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2 Oct, 2012

Dionysus Burning - Elliott - U.S. Songs (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Nocturnal Membranes. Bad, Bad Dreams Tim Kasher. Pain in My Temples Steve Kilbey. The Sun and Moon Cursive. The Arcane Light of Hecate Necromantia. The Conversation Elliott. Discuss these Dionysus Lyrics with the community: 0 Comments.

Notify me of new comments via email. We need you! Help build the largest human-edited lyrics collection on the web! Bill Kopp is the Blurt Jazz Desk editor. You can bug him directly at his most excellent music blog, Musoscribe. Blood and Treasure Hound Gawd! Twelfth, if you count its stint backing up Ivan Julian on Naked Flame. Birth of Joy comes from the same spiritual place as Capsula, but, with the bass replaced by keyboards, trucks in a more expansive sound.

Perhaps not the revelation Prisoner was, but a progression, for sure. With a name like Dr. Though best known for leading U. Despite his schedule with the Riders, the Irish native found time to knock out a double album that serves both sides of his personality. Not out of line for a dude whose first professional job was playing second guitar on a New Model Army tour.

If Kiss had succumbed to its 70s glam rock tendencies instead of its 80s hair metal fantasies, maybe it would be half as cool as Watts. If the U. But the L. Despite coming from Portsmouth, New Hampshire or maybe because of it , the Connection has established itself as one of the best 60s-inspired power pop bands going via Little Steven-endorsed rekkids like Let It Rock and the stupendous Labor of Love. So it is with Jane Lee Hooker. Shawn James is more of a blues traditionalist than Hooker, Cruiser or the Bonnevilles, but only in the sense of staying acoustic on his latest LP On the Shoulders of Giants self-released.

The blues is more of a feel than a form for international counting members from the States, France and Sweden quartet Blues Pills. Remember when alt. The Right Here does. Gutsy Dame , but calling them just another band of that ilk is a mistake.

The Kingbees were contemporaries of the Stray Cats, but never hit the same heights. The changes did the band good, however, as evidenced by Blonder and Blonder Omnivore. Originally released in , the record reflected no radical departures from the self-titled debut. Credit McDonald, whose spirit animal is clearly Keith Moon, at least in part for the latter. Blonder and Blonder represents the Muff growing from strength to strength.

The Pacific Northwestern quintet lays claim to real songwriting chops, which means even the most crazed numbers hold up beyond the initial energy rush. Hard rock! Stoner metal! Black metal! Trash punk! Bad boy boogie! Go here to read the first episode, Pt. But records like Eater of Birds and Gin are prized by fans like slivers of the true cross and are about as rare at this point , so any new release comes with the kind of reverential anticipation usually reserved for a Tom Waits album.

Jennifer Knapp- Kansas 3. Circle of Dust- Disengage 8. Aunt Bettys- Ford Supersonic 9. Common Children- Delicate Fade later discovered was actually released in , and ended up 8 on that list While I still like all ten of those albums, I have discovered a lot since. This is honestly a pretty weak year compared to the previous few.

The top few are great, but my top 15 albums of are better than the fifth one below. And as I write them today, here are my top 15 of 1. This band is as impressive and groundbreaking today as they were at the time. I started listening to them after their initial breakup in , so I was highly anticipating this one. I actually pre-ordered this album, and that might have been the first time I did that for any album. My final thought about this album is how much better it is at night.

I feel that way about a number of albums, but for this one it is drastic. It is 10x better after the sun goes down. Next time you are on a road trip and it is past 11 pm, listen to How it Feels to Be Something On and be prepared to be blown away.

In a way, this is probably the most complete album David Bazan has ever done. I like his recent solo work, and I loved how Pedro the Lion got more aggressive with the albums following this one. In both the Smashing Pumpkins and R. Addition based on a comment I just got when I published this post If you are an R.

I am currently listening to it with this new order for the first time. The Gloria Record was in some ways superior, but the energy of this band was never equaled. Lyrically this was probably Chris Simpson at his peak, at least as far as the way I could relate to what he wrote although the stuff he writes today is still great.

This is one of my top five albums of all time as far as packaging is concerned. But what makes it so unique is that the cover opens down the middle and there are two half-sized booklets. So instead of one large square booklet, there are two narrow vertical rectangular booklets, dominated with great photography.

