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2 Oct, 2012

Drifter - UNKNOT - UNKNOT02 (Vinyl)

Vincent Neumann. Joe Leifheit. Andrew Huse. Seb D. Ryoichi Shimoyama. Vasily Churilov. The Drifter and his crew landed with the intent to study this energy and render it portable, although the Drifter felt that humans were not supposed to be on the world.

The extreme cold of the planet took a toll on the Lightbearers and caused them to occasionally freeze to death and require Ghost resurrection, yet the Drifter and his comrades were hopeful they could find something useful and confident in their skills to survive the planet. The Drifter's crew found a series of abandoned monolith-like structures on the planet, which they discovered contained strange, amorphous shadow-like creatures imprisoned in cryogenic suspension.

They determined that these entities were the source of the Light-repressing fields and that they shared some characteristics with the Hive , although the Drifter regretted not having a scientist among his crew who could study them better.

One night while they slept in the frozen wilderness due to it still being warmer than inside the cryogenic monoliths, a member of the Drifter's crew froze to death but was unable to be revived by his Ghost due to the proximity of one of the creatures.

This loss angered them, but also increased the Drifter's determination to find a way to take the creatures off-world as they could change conflicts between Lightbearers forever. However, the crew also started becoming paranoid due to how unlikely it seemed for one of the creatures to be in close enough proximity to prevent resurrection, particularly so soon after they had realized the potential to weaponize the creatures.

Not long after this first death, the Drifter and his crew moved into one of the monolith's to get better protection against the roaming creatures despite the cold. The Drifter continued examining the technology within the monoliths to try and understand the cryotechnology but was unable to figure out how it worked. Tempers began rising, which only worsened when a second member of the crew died due to the proximity of one of the wandering creatures.

Some members of the crew began to believe one of the others had lured the creature close, although the Drifter thought the creature itself had deliberately only killed one of them as a warning to leave.

When one of the Lightbearers drew his gun, the Drifter warned them all that the next time one of them did that he would kill them all. The cold had killed them thousands of times and their paranoia had begun turning into insanity. As they settled in for another night in a monolith, they all suddenly lost their connection to the Light due to Dominus Ghaul entrapping the Traveler in a cage. However, they each believed that the others were responsible and drew their weapons.

Unsure if they really intended to kill each other, the Drifter still lived up to his promise and murdered all three of his remaining companions.

Angry and seeing one of the frozen creatures seemingly watching him, the Drifter flipped it off and contemplated that he was now alone and stranded. Drifter's Ghost 'snapped' at this point, informing Drifter of a way they could capture the creatures.

Drifter asked how they would do such a thing, as the creatures were undoubtedly dangerous. His Ghost told him of a set of modifications they could perform on his shell, but that they would require components from other Ghosts - the Ghosts of Drifter's deceased teammates which had now scattered across the icy planet.

Drifter hunted these Ghosts, being sure to stay away from the Shadow Creatures as much as possible. Drifter, having killed the Ghosts to obtain their parts, began the modification process of his own Ghost, trying not to freeze to death before the process was completed. With the modifications complete, Drifter's Ghost could see and emit light and energy in spectrums no other Ghost could - eventually inspiring the tech used in Gambit banks, Motes, and Portals.

After escaping the cold world, the Drifter returned to the inner solar system on a new ship dubbed The Derelict with a massive object from the Nine in tow and had acquired a small Taken army in a pocket dimension which he could control using Motes of Dark.

His goal was to go to the Last City and start a competition he dubbed " Gambit " which would generate Motes of Dark and also recruit Guardians into a new crew. The Drifter became associated with another group of Lightbearers who leaned toward the Darkness known as the Shadows of Yor until he had a falling out with Callum Sol.

Following this the Drifter encountered the rogue Gunslinger Shin Malphur , who had begun tracking the Drifter after learning of his connections with the Shadows, whom Malphur was hunting.

He also claimed the object his ship was hauling was an artifact with a mysterious origin that "may be" powerful. Sensing that Malphur was unsatisfied with the answers he was giving, the Drifter changed the subject by mentioning Callum, knowing that Malphur's obsession with killing the Shadows of Yor would divert his attention. At some point after coming back, The Drifter meets Emperor Calus in his real form.

