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2 Oct, 2012

Honey Honey - Prettiest Eyes - Prettiest Eyes (Cassette)

Either used for intake, in packs or used as drops and wash it serves the purpose effectively. Honey is rich source of various vitamins and minerals. In gm of honey the following ingredients are present —. Undoubtedly, honey is an authentic source of vitamins and minerals.

Some of these ingredients are immensely beneficial for the eyes too. Poor eyesight is a common problem these days, especially in city based lifestyles. Even the teenagers and children are getting eyesight disturbances.

Therefore, using honey regularly can help you to keep your vision intact. Apply honey on closed eyes and let it sit there for 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water. It will help in reducing eye wrinkles. Also, consuming honey every day can help in treating sore eyes and wrinkles. Honey assists in increasing the circulation of blood by increasing the production of nitric oxide. So, start using honey for better vision in the future. It also improves eye lens oxidation, ensuring long lasting vision.

Make sure that the honey you use is not acidic. The benefits of honey for health are so numerous and varied. One of the benefits of honey that can increase our body stamina. Honey is a mixture of sugars and other compounds. In relation to carbohydrates, honey especially fructose about The remaining honey carbohydrates include maltose, sucrose, and other complex carbohydrates.

Like all other nutritious sweeteners, most honey contains sugar and contains only a small amount of vitamins or minerals. Honey also contains small amounts of some compounds considered to function as antioxidants, including chrysin, pinobanksin, vitamin C, catalase, and pinocembrin.

The specific composition of a number of honey depends on the interest available to bees that produce honey. Analysis of honey in general:.

The viscosity of honey is about 1. After we know about it, now we will talk about benefits of honey for eyes. Here are the list of benefits honey for eyes:. Treat inflammation of the cornea. And this is not surprising, because the girl-spring has a number of qualities that have this for it:. The warm golden tone does not go to girls of cold color types, it causes a very bright contrast between the skin, the color of the hair and eyes.

Therefore, you can try to choose the right make-up and make the skin of the face warmer shade. On caramel-honey locks to receive natural honey does not leave, if not previously resorted to clarification. But even in this case, the platinum reflection may not turn out. Though we still need human trials, Manuka honey appeared to be more effective than commercial-grade honey or no treatment for getting rid of blepharitis.

Dry eye happens when the tear glands that lubricate your eyes are not producing enough tears. Artificial tears with manuka honey and eye gel with Manuka honey are now being studied as a dry eye treatment.

In a study of people, honey treatments were found to decrease redness and discomfort in people with chronic dry eye. Honey has cosmetic applications for your skin. A review of the literature shows that honey can seal in moisture and add softness to the top layer of skin, helping reduce the signs of aging. Honey, on the other hand, can be mixed with saline, water, coconut oil, or jojoba oil and applied around your eyes to tighten skin.

The antimicrobial properties of honey can fight a bacterial eye infection, stop it from spreading, and reduce redness, and speed healing. Melanin is the pigment that determines your eye color. The more melanin you have in your eyes, the darker they will appear to be. Some people believe that applying a mixture of honey and water can change your eye color over time. Raw honey should not be placed directly in your eye — ever.

Dec 27, - “I am dripping Melanin and Honey. I am Black without apology”.

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