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2 Oct, 2012

Dr Robotnik - The Bloody Tentacles - The Bloody Tentacles (CD, Album)

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Bloody Tentacles Tut fixed link My gallery. Link to post Share on other sites. Goonfella Posted February 24, Nice tut! A hundred and somethin views but only 3 replies Goonfella Posted February 25, Posted February 25, I have to download those Blood brushes.

They do give a better result. Juraiko 0 Posted February 26, Posted February 26, Posted March 1, If anybody has any suggestions I am open too feedback. Goonfella Posted March 1, Posted March 10, This is for generally abstract works, but makes for interesting gaming banners. Kyuui 1 Posted March 10, I'm gonna put it as my siggy.

PaintCloner 0 Posted March 10, Cool, post your results guys. See what you can come up with. Juraiko 0 Posted March 18, Posted March 18, Dang it, my idea dun work D:. Posted March 22, Zajadu 0 Posted April 19,

The tentacles seem like a natural attack, but ultimately aren't really. The spell just mentions (untyped) damage, which normally isn't subject to DR or Resistance. I as a GM would rule that they are bludgeoning/piercing and magic natural-like attacks, but that's interpretation, not rules.

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  1. You can direct these tentacles to attack a single creature within 15 feet as a standard action, or one creature per 5 caster levels as a full-round action. Each tentacle has an attack bonus equal to your base attack bonus plus either your Constitution or Charisma bonus (whichever is higher).
  2. In this free video tutorial provided by we will show you how to create a bloody tentacle effect using Adobe Photoshop. Goto onancribpassrefcu.gestsoulucurfeicompprettherstertemptawars.co2help.
  3. Jun 13,  · I found a photoshop tutorial and thought the outcome was pretty cool so I tried it with PDN. The outcome was useful (IMO) so I thought I'd post a tutorial on it.
  4. Mr. Tentacles is a hat that was published into the avatar shop by ROBLOX on May 28, It is a part of the Tentacles series. It can be purchased for 9, Robux. As of February 24, , it has been purchased 1, times and favorited 8, times. Sale history It was discounted to 5, Robux on for the Black Friday sale., It was discounted to 7, Robux on September 6, Genres: All.
  5. Jun 29,  · The good old Dr. Phluff has returned, but his mental health is not what it used to be. The cute ideas he so dearly adores are taking over his mind, .
  6. A tentacle was a body appendage.. When the Third Doctor encountered the Nestene Consciousness immediately after his regeneration, it had grown itself a tentacled body.(TV: Spearhead from Space) Kaled mutants possessed tentacles. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks, Dalek) Usually having twelve tentacles, this meant the Daleks primarily used a duodecimal counting system.
  7. Tentacles (Mutation) The player may use this skill when an opposing player attempts to dodge or leap out of any of his tackle zones. The opposing coach rolls 2D6 adding his player’s ST and subtracting the Tentacles player’s ST from the score. If the final results is 5 or less, then the moving player is held firm, and his Action ends.
  8. Customize your avatar with the Mr. Tentacles and millions of other items. Mix & match this hat with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you!

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