I couldn't find any good photos of the packaging, so I decided to take some myself and make a gallery below. Elliott only got better from here. However, now we all know it was groundbreaking. Probably the most diverse album Jason Martin has ever released as it contains just about every style he has ever experimented with in his year recording history.

I bought the shirt for this album at a show and probably got more comments on it than any t-shirt I have ever worn; just like the album cover, the shirt has a large UPC on the front of it. Hole- Celebrity Skin I am not a Hole fan, and honestly have never listened to much of anything else Courtney Love has ever recorded outside of this LP and yeah I think she is gross.

I probably would have not have heard it if not for my deejaying job, but the radio station had it and I wore it out. I still find Adore unique and interesting, but I listen to the Smashing Pumpkins for the walls of guitars, which this album has none of.

Vigilantes of Love- To the Roof of the Sky My biggest memories of this album are actually from before it was released. At Cornerstone in Vigilantes of Love played a set so long I fell asleep during it.

You can credit a lot the fleshing out of these songs to multi-instrumentalist Kenny Hutson , who was also the highlight of that Cornerstone show. Burlap to Cashmere- Anybody Out There? I have vivid memories of them playing on the Riverfront in Nashville in or so, and it brought all these songs to life. It was exciting to see the band make a comeback a couple years ago; and while they have mellowed out a bit, they are still writing excellent songs.

Jump, Little Children- Magazine This is the third straight artist in this list that is all about their live show. I have no idea how I first heard of this band, but I do remember the night I began to like them. I drove up from Birmingham to Nashville and saw them play at 12th and Porter with some friends. It was on the Vertigo tour , so three years after this one came out. Attending that festival is how I discovered this Belgian rock band was far more than that song.

Interestingly, Fleming and John also played the same festival. I am somewhat stunned and might buy them immediately. I was looking for band names. I made a few new friends this way, and in the case of this story, I ended up meeting up with this person at Cornerstone Festival a couple times. I ordered the album per their recommendation, and to this day we are the only two people in the world I know of that have heard it. I know pretty much nothing about this band, although I did a quick Google search and did discover that they played a reunion show in Was fortunate enough to finally seem them live in But they are the debuts from what would become two of my favorite bands of all time.

I saw both for the first time on the same night at a skate store called Slacker 66 in Birmingham the year these albums were released. The Appleseed Cast was not very good, all I remember is the terrible saxaphone solo in one song. Brandtson was very impressive however and far better than this album would have let on. Unfortunately was the end of Brandtson, but the Appleseed Cast is arguably better than ever in new album Illumination Ritual in early !

It is kind of strange how many things in these bands careers parallel. They both started out on Deep Elm in , both moved on to the Militia Group in the mid's. They couldn't sound more different though. The Prayer Chain- So Close Taking inspiration from those that came before, such as Milford Graves with whom Fox has studied , and the great minimalist composer Rhys Chatham, Guardian Alien rejects previously established forms while selectively contorting elements of many into a wholly unique and personal new order.

Striking a unique balance between sounds produced acoustically and electronically, its latest work, Spiritual Emergency, shows the group harnessing instability and cosmic fluctuations, pushing its sound in multiple directions simultaneously to create a pivotal moment in the post-modern New York underground. All this bonus material is not available for download in North America and has not been available since the early '90s. SHAME DRIVE Included also are several B-sides and 2 unreleased songs from the same album's sessions.

All of this bonus material is not available for download in North America. BOY The release also contains a lyric booklet. DJVD TIME Included also are several B-sides that were previously available only on the album singles.

Also included in this release are the George Clinton remix, and all the Dust Brothers remixes that were vinyl promo exclusives. ROPE The original US release did not contain the 12" mixes. This albums and all of these rare mixes have not been available in the US since the early '90s and remain completely unavailable on iTunes.

ALARM CD limited to copies with full gatefold packaging. Reverse board clam shell box with disks in individual card wallets and insert. Features 9 original Christmas songs that are sure to become headbanging classics, recorded with the same band from Thor's excellent recent album Beyond The Pain Barrier! Comes packaged in a lavish, red velvet-lined box with pop up mirror, a gorgeous full-color age booklet, 3 signature guitar picks, custom red lipstick tube, and a backstage pass!

