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2 Oct, 2012

People Are Powerful - Spetsnaz (3) - Spetsnaz (Cassette)

On another hand all soldiers had at least "master of sports" degree - in sooting or in running or in martial arts. I had at that time 3 dan in dju-djutsu. Original spetsnaz's task is hidden collection of information, sabotage, assasination, ambush etc not a battle with other special forces, and more over with infantery with heavy weapon. Therefore, good tactics, orientation, running, camouflage, shooting, no sound move skills are more important than h2h fight not needed at all - no karate is helpful vs bullet.

It is just usual field front intelligence. On another hand, I believe spetsnaz is more strong in moral aspect, in phisical trainings. Also Russian tech is better for war. No doubt, observation and relay tech in US is better. But, when you are in a lack of electricity and ammo, battery is low, no food, no help, no medicine - tech will die, but human skills stay.

Simple and powerful Russian weapon also. It is originally designed for such conditions. Also, they spetsnaz soldiers have much more simple perception of death both their own or enemy's. So, there is no sence to compare army spetsnaz with special operations units, it's more like green berets. And in this respect I may say - no comparison, spetsnaz is much tougher.

By the way, please don't forget about extensive warfare practice of spetsnaz from Nicaragua and Angola to Chechnya and Georgia. No year without some war. Please, also remeber, that USSR army wasn't directed to any small conflicts. Red Army was specialized in high scale war. Even paratroopers had heavy armoured personnel carriers and tanks which were airlifted too.

So did spetsnaz. I'd also say that theoretical background foreign armies, psycology, foreign tech was excellent. Too many posts to read them all, but what I read was interesting. My amateur, but interested take. First, I didn't see a discussion of tactics and doctrine. It would seem to me that when you look at something like DevGru - Seal Team 6 - with over a billion a year to spend and recruiting the cream of the crop of SEALS - that they would likely be most effective versus any other force.

The most important advantage? Running thousands of ops in Iraq and Afghanistan and allowing them to build their own doctrine from the ground up. I also think that there are diminishing returns from cruelty and punishing physical training. At a certain point all you do is generate more injuries and fatigue, and the cruelty can devolve into abuse.

Put another way, I don't think the relative toughness of SpetNatz who are beaten and abused is going to make much of a difference in battle when compared to the SEAL.

Man for man, is anyone going to suggest that a Spetznatz is on average going to get the better of a SEAL cuz he's been torutured? Good luck When we went into Afghanistan, we had SpecWarfare warriors. Today, we have 50, Just as our scale and sophistication and wealth combine in the rest of our military to create much more effective approaches to air, water and land battle, I have to believe it similarly accrues in SpecWarfare.

And we have real world examples of their tactical sloppiness versus SEAL discipline, organization and attention to detail. Just look at theOpera house or the Beslan school debacle. At the time more then a few U. So, I think it's fair to assume that the overall approach of DevGru would be light years ahead of the SpetzNatz in any given situation.

Just look at the Bin Laden raid. Piece of cake for our guys. An easy night's work. Can you imagine what DevGru might have done about the Iranian hostage crisis? I also think that what works in DevGru gets propagated across all our SpecWarfare groups. For myself I'm ex an Aussie SAS who wanted to be an Air Force pilot failed the medical due to a cosmetic defect- birth mark behind the eye that caused a squint - one eye not lined up with the other.

So I joined the army instead to become a chopper pilot. Unfortunately as a third generation army brat who'd had a rifle in his hands at 5 I shot too damn well to ever get that assignment or as my fist CO said - the army doesn't waist talent boy why would we put a man who can shoot like a demon behind the stick of a chopper where he'll never hold a rifle. So instead was made a rifle specialist and eventually the SAS.

Their missions may include reconnaissance missions and regular combat operations, mostly house-to-house and close quarters much like United States Army Rangers. Spetsnaz are much in comparison to the US Army Delta Force members, committing assassinations and intelligence missions. Also they are well known for their hand to hand combat skills rivaling the United Kingdom 's Special Air Service units. Aside from the Interior troops special forces, MVD has plenty of Politsiya former Militsiya police special forces, which are stationed in virtually every large Russian city.

While OMON units are mostly used as riot police and during drug busts , they are not really considered a significant counter-terrorist force and simply lack the sufficient expertise alongside with the FSKN Special forces. For these reasons MVD has numerous OMSN units formerly known as SOBR , which consist of senior ranked police officers and are properly trained and equipped to combat terrorists, insurgency, and to participate in any kind of high-risk mission in general.

Template:Unreferenced section. The Spetsnaz have created a fierce reputation as one of the best special forces in the world today due to the very harsh standards of their training. They are controlled by the GRU. They are generally referred to by unit numbers, for example, "16th Separate Brigade of Spetsnaz", much like any other military unit. Benedict "Kazuhira" Miller radio : You have arrived at the objective.

Your target should be somewhere in that outpost. And don't forget, he has a Spetsnaz recon detail with him. Keep your guard up. The damage is spreading. It's part of the Soviet's scorched earth operation aimed at wiping out the guerrillas.

The target this time is the commander of a Spetsnaz detachment. He's been key to the operation's success. People say this guy's responsible for annihilating the Mujahideen at Da Smasei Laman - the Hamid fighters - overnight.

He's a tough, experienced commander. Don't underestimate him. The pistol can be fitted with raised, tactical sights and a high-technology, spiral-pattern, carbon-fiber suppressor for special operations missions.

In all likelihood, the new SR-2 will certainly be adopted by the SpetsNaz and other special forces in limited numbers, but actually replacing all Makarovs and Yarygins is probably too ambitious of a project for the Russian firearms industry.

President Putin himself had recently test-fired