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2 Oct, 2012

Inquest - Builders - Beatin Hearts (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Is there anything else out there that I've missed for the Heart catalogue? Gary , Sep 10, Location: Sagamore Beach, Ma. The Heart catalog is murdered in places. Should still be left alone. Sony should pick that gem out for SACD It could be very neat for surround Sckott , Sep 10, Location: Switzerland.

Although it's far from perfect, I have found "Little Queen" on Sony-Portrait, the follow-up to Dreamboat Annie as far as I know I heard a rumour it's gonna be remastered soon. Location: Northern NJ. The "Essential Heart" 2 CD set from last year has very nice sound that wasn't futzed with too much. Not perfect, but not a mess either. Dean De Furia , Sep 10, Location: United States.

Grant , Sep 10, Location: Hamilton, Canada. Heart is one group that is IMHO best heard in vinyl. The original Mushroom Records pressing of Dreamboat any sounds awesome and blows away both the original CD issue and the remaster. A real sonic delight. At a dollar or two per LP, they're a real bargain.

Bruce Burgess , Sep 11, Pendulous Threads likes this. Location: Germany. I also miss Little Queen Claus , Sep 11, Location: Baton Rouge, LA. Somebody mention my favorite group?

I've got opinions on the CD's so hang on Individual associations among the players go back much further: bassist Swallow first recorded music by Carla in The title piece begins as a stoical blues, at first melancholic then hopeful. Rare and sought-after for many years now, this is one of those cult library LPs that never turn up.

Victor Cavini was the library music pseudonym of prolific German composer and musician Gerhard Trede. He was known for exploring instruments and styles from around the world he played over 50 different instruments himself and Japan is his collection of 14 musical sketches painted with traditional Japanese wind and string instruments.

These are the sounds of traditional Japanese folk music re-interpreted through Western ears, with the occasional contemporary twist.

Contemporary for , of course. The first twelve tracks offer airy explorations of koto and flute, with other strings and percussion being added and then given their own space.

It keeps the traditional Japanese instruments but combines them with shuffling funk breaks, electric bass high in the mix and a Godzilla-sized psychedelic fuzz guitar sound that might actually be a traditional reed flute pushed to its limits. Audio remastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon Francis. Richard Robinson has handled the careful restoration of the original Selected Sound sleeve. Golden vinyl; edition of Malaku was mostly active in the 70s, producing-recording music and performing percussion at African themed rallies.

During the mid 70s Malaku recorded and produced the album Love Drums From The Ghetto, an album that truly showed off his skills as an artistic genius. With this album Malaku Daku delivered an important contribution to the never-ending rich heritage that is African American music. When you listen to and feel these exploding pulsations and rhythmic-melodic drumbeats you have to realize that just one man is playing both the top and bottom drumbeats on no less than 8 congas at the same time!

Traditionally, the drum was the heartbeat, the soul of most African communities. Drums have been an intrinsic part of African life for centuries and for countless generations, an ancient instrument used to celebrate all the aspects of life. In Western culture drumming is, most often, about entertainment but in Africa, drums hold a deeper, symbolic and historical significance.

They herald political and social events attending ceremonies of birth, death and marriage. They spark courtships, they herald home-coming and going and they accompany religious rites and rituals, calling up ancestral spirits. They can also inspire passion and excitement and even cause trances, a momentary loss of consciousness to either the drummer or the listener.

On the other side, drums are about communication and making music, two essential characteristics of community life.

Absorb the rhythm of Love Drums From The Ghetto … the singing, the many drumbeats, the repetitive vocal lines and moans merging with percussive tribal sounds produce a very trancy yet funky African ritualistic vibe which longs to connect with the tribal spirits of the motherland. Every track on this album comes with its own story and mythology explained by brother Malaku on the back cover of the LP. Recorded at the legendary Future Gold studio in Philadelphia and originally released in as a private pressing, this is such an unknown and underrated album that just begs for a place in your record collection.

Available as a deluxe g vinyl edition limited to copies. Remastered from the original master tapes found in a case, hidden in a wall by someone who demolishes houses…the tapes then made their way to a Discogs employee and to us. This release also comes with an insert containing an unseen manifest written by Malaku Daku himself. The clear vinyl variant limited to copies, exclusively available from Light In The Attic also includes a bonus EP with alternate takes found on the master tapes.

Sound, as a healing force, is an idea as old as the medium itself. If the ambition of Living Space is to reflect both personal and collective growth cycles, the experience of its audition has the effect of stopping time. Melodic and harmonic progressions are implied and not stated obviously, to enable listeners to apply their own emotions and feelings to the music.

For those for whom Eleh needs no introduction, see if you agree. Listen Here Buy Here. Moving to a more rhythmic space, you could call it Jazz funk or Fusion, but labels suck so just listen and appreciate the pure sense of space Malcom achieves with this recording. Instruments float in space, aided by the Vintage EMI desk and a host of valve equipment which has taken Malcolm a lifetime to collect. These past few years will no doubt be looked back on with great favour in musical history, with prolific and high quality output in all his various projects this LP is his crowning achievement of A strong year indeed!

Without a doubt this is the weirdest France Gall record. Baby Pop is more mature and varied than her earlier more bubblegum releases.

She recorded versions of the title track in French, German, Italian and Japanese and was now an international pop superstar. At the time France was dismissed by many as making fluffy ultra-commercial pop hits but her music stands the test of time far better than most, as not many were making music of this consistent high quality.

Highly recommended. Jacky Giordano: Timing Archives Farfalla LP In tomorrow… Timing is a collection of sixteen records intended for audiovisual and media professionals which came out between and , and initiated by Jacky Giordano who took care of the first six albums.

