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2 Oct, 2012

Imaginary - Ghosted, Phantom Float - Home: A Split With Ghosted And Phantom Float (CDr)

Afterlife — Bodies in Motion cassette Digitalis 3. Alms — Harsh Meditative Trance cassette Digitalis 3. Amigo Result cdr Lattajjaa 1. Apalusa — Obadiah cd Low Point 2. Automat- Happy Trials cdep Ravenna 0. Basic Microwaving — Fur Bath cassette Digitalis 3. Black Window — Gunwales cdr Transient 2.

Bonecloud — Chrysalis — cassette Twonicorn 1. Car Hunt — Orbs cassette Hashram 3. Cathedrals — Demo cdr Fictitious Sighs 3. Changeling — Absolutely Free cassette Abandon Ship 1.

Cheap Machines — Lamina cdr Nid Nod 1. Coldstream — South Island cdr Under the Spire 1. Del — Grim Ace cassette Gold Soundz 1. Dense Reduction — Fictive Agriculture cassette Digitalis 3. Diamondhead — Corrective Action cassette Digitalis ltd 2. Disguises — Aeolian Hookers c assette Digitalis Industries 2.

Drunjus — Street Trader cdr Striate Cortex 2. Dugoutcanoe — Demonstration cdr Reverb Worship 1. Eagle Chalice — Infinite Altitude cassette Digitalis 3. Early Hominids — Metatarsal cdr Music Mundane 1. John W. Pete Fosco — Live cdr Reverb Worship 2. Fougou — Reversed Dreams of this Nature cdr Ikuisuus 2. Orang Punjabi tape on Tristes Tropiques. This time round the group is in a quartet zone with Kriney on drums, Gene Janas on upright bass, Mario Rechtern on saxophones, electronics and devices, and Shayna Dulberger on upright bass.

All the wild instrumentation laid down blazes to the sky, getting mightier and mightier, everything wildly bright and energetic, this LP will rage through your psychosis like nothing else! Housed in equally insane psychedelic hippy techi-colour sleeves designed by the one and only Jefferson Mayday Mayday Vimana.

The vision on this one both visually, and sonically is outta this world! Pressed on virgin vinyl and limited to copies. A whole different sound to Hush Arbors with this one.

Pressed on heavyweight virgin vinyl and housed in a gatefold jacket, edition of copies. Categories Uncategorized 17 Meta Register Log in. August 28, Buchikamashi — New Astral Projection cassette Digitalis 5 Gorgeous mix of minimal synth undulations and huge enveloping vapourizing drones.

August 13, August 9, Post a comment. A new DSD encoder is included as standard Reference. A new. Quick Convert right explorer right click menu is a welcome addition to those who have many. CD Ripper gains a. Luthor gives Supergirl some diamonds to give to Lena. She drops one in a coal bucket, and Dick pounces on that as more proof of her powers. Superman is too busy to be Clark Kent, so he has one of robots fill in for him, working alongside Lois.

The robots metallic hands get exposed early on, and he has to resort to a variety of methods to conceal them. This completely steals the show. Superman does come to the aid of his creation, fashioning new skin for his hands split seconds before the Clark Kent robot must shake hands.

Since heading into the past did not work, Superman sends his cousin to the distant future. Lesla-Lar is displeased, as her monitors cannot broadcast from the future. Supergirl winds up in a totalitarian era, with a tyrant who denies people the freedom to read and be educated, and helps overthrow his regime.

But her trip to the future has no more success than the one to the past. Back in the present, Linda runs into Dick Wilson, now adopted, and with the last name Malverne. And though Supergirl still has no idea she exists, Lesla-Lar gets arrested for illegal experiments, while Luthor wait and wonders what has happened to Supergirl. This weird change of events is due to Mr. The cover story of Action Oct.

The story begins on Paul Pratt, a thief who has a device that allows him to travel huge distances instantaneously, which he uses to create unshakable alibis for his thefts. He even brags to Superman about what he is doing!

Clearly, this guy will be the centre of the tale. Instead, it swings over to introduce an Earth doctor, who was working on a method of cross-planet communication. He reached Jor-El, and together they devised a way to teleport him to Krypton. Jor-El hoped to work with him to evacuate more Kryptonians to Earth.

Where they would presumably rule like gods. Then, back in the present, the man explains that he suspects Pratt is using a variation of his teleportation machine. Anyways did you ever read my YJ fic? Just curious as to what you thought. Also I'm glad you thought the chapter was sweet, ya I admit it not a lot happened just some fluffy bonding. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Danny Phantom. What happens when Maddie and Jack discover Dani, and now they have the perfect plan.

Use her to get Danny. That leaves one question, how is Danny going to save the day? Last chapter.. From Previous Chapter: ….. Chapter All Stories Must End … A Couple Hours Later… Danny stirred and opened his eyes , the first things he noticed was that he was no longer strapped to a table in their lab, but instead in his bed, with a blanket covering hi, his bright blue room staring at him, instead of the metal sound-proof walls of the lab, the second thing was that someone had patched him up and most of his wounds were already healing, thanks to the ectoplasm in his system, but the place where the skin had been rubbed off do to the cuffs would remain there forever, but he didn't care he had had worse, some of the scars on his wrists and ankles were from Vlad, and his numerous torture machines, not his mom.