DeVille Poison and so many more! Wells the only time the two ever met! Recorded in a mix of self-produced home sessions and continued teamwork of the seminal Olympia Engineer Captain Tripps Ballsington Milk Music, CC Dust, Gun Outfit , this release continues the Olympia tradition of singular artist blazing trails for others to soon follow.

Their debut EP 'Wasted Time' features 5 songs of fast, melodic hardcore punk that will leave the listener begging for more. These are two tracks not to be passed up. They're exciting, fun, catchy and timeless - like quality ska should be. Jesus Piece kicks the split off with two brutally heavy and discordant, metallic hardcore anthems.

Malice At The Palace, fresh off an LP released by Six Feet Under, is back with two new songs continuing to perfect the '90s hardcore sound they're known for. Available in 4 different colors red, black, white, and blue and comes in a microfiber bag with a numbered certificate of authenticity! A CLUB Original mastering still full of the raw energy that set this New York band apart.

Far from being a simple exercise in analogue fetishism however, the three-track O Unilateralis contains some of the most uncompromising tracks the label have put out to date, with the minute centrepiece "Tapeworm" proving a punishing exercise in arcane synth improvisation that finds itself forming into a shambling piece of zombie techno.

Both "Acetone" and "Glass Tooth" are more conventional in their attention to rhythm, but are no less likely to bend minds on the dancefloor, employing the kind of rhythms that bring Ike Yard to mind. The EP is completed with remixes from the UK's finest producers. The mysterious KDA delivers an infectious remix with mental drums and funky twist.

Here is the first Flow Machines remix. Flow Machines' goal is to research and develop Artificial Intelligence systems able to generate music autonomously or in collaboration with humans. Hot Chip's main man Joe Goddard provides a remix. Reckonwrong's remix is pure magic. Exotic beats with techno flavors.

GENIE Even though I make repetitive music, our motto since day one has been to 'challenge ourselves. This is my third release on my own label. Expect some more very soon, as something is happening in the basement. My name is Pedro Winter but everybody calls me Busy P. Formed in , the group has been host to a number of different musical collaborators, working through a variety of sounds since its inception.

Here, they follow the catchy "First Light" album single with the thumping, house-inflected, ritualistic "Reflections. Django Django frontman Vinnie Neff: "'Reflections' is a story about someone who has dedicated their whole life to finding something, but only then realising that what they left behind was more important.

Featuring Roller Trio's James Mainwaring in the middle 8 on the saxophone. EAZY E. Ice Cube was 17 years old when he wrote the track and took it to Eazy-E. A short time later, Eazy and Cube formed N. A with Dr. Dre, and included this song on the N. A and the Posse album. Eazy-E released yet another version of the song the following year on his solo album, Eazy-Duz-It.

Continuing with its Respect The Classics campaign UMe will be reissuing this classic title back on vinyl for the first time in years. Generic 12" sleeve. This EP is a quick taste that is sure to set the scene for her debut full-length album which should be out in For Speicher 97, Rune revisits the bold, catchy minimalism of his earlier daysk.

On the flipside, "Goodbye" creates a delightfully melancholic mood enhanced and transcended with organ-like synth textures, retro-futuristic bleeps and fragmented alien voices. PUSH Limited edition pink vinyl! NEED The band will bring their "musical, visual, emotional sensory onslaught," as hailed by The New York Times, to some of the most iconic venues in the USA.

ILENE EP Alternative Rock. HOME YOUTH DUST LP Classic Rock. Music is much more exhilarating when it's unpredictable even on repeat plays, and this is very much an unpredictable record. Gonzalez makes his recording debut with the band here, and it's obvious that he's helped pushed the band's recordings closer to the level of their infamous live shows.

AMY LP Metal. SANDY Newly remastered from original analog tapes. Direct to metal mastering for optimal sound. This 2LP masterpiece is the most well-known and best loved ADII album of all-time, which they've digitally remastered, pressed onto gram blue vinyl, and packaged in a sequentially numbered, glue-on chipboard gatefold jacket - this one is simply breathtaking! GIVE Includes 16 bonus tracks consisting of singles, covers and unreleased material.

Limited edition green vinyl with full download. Aptly titled, Not Sorry brazenly blasts out some of the most vibrant pop-punk around today. DIVE Double LP comes with MP3 download codes.