Drifter asked if he and Calus would be fighting over Guardians now, and Calus replied that his Shadows were his. With Shin's approval, the Drifter returned to the Last City and set up shop in an alleyway by the bazaar. Soon after his arrival, he introduced himself to The Young Wolf and explained the rules of Gambit to them.

The Drifter spoke with the Young Wolf before they departed the Tower to hunt the Prince and told them he had heard the two of them had been good partners, which the Drifter considered a rare thing and that he had thought Cayde preferred working alone.

He advised the Guardian to not let Cayde's death weigh on them and that everyone, including himself and the Young Wolf, had a bullet with their name on it somewhere in the universe and that all they could do was go out on their own terms.

The Drifter also suggested that they vent their anger by participating in Gambit matches. Owing a favor for The Spider , the Drifter employs Guardians on an job to retake the Prison of Elders on behalf of the former.

He also provides tactical support during the strike against Variks ' malfunctioning Servitor within the prison. After the Young Wolf defeated an Ascendant Chimera while playing Gambit and recovered its Seething Heart , the Drifter met with them and took the Heart, remarking that they could use it later.

Noting the Young Wolf's reliability and skill, he asked them to track down Callum Sol , claiming that the Shadow had stolen something valuable from him. The Drifter suspected that Callum was dead due to not having seen or heard of him in awhile. Callum's ash outline is found in the Dreaming City. A final audio recording from his ghost hints that Shin Malphur killed Callum for joining the Shadows of Yor.

Using the parts stolen from him, Drifter and The Guardian finished their creation: Malfeasance, a weapon powered by both the Light and the Dark. He explains that he was setting up a new version of Gambit, how regular Gambit has been a training ground for it, and he wants Joxer to test it. Stay Tracks of Disc 5 1. Teardrops 2. Teenager's Dream 3. Zoom Zoom Zoom 4. Valarie 5. I'm So Happy 6. I Love You 7. Things I Love 9. Cause You're Mine I Laughed Tracks of Disc 6 1. Let's Start All Over Again 2.

Sweetest One 3. Life Is But A Dream 4. Shadows 5. Little Boy And Girl 6. Symbol Of Love 7. Zoop 8. Please Let Me Love You 9. Picture Of Love Ship Of Love Tracks of Disc 7 1. Drip Drop 2. This Little Girl 3. You're Mine 4. He'll Only Hurt You 5. Ruby Baby 6. No One's Waiting For Me 7. Donna The Prima Donna. Speedoo 2. Little Girl Of Mine 3. He's Gone 5. Lovers Never Say Goodbye 6. Drip Drop 8.

Wishing Well 9. Mr Lee Can't We Be Sweethearts 2. Maybe 3. Gloria 5. White Christmas 8. My Girlfriend 9. Blue Moon My True Story 2. Church Bells May Ring 3. Come Go With Me 4. Sixteen Candles 5. My Own True Love 6. What's Your Name 8. Tonite Tonite 9. To The Aisle In the Still of the Night 2. Why Don't You Believe Me 3. Once In Awhile 4.

Deserie 5. What Time Is It 6. The Angels Listened In 7. Flames In My Heart 8. Oh Gee Oh Gosh 9. Castles In The Sky Till Then Tracks of Disc 5 1. One Summer Night 2. Tell My Why 3. Story Untold 5. Twilight 6. Memories Of You 7. Ka Ding Dong 8. Long Lonely Nights 9. Island Of Love Honey Honey Tracks of Disc 6 1. Baby Oh Baby 2. Get A Job 3. Try The Impossible 4.

My Juanita 5. Dear Lord 6. When You Dance 7. Florence 8. Dance Girl 9. Lullaby Of The Bells The Wind Tracks of Disc 7 1. I Wonder Why 2. A Teenager In Love 3. Where Or When 4. Lonely Teenager 5. Runaround Sue 6. The Wanderer 7. Love Came To Me 8. Lovers Who Wander 9. Little Diane Abraham, Martin and John. There Goes My Baby 3. Sweets For My Sweets 4.