Sam blushed and looked at him, purple eyes bright, cheeks red, "I'm just glad you're okay. Also honestly it was supposed to be five pages long XD but then I split it off there so I could give you guys two more chapters instead of one HUGE one HikariNoTenshi-San: I changed it to T, going back I figured better safe than sorry, anyways honestly I would be afraid of my mom too if I was in Danny's spot, but I was running on low for story ideas for this story and I needed it to end so I kind of cut it quick, my bad….

Chrizzie1: Yay! The Ghost Girl 2. Will have to observe over the next few days to determine if more testing is necessary. She looked over the data on her computer screen, yawning as she did so.

It was late, but she had to get it down or else she'd forget it overnight. Rubbing her eyes, she powered down her computer and went over to the cot she kept down here; it was too late to risk tripping on the way up the stairs. She hoped her compound was right this time; she'd been banking on this one working.

She wanted the fame, the prestige, everything that went along with being able to induce powers in humans.

It would show the professors that had thrown her out of several colleges over the years that she was right , that her theories weren't just yawn, had to get to sleep wild thoughts of a disturbed child, like they said.

She'd show all of them. Danny waved away Tucker's question like it was stupid, but Tucker did have a point: Danny didn't feel well at all. He'd been nauseous since he woke up, and his mom had said he looked a little pale. He'd wanted to ask Jazz to take a look at him, but she'd locked herself in her self-made lab, and so he had to go to school without talking to her. He was lagging behind the group for a second to lean against a locker when he noticed something: his hand was slowly sinking through the metal door.

He jerked it away, and then pressed it up against the door again. This time the metal held, or his hand held, or however you wanted to look at it. He didn't realize he was just standing there in the hall, staring at his hand, until Jenny came out of the classroom and grabbed his arm, tugging him after her; she looked really worried about him. She managed to guide Danny to his seat and sit down in her own before the bell rang. Danny tuned out her voice entirely, focused on his hand. Had he imagined his hand halfway into the locker door?

It didn't look any different from how it had yesterday. He was staring so intently that, for a moment, he failed to notice it vanish entirely. That lack of awareness only lasted a second though, while his invisibility lasted for at least a good five seconds. He immediately raised his hand, which like the rest of him had reappeared, and the teacher looked at him, confused. She immediately pointed to the door, which Danny took at a run.

He actually did head to the bathroom, though it wasn't to throw up. He just wanted to find a mirror. Thankfully the closest bathroom was deserted; he went up to the mirror and stared into it, waiting for himself to disappear again, or do something new and unexpected. It took a minute, but something finally happened: his hair turned snow-white and his eyes shifted from blue to bright, glowing green.

He blinked and shook his head, even splashed water on his face, but he was still the same new set of colors when he had done all that. He found himself grinning. Invisibility, intangibility. I'm a superhero! He heard the bell ring and realized that he couldn't go walking out looking like this. He closed his eyes, concentrating hard on looking normal again. When he opened his eyes again, his eyes and hair were back to normal.

He slowly left the bathroom, still very excited by what had just happened. He had to tell someone. He had to tell his friends, and soon. Tucker looked at Sam and Jenny when he said this. Sam gave an assertive "Yes", while Jenny nodded fervently. Danny noticed that they weren't following him as closely as he would have liked and doubled back to join them. When he got closer, Sam could see that Danny was practically quivering with excitement; she'd known him pretty much her entire life and she'd never seen him this excited ever.

Fortunately, Amity Park had several small parks scattered around the city, and they eventually found one that was deserted. Danny waved them over near a tree and then turned to them, grinning. He climbed up a tree and told me he was going to fly. Danny screwed up his face, and all three saw his hair fade from black to white and back a few times.

He then hauled off and punched the tree. Jenny's hands flew up to her mouth, and Sam actually let out a little shriek of terror. It wasn't for a few seconds that they realized that Danny was standing calmly in front of them with his arm stuck halfway through the tree.

Sam ran up to hug him, passed through, and ended up running into the tree face-first. She cupped her hands over her face while Tucker cheered and Jenny applauded. Danny withdrew his arm and bowed, vanishing immediately after bending over. All three of them started looking around for him, but it wasn't until Danny grabbed Tucker's hat off his head, eliciting a jerk and outcry, that they realized where he was. Now all I need is a costume and a catchy name and I'm in business. But Danny was so caught up in the possibility of living his dream that he wasn't really paying attention to Tucker.

In fact, it was Sam's question that got a response out of him. I mean, you can't really take the bus or get your parents to drive you around, right? Danny ignored her, pulling himself up the branches of the tree he'd just punched. He made his way up to the top, paused a second to steel up his courage, and jumped. He actually hit the ground, passing through it for a few feet before he managed to pull up, shooting up out of the ground and into the air.

He'd never thought flying would be the best feeling he'd ever felt. He rose higher and higher until, down below-. As soon as he heard that, he realized that flying above the tree line would definitely ruin any plans of a secret identity. He dropped to the ground at once, focusing on losing his powers.