MYTH ZEBRA AND ME UNITE Includes a reproduction of the original printed inner sleeve. GIRLS Nice three-way gatefold sleeve. GIRL WAIT Produced by Giles Martin for this year's universally heralded 'Sgt. Pepper' Anniversary Edition releases, the album's new stereo mix was sourced directly from the original four-track session tapes and guided by the original, Beatles-preferred mono mix produced by Giles' father, George Martin. Praised by fans and music critics around the world, The Beatles' 'Sgt.

Pepper' Anniversary Edition is 's most celebrated historical music release and an ideal gift for Beatle People here, there, and everywhere. I WILL WOW FIX ME. June marked the 20th anniversary of this double-platinum-certified album. MINUS FEEL COMA HALEY MARY VEGAS PAUL RANDY Now at a higher list price.

OH NO OUO ON HO! Although this is indeed a Brant Bjork record it is the first record Brant Bjork solely collaborates with a producer and co-writer, his LowDesertPunkBand guitarist and friend, Bubba Dupree. Of the new album, the band says Turn Blue could refer to: A: Suffocation B: Sadness C: Numbness from extreme cold D: A Cleveland late night TV host from the s named Ghoulardi E: All of the above Moreover, Carney comments, "We are always trying to push ourselves when we make a record-not repeat our previous work but not abandon it either.

On this record, we let the songs breathe and explored moods, textures and sounds. We're excited for the world to hear Turn Blue. FEVER Still featuring Stewart at the helm along with select collaborators as supplementation, the band's recent shift in locale from East Coast to West Coast lends a great deal to the overall feel of the new album.

WOODS FRISK A CURE FADE JADED Reissued on double vinyl! Gqatefold domestic reissue of the 17 track double LP. Comes with download codes and sticker. OLSON PERTH SHEEP WAI The deluxe 3xLP box set features an entire album of previously unreleased tracks recorded during the Pink album sessions in The bonus Forbidden Songs collects 9 tracks of the same hyperactive, accessible and aggressive caliber of the original album, available here for the first time, mixed with additional editing and arrangement in and mastered in January PINK SOFUN LP Punk.

KID Now available on gram Audiophile vinyl. Aladdin Sane is the sixth album by David Bowie. The follow-up to his break through The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, it was the first album he wrote and released as a bona fide rock star. KOOKS Remastered version on heavyweight gram vinyl. TVC 15 Including the twisted pop singles 'Cannonball' and 'Divine Hammer', it has become one of the defining albums of the 90s.

ROI HAG It is the 16th full length release from The Brian Jonestown Massacre. A new dynamic is heard on Don't Get Lost, mixing a shoegaze and psychedelic sound with more experimental twists on some tracks you might hear from Public Image Limited's Metalbox , Primal Scream, or even Ornette Coleman. FACT 67 Double LP in gatefold tip-on jacket. Reissed and remastered by Bob Ludwig. LPs pressed at RTI.

Includes digital download. LUA We think they have the best bullshit detector in the scene. But this foursome is a little weirder, a little smarter, and a little heavier-sounding than your average punk band, and they have 13 new ones on Sick Of Space.

HOTEL Featuring a band that was tighter than any other in the business, and an absolutely on point James Brown, Live At The Apollo is the record that made Brown an international soul superstar. Just listen to the crowd's screams on "Lost Someone" and you too will feel the power, the true soul power.

INTRO TRY ME GRACE Seemingly no longer comes with the initial bonus 7" single. Riding the wave of the early 90s alternative explosion the band used some of that major label money and hired former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones as producer and the result is a tight in your face album that didn't tone down the band at all.

Gibby Haynes is in fine form with his often hilarious and bizarre vocals and lyrics working their way into your brain on all out rockers like "Who Was In My Room Last Night? Pressed on gram Translucent Blue vinyl, limited to copies.

EDGAR HEY PERRY Originally issued in , Seasons was their third and final album release, and found them blending concise pop-rock songs and ballads with a lengthy three-part suite. Dreamy and atmospheric, and featuring some notable early use of synthesizer as well as guest appearances from BJ Cole on pedal steel, and Frank Ricotti on percussion.

It's a lost classic that makes its long-awaited return to LP here. Delay is the classic? Delay is a compilation album of early outtakes of Can's work with singer Malcolm Mooney, including some of the band's earliest material. PNOOM THIEF Flow Motion is the eighth Can studio album. Flow Motionwas mixed using binaural stereo, a method of recording sound that uses two microphones, arranged with the intent to create a 3-D stereo sound sensation for the listener of actually being in the room.

