duration: Ozuna ,, views.

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  1. Ricky Amigos – Loco Loquito. (ce premier album, en vinyl 7 titres, date en fait de ) c’est le moment, allez y! jetez vous sur ce collector. -Bonbon Paris en ) vous vous délecterez de ce mélange de Flamenco et de Rock qui prend toute sa dimension avec ″Ay que dolor″.
  2. Jul 13,  · Festival de Flamenco de Mont de Marsan avec Ricky Amigos,François Paul,Moza Pop et Jean-Marie Maynadier le 7 juillet Ricky Amigos - Loco Loquito - .
  3. Oct 17,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Ricky Amigos - Loco Loquito - Clip YouTube; Ricky Amigos Me quedo contigo - Duration: jean-marie maynadier 2, views. Rumba.
  4. May 16,  · Les musiciens vieillissent bien, la musique ne vieillit pas. Quelque part du côté de la Place de la Nation, le 17 mai , Ricky Amigos confirme la vitalité de son Flamenco Rock. Loco Loquito.
  5. "Réflexes" Compilation double LP (Réflexes - FAB , pochette ouvrable) janvier Bandits "Barbe bleue" "Toutes les nuits" / Ricky amigos "Loco loquito" "Luis fernando" / Grise romance "El guito" "Le miroir" / Ich libido "Fort interieure" "Moi" / Corps caverneux "Des tas de brigitte bardot" "J'ai des fourmis" / Dougherty "Fric frac noise" "Moi je doute" / Fatidic seconde "Metropolis.
  6. Loquito yo quedé cuando yo te miré Cuando recién llegaba a la playa Mis ojos se clavaron sobre tu figura Y tu ni me mirabas. Hola que tal que linda eres como Te llamas. Tú, que linda eres como te llamas. Ah, ah. Loquito yo quedé luego de que te hablé Cuando yo vi tus bonitos ojos Tus ojos me enloquecen como tu figura Y tu me dejaste loco Hola que tal que linda eres como Te llamas.
  7. Loquito por ti Letra: Loquito por ti, loco loco, loquito por ti, por ti y por mi. Loquito por ti, loco loco, loquito por ti, por ti y por mi. Yo que vivo enamorado, de tus ojos y de tu boca, ahi y de tu cuerpo bonito Eras para mi mi.
  8. Jul 13,  · Loco Loquito Lyrics: Letra de “Loco Loquito” ft. Jory Boy / Woh, oh / Alex Rose / Al principio como que no fluía / Pero dijo que se soltaba si yo la seguía / La conocí un sábado en la.

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