Sam and Jenny were all over him, congratulating him each in their own ways, while Tucker stood back, a little ashamed that he'd been let into this little club without properly knowing Danny or his friends.

Danny let the rush carry him for a little longer until he realized. Look at Batman. His first night out, he tried doing it without a costume and it backfired on him. I want to do this right from the start, and that means I need a costume.

His spirits immediately dropped again. Without a costume, he could easily be mistaken for a thug with a gimmick, even if he was trying to do the right thing. But where was he supposed to get one? It wasn't like he could just walk into a store and buy one; no superhero he'd ever heard of, real or imaginary, let slip who made their costumes. And it wasn't like he could just walk up to Captain Superior or Good Knight and ask them who made theirs.

He needed someone he could trust, someone he knew he could count on to not spill his secret, someone smart. And then it hit him like a thunderbolt, and he was amazed that he hadn't thought of it before. But Danny had already broken away. Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction? This is the used by the army in "E. However it is not anywhere as deadly as the version described in "Executive Decision".

One for all: "E. Swift jokes that Devon is searching for E. Room Episode 3. Dawson: "I have his career chronicled up on my wall. If you notice, everything is arranged in receding box office order. Also, there is a poster for the film in Dawson's bedroom. Hankey dies, a man in a HazMat suit places his now grey colored corpse inside a white body bag. Hankey then comes back to life later in the episode. This is a reference to the scene when E. His grey colored corpse is then placed into a white body bag by a man in a HazMat suit.

Like Mr. Hankey, E. Dawson's Creek Farscape: I, E. Anakin yells out "It's working! Elliott does the same when he sees that E. Dawson's Creek: Ch He's with Elliott. Just Shoot Me! Whose Line Is It Anyway? T walking into the pub. Monsters, Inc. Creating A. Room Episode 7. They're nowhere near that nice. Dinner for Five: Episode 2.

Save the Green Planet! Dawson's Creek: All Good Things DVDs are on sale at Wall-Mart. American Dad! Destroy All Humans! Watch the Skies! T has got in store for us. T image is seen. Melvin contra E.

Dancing with the Stars: Episode 6. Andy Barker, P. Brooks when Mr. Smith covers his head with a hoodie, reminicent of Elliott Henry Thomas wearing a similar outfit. Schlag den Raab: Folge 5 - 1.

Gaming Disasters: E. Also, Carlo Rambaldi is interviewed.

Lesla gets herself a sexy costume, and opens the Phantom Zone, freeing a number of villains to act as her minions, but prevents Mon-El from leaving. Jax-Ur and General Zod are joined by a newcomer, Kru-El. They retrieve a box of forbidden Kryptonian weapons (previously seen in the Superboy series).

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  1. A filler episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch had Yuuri setting up shop in a haunted house. In the end, the mermaids scare her out with bedsheet ghosts. In one episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Tuff had Kirby, Fololo, and Falala dress as these in order to scare actually suceeds in scaring him. It helps that there is an actual ghost floating around the castle, sent .
  2. A Not-So-Imaginary Friend is real, but due to a pile-up of coincidences, mystical restrictions, an explicit or implied Weirdness Censor, or deliberate evasiveness on this character's part, he remains unseen by onancribpassrefcu.gestsoulucurfeicompprettherstertemptawars.colly, by the end of the episode, this character's existence has been proven and the person seeing it gets vindicated, but not always.
  3. The Funky Phantom. Mudsy was not interested in haunting, really. He was a confirmed coward who just wanted to be left alone. In a case of nonhuman ghost, Mudsy's cat [appropriately named Boo] was also a ghost alongside him. Goober and the Ghost Chasers; The Galloping Ghost; Shake, Rattle, and Roll Another friendly ghost, the spirit of a gold.
  4. An alternate telling allowing Danny to break out of the ghost-hunting routine. I do not own Danny Phantom, nor do I own any of the characters that appeared in the series. so he decided not to float through her wall and touch her on the shoulder. Instead, he knocked on her window, hovering about twenty feet off the ground to do so.
  5. (Solved:)) A cartoon of 3 tween-looking kids and their ghost friend Western Animation No this is not Danny Phantom lol. An animated TV series I encountered a few times (not sure what channel) consisted of these main characters: a ghost boy and his 3 living friends (around the same age as he appears) who are probably the only ones who can see.
  6. Aug 28,  · Dave Colohan appears on this and if you’re a fan of Agitated Radio Pilot (and you really should be!), it’s safe to say you will love this too. This is a re-release of the Rural Faune cdr, long sold-out. ALSO: Holy Ghost 3″ cdr (Rusted Rail) 3. Evening Fires – Holy Ghost Explosion cdr Deep Water) 5.
  7. "Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, BYE!" Explanation ; One Punch Stan. Explanation (Spoiler) Fan comics of Gravity Falls versions of funny scenes from Spongebob Squarepants became popular in late March , a little over a year after the series finale, starting with a version of "The Nasty Patty" starring Dipper and Grunkle Stan.
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