SPRAY The album marks the departure of the band's original vocalist Malcolm Mooney, who sings on two tracks, to be replaced by new member Damo Suzuki.

Unlimited Edition pressed as a double LP features unreleased tracks from to recorded in Can's private Inner Space studios. It is an essential album for those who want to know more about the roots of the band. Five cuts listed as 'E. S' refer to the band's continuing Ethnological Forgery Series-- a series of songs in which Can self-consciously imitated various 'world music' genres. DOKO E This vintage set shakes and boogies with tons of authentic blues rhythms including the fantastic "Back Door Man" and "Lets Work Together" as well as the Hooker-led bonus track "Tease Me Baby!

EXIT Presented in a gorgeous black velvet gatefold jacket with silver foil stamping and a gram colored vinyl with audio that's been remastered specifically for this edition! This title has been remastered from its original analog tape and comes complete with a full album download card. Furnace Room Lullaby is the second album by Neko Case, originally released in Case's vocals are superb from front to back, as smooth and fiery as good brandy, and her revolving circle of musicians including Ron Sexsmith and Kelly Hogan on backing vocals are subtle and beautifully evocative, balancing sorrow and good times with an easy grace.

Nearly every tune seems chosen to afford the ailing giant of popular music a chance to reflect on his life, and look ahead to what's around the corner. From the opening track--Cash's own "The Man Comes Around," filled with frightening images of Armageddon--the album, produced by Rick Rubin, advances a quiet power and pathos, built around spare arrangements and unflinching honesty in performance and subject.

Capitol Electronic Abstract. Columbia 6. Speak English Or Die Megaforce Manifesto 8. KML 9. Includes bonus CD of entire album. An essential reissue of this classic album. An essential reissue of this album.

A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "Dionysus" - from the website. Elliott. U.S. Songs. it right here close to base I'm feeling star sick and tired of this constellation ill keep it right here and far away you found the way dionysus.

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  1. the debut lp for the band from louisville is a great one. filled with emotional, personal lyrics, and hard sounding guitaring, its an essential album for indie lovers. the difference between elliott and other hardcore/emo/punk (whatever) band is that instead of ur nasal, obnoxious, raspy voice, frontman chris higdon uses beautiful sounding soft /5(9).
  2. Jul 24,  · Repress: pressed on Opaque Red Vinyl A4, A5, B2-B4 recorded 11/96 at Easley Recording. A1-A3, A6, B1, B5 recorded 3/97 at Rondor Studios/5(5).
  3. Apr 16,  · Repressed on grey vinyl for Record Store Day Pressing of copies. A4, A5, B2-B4 recorded 11/96 at Easley Recording. A1 /5(18).
  4. Dionysus Burning By Elliott. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Dionysus Burning. Featured on U.S. Songs. More by Elliott. Photorecording. Song In The Air. False Cathedrals. Will You. No Me Incluyas. More Elliott. Listen to Elliott now. Listen to Elliott in full in the Spotify app.
  5. U.S. Songs, an Album by Elliott. Released in on Revelation (catalog no. Rev; Vinyl LP). Genres: Midwest Emo, Emo.
  6. Jul 14,  · BTS-Dionysus Dance Tutorials Full ver | Mirrored mode | 방탄소년단-디오니소스 안무 배우기 | - Duration: Elin Kpop cover dance 15, views
  7. Dionysus Indie Alternative Vinyl LP US $ Buy Now: Dispatched in days Vinyl LP US $ In Stock Elliott Smith Figure 8 Indie Alternative Double Vinyl LP US $ Double Vinyl LP US $ In Stock. THIS ALBUM IS NOT SIGNED. Father John Misty Pure Comedy Indie Alternative.
  8. The festival for Dionysus was held in the spring when vines would start bearing leaves. It became one of the most important events of the year and its primary focal point was the theater. Most of the great Greek plays were initially written to be performed at the feast of participants, writers, actors, spectators, were regarded as sacred servants of Dionysus during .
  9. Some Rap Songs Genres Vinyl LP US $ Buy Now: Dispatched in days Dionysus Genres Vinyl LP US $ Buy Now: Dispatched in days Empress Of Us Genres Vinyl LP Vinyl LP US $ In Stock Elliott Smith Figure 8 Genres Double Vinyl LP US $ In .

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