This Magic Moment 5. Mexican Divorce 6. Stranger On The Shore 7. What To Do 8. Another Night With The Boys Room Full Of Tears Ruby Baby Under The Boardwalk One Way Love On Broadway Didn't It I Feel Good All Over Vaya Con Dios Rat Race If You Don't Come Back Let The Music Play I'll Take You Home. The Drifters also appears in this compilation Tracks of Disc 1 1.

All By Myself 2. Eternal Flame 3. Without You 4. Un-Break My Heart 5. Time After Time 6. Don't Wanna Lose You 7. Promise Me 8. See The Day Here With Me Where Do Broken Hearts Go Chains Free All Woman Broken Wings Perfect Day Can't Fight The Feeling Open Arms Dear Darlin' 2. Fallin' 3. Run 4.

Beautiful 5. Everybody In Love 6. You Make Me Wanna You Found Me 8. Hallelujah 9. Red Leave Right Now These Words Valerie Flying Without Wings Torn Drops Of Jupiter Lullaby Wherever You Will Go Baby I Love U!

Sexual Healing 2. Summer Breeze Part 1 4. Me And Mrs. Jones 5. After The Love Has Gone 7. Lean On Me 9. To Love Somebody Heartbreaker Suddenly Brandy Always And Forever Sara Smile Do What You Do So Amazing Shake You Down Tracks of Disc 4 1. Hold Me Close 2. Don't Give Up On Us 4. When I Need You 5. Stand By Your Man 6.

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See releases by UNKNOT. Basic Channel / Dub Techno. Beats / Hip Hop.

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  1. Subtly mutated 2nd shot from the Italian techno duo, Emanuele Porcinai and Sciahri, a.k.a. label/artist UNKNOT. The four cuts of UNKNOT02 feel fluidly unstable and treacherous, sloshing warped sub-aquatic dynamics in Floater like some kerning Mike Parker rhythm, and rolling meat off the bone with ruff hands in the squashed and chaotic Drifter.
  2. UNKNOT - UNKNOT02 - A1 Floater / A2 Drifter / B1 Inland / B2 Salon Noir: UNKNOT, UNKNOT Label: UNKNOT. Catalogue number: UNKNOT Available to buy on Vinyl Record. Find more tracks by UNKNOT - UNKNOT02 and more releases on UNKNOT.
  3. UNKNOT02 by UNKNOT. Available on from Norman Records UK. Nope, instead we are basically a kind of brutalist Argos for vinyl records. So, instead of trudging all the way to sunny Holbeck in anticipation of being able to flick through shelf after shelf of releases, please place your orders online first and use our 'In-store collect' option in.
  4. UNKNOT - UNKNOT03 - A1 Strain / A2 Lockt / B1 Corrosion / B2 Vapor: UNKNOT, UNKNOT Label: UNKNOT. Catalogue number: UNKNOT Available to buy on Vinyl Record. Find more tracks by UNKNOT - UNKNOT03 and more releases on UNKNOT. FREE SHIPPING ON UK ORDERS OVER £50 - £5 SHIPPING ON EU ORDERS OVER £ Unknot - Unknot .
  5. Dec 12,  · Vinyl Release Date: 16 November Digital Release Date: December Catalogue number: UNKNOT02 Genre: Electronic Style: Techno, Experimental TRACKLIST: A1 – Floater A2 – Drifter B1 – Inland.
  6. 3rd plate of hydrodynamic techno variants by Emmanuele Porcinai and Sciahri’s UNKNOT project. Steering wide of peak time, their four tracks explore the shadowier interstices where techno and electro-acoustic process converge, resulting four tracks of a sensitive, tactile nature exploring post-dubstep depths in Strain and harnessing a rolling weightless sort of techno .
  7. Excellent debut of stylish, brooding, and muscular techno by Emanuele Porcinai and Sciahri (Ilian Tape) a.k.a. UNKNOT. Hailing from Florence, Italy, via Manchester, England, the duo's debut platter collects four precisely measured reductions of rolling techno and diffuse yet heavily impending atmospheric sound designs exceptional for their grittily fluid momentum and .

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