The ten others were developed by Pierre Arvay and nearly all published in partnership with Music De Wolfe. In tomorrow… In the German free jazz duet of Alfred Harth and Heiner Goebbels released an album containing their interpretation of a Chinese opera from the 60s.

Then in , using extensive samples from that German recording alongside a free rock ensemble and traditional Asian instruments, Otomo Yoshihide and his Ground Zero band issued a terrific and definitive rendition of that opera, in the form of a noisy sound collage. We reunited the Japanese and original German versions on that record.. Formed in Rome in and considered to be the first experimental composers collective, its membership included many of the most remarkable voices of its day: Franco Evangelisti, Ennio Morricone, Egisto Macchi, Roland Kayn, Frederic Rzewski, and many others.

Over the last few years, numerous reissues and archival releases have brought their crucial contributions back into the center of the contemporary consciousness.

This incarnation features Macchi, Morricone, Evangelisti, Mario Bertoncini, Walter Branchi, Giovanni Piazza, and Jesus Villa Rojo, each masterfully responding and intervening within an expanse of sound where no one voice takes center stage.

Delicate acoustic textures sculpt an endlessly surprising sense of tactile space, penetrated by percussive interventions and atonal squeals, each in their own way defying a concise image of source. Wildly intelligent, and yet feeling so natural that these interactions of sound might have simply always been or appeared, the album captures an archetypal vision of one of the most important groups in the history of the avant-garde — a singular, and entirely new vision of improvisation and collaboration which laid the groundwork for a countless number of artists who followed in their wake.

Fully remastered from the original tapes, which revealed a different sequence than the original Cinevox album. Featuring some of the greatest tracks from the Castlevania canon remixed and revamped, this album is a must have for VGM and Castlevania fans.

Delicate experimentation with sound textures where different white noise tones can meet the strings from a viola da gamba. A cinematic work, very touching and emotional. Almost mystic, spiritual ambient. Presented in a very careful edition, the record comes packed in a folder printed in letterpress with wood and lead types. Each of these composers — their lives spanning a period of great musical innovation and change from to — is represented by a track included here.

The funny thing about Heart is that the group began without the two people that would make the band so great and so significant: singer Ann Wilson and her guitar-playing kid sister Nancy.

In fact, Heart were born out of a regulation all-male band, The Army, which formed in Seattle in the mids. In they took on the name Heart. But it was only after Ann joined the band in , followed by her younger sister Nancy in , that Heart would find a signature sound and global fame. There were female rock stars before Ann and Nancy. And in the late 70s, when Heart had their first hit records, so did other groundbreaking female artists, such as Patti Smith , Kate Bush and Debbie Harry.

What made the success of the Wilson sisters so remarkable was that Heart operated in the most male-dominated arena in music: hard rock. Moreover, they achieved that success on their own terms. They might have been sex symbols, but they were musicians first. And in a recording career that now spans four decades, Heart have created a number of era-defining albums with total sales in excess of 35 million. Across the years there have been peaks and falls. The album has been praised by rock critics see below , and described by non-professional writers as everything from "basic stupid rock and roll waste of time" to "a unique brand of psychedelic rock — post-punk, often minimalistic garage rock psychedelia born on the art side of tracks.

The album seemed to me no less than a work of a genius — it is so sophisticated, unpretentious, utterly individual and it belongs in the higher spheres than [sic] any pop music. The album was mixed at Progressive. Two years after its initial release the album was purchased by South Indies , who licensed the album to Grapefruit music label in the USA for vinyl re-release. Flying Nun re-released the album as a CD, in The album is chock-full of smoky beat musings. Beau voyage.

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  1. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Builders - Beatin Hearts at Discogs. Complete your Builders collection/5(28).
  2. Builders Beatin Hearts on LP. Bill Direen is a legend of the New Zealand underground. He has written and produced poetry, novels and a slew of recorded material. Weaned on garage bands in the late '60s, Direen started producing seven-inch records in the early '80s, all of them stunners.
  3. Inquest - alternate version to SINZ This recording was previously released on Beatin Hearts LP. Payline - same as SINZ11 Magazine - same as SINZ11 Newspaper Sleep - alternate version to SINZ11 Aku Aku - same as 'Resting Sleepwalker' on SINZ11 Opium and Gold - same as SINZ11 Colours in the Gutter - same as 'Rubbish in the City' on SINZ/5(4).
  4. Mar 15,  · From the Beating Heart into the Beaten Hearts With Beatin Hearts I once again expected to hear New Zealand jangle pop special but to my great surprise the album turned out being absolutely unique brand of psychedelic rock – post-punk, often minimalistic garage rock psychedelia born on the art side of tracks. The album seemed to me no less than a work of a genius – it is so /5(4).
  5. Check out Beatin Hearts by builders on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on onancribpassrefcu.gestsoulucurfeicompprettherstertemptawars.co5/5(2).
  6. Beatin Hearts was the first rpm studio album by the New Zealand music label Flying Nun, and the first album by rock band Builders. It was recorded in August [1] and released in It contains seventeen songs and lasts for 57 minutes. [2].
  7. Beatin Hearts Tracklist: 1. 1,, Hearts 2. Moderation 3. Bedrock Bay 4. Same Old Story 5. Heartbeats A-Go-Go 6. Blue Sand Lonely 7. Dirty & Disgusting 8. Alien 9. Accident Wanganui With A White Fence Magpies Outer Date World Evidence Inquest .
  8. Aug 09,  · After self-releasing a handful of EPs, Beatin Hearts served as the first full-length album in Flying Nun’s discography, and yet it’s overlooked far too often; Grapefruit’s reissue, available for purchase on LP August 12, underscores that it’s anything but a historical footnote.

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