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2 Oct, 2012

My House Is On Fire

When you have this dream, it is a good sign that you are about to begin a new chapter in your life. Right now you are emotionally mature and you feel self-reliant. This could be the time that you have to make your dreams come true or fully focus on achieving them. When you have this dream of a row of houses on fire, this could be an indication that you need to clear your thoughts and rid yourself of old habits.

You could be looking for ways to improve yourself; this could be the moment where you need to take that brave step towards independence. Begin by accepting your responsibilities and becoming more self-reliant. Dreams about house fires are common and very personal. They are an indication of very personal things that are currently happening or will happen soon in your personal life.

Examine your waking life when you have this dream and look for areas that need change. The main sign in such dreams is a great change. You might be needing change, experiencing it currently or it could be happening soon in your life.

High-brush areas in California provide a beautiful view but can be challenging to insure due to recent devastating wildfires. Some companies are declining coverage in areas particularly prone to wildfire due to dense foliage in the areas or wind patterns stemming from such areas that can put property zones at risk. Check out insurance companies that work with the California Fair Plan that ensures that you can tailor to include specifically named risks such as wildfire, lightning, internal explosion or smoke damage.

By Jane Meggitt Updated December 27, Photo Credits. About the Author. In any case, the owner of the house suffered a heavy loss. But god be thanked there was no loss of life. Everyone praised the young boy of his bravery. Essay No. A House on Fire. It was midnight , when hands of clock join palms. There was deep silence everywhere. I was enjoying a sound sleep in my room with my younger brother. All of a sudden, I was awakened by noise of foot steps outside.

It appeared as if the people were running in the street. I got up and peeped down from the window. I came to know that the house of my friend Roshan was ablaze. I at once hurried to the spot. The house was completely enveloped in flames. A strong wind formed the fire. The flames leapt to sky giving out the clouds of smoke. There was endless hurry and excitement. Many were busy in bringing buckets of water while other poured it on the fire.

I, too, joined them, we tried our best to put out the fire, but all our efforts were in vain. Soon the whole building with everything in it was burnt to ashes. The fire brigade was rung up. In no time it was there.

A crew of active men in brass helmets got to work and fire was brought under control in half an hour. God be thanked, the neighbouring houses were saved. It is said that it was all due to the carelessness of the servant who was a heavy smoker. While smoking his pipe, he dozed off to sleep. The burning ashes from pipe fell down and set fire to the bed. Soon the fire spread in the whole building.

The loss was estimated at more than five lakhs. Everyone had a sympathy for the affected family. They were shifted to a nearby house and an emergency meeting of all the elders of the colony was called. It was decided that the house will be repaired as a joint venture by people. Related Articles. Ask when it is safe to enter a house or other building on the property after a fire. Do not enter a house or other building that has been affected by a fire until you have listened to the professionals telling you that is okay to do so.

Other factors to be aware of include: making sure that the fire is extinguished knowing that fire authorities have checked out the site and done what they need to do to establish a safety zone the severity of the fire.

Recognize that if a house or building is too badly damaged, you may not be allowed back inside at all. Know who to call after a fire. Contact family members that may not have been with you. Let them know what happened, let them know that everybody is okay if so and let them know the information that is necessary. After a house fire, don't assume that someone is going to contact your insurance.

This is the number one thing that you need to do. This will not only enable documentation of the event and set in train the insurance claim but your insurer will be able to talk you through emergency lodging and living expenses. Remember to retain all receipts to make a claim. Anyone who you feel that could be helpful to you, not necessarily just an insurance company but it could be other things involved, such as the contents of your home and you need to contact a particular help group or business etc.

For example, American Red Cross offers services to those who have lost their home. Understand what happens with a "fire report". A fire report will discuss what structure the house was in, what area was involved, the time of the incident, the date of the incident and it will have an incident number if it comes through a fire department.

This enables the fire department to know all the specifics of who was there and what resources were there, to assist in gathering a lot more information. Know how to get a copy of a fire report. You may be able to call the fire department for a copy.

If arson is involved, the Arson Unit or equivalent will probably be able to get this information to you. Secure the property. If you have not already being told to do so, it is important to secure your property to prevent possible looting.

Talk to emergency services on how best to go about this. Most insurance policies require this. Consider the clean up requirements. If your house has been damaged rather than destroyed, interior clean up will be required. Keep in mind that damage to the property often goes beyond what the eye can see. Removal of a destroyed house should only be done by professionals.

You should spend a little time assessing whether you think you can perform the clean up or if you'll need professional cleaners. You will find it useful to discuss this with your insurance company. Consider such things as: The types of damage including soot, ash, charring, smoke, odor, etc. Damage to a single room - this may be something you can manage yourself Extensive damage - leave it alone and call in the professionals [4] X Research source. Know how to handle smoke and soot damage after a fire.

If you do make the decision to clean up yourself, be aware that soot and smoke damage might be significant and often creates a film on the walls. There will also be residue from the extinguishers used by the fire crew. Soot - while there are many cleaning products available on the market, one of the most common is "TSP" or tri-sodium phosphate.

Mix it with water according to the instructions and use a sponge. Wipe down the walls and let it dry. Extinguisher residue - use a shop hired vacuum to remove the residue and any remaining dry soot.

Dec 27,  · A house fire is one of the most devastating things anyone can experience. Even if you, your family and pets all get out safely, you are rendered .

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  1. Sep 09,  · If my house is on Fire, am I covered. Have I recently and adequately accounted for all of my belongings and valued. possessions to my existing plans and policies? During this process, I will ask a series of questions to help us to think in detail if the current plans we have in place are adequate for times such as these. Throughout the series.
  2. Sep 17,  · My house may be on fire and I don’t even know it. See you next week for part three, ‘What’s right for me or for my family. For more information please contact me at: [email protected] Cell # () Is My House on Fire.
  3. Jan 09,  · Ariel Dorfman’s collection of stories, My House is on Fire (), is a hard-punching literary response to the brutality of Augusto Pinochet’s regime in Chile. Some of the stories are realistic portrayal of life under the regime’s lash (often literally)/5.
  4. Sep 09,  · Once you make your way outside, run away from the fire to safety. Part of the house or apartment, like the roof or siding, may catch fire and fall around the perimeter of the building, so run across the street or down the block to safety. Call for help. Once you have made it away from the fire.
  5. A house on fire only has the meaning that you give it. If you are distraught in the dream, it may mean that you feel like your own home, family or life are threatened and about to consumed. If you feel positive in the dream, it may show that you are transforming your past to .
  6. Fire in a dream is usually a symbol of cleansing or rejuvenation and it could also be a symbol of war, aggression or great transformation. In your dream, when you start a fire in your home for cooking or for keeping warm, that could be a good sign but when you dream of an out-of-control fire in your home or in another home, then that is definitely a negative sign.
  7. Jun 12,  · "What about MY house? Doesn't it matter?!" "I had seen the burning house analogy resurfacing on social media recently, and I thought that it was a .
  8. Jul 13,  · A House on Fire. It was midnight, when hands of clock join palms. There was deep silence everywhere. I was enjoying a sound sleep in my room with my younger brother. All of a sudden, I was awakened by noise of foot steps outside. It appeared as if the people were running in the street. I got up and peeped down from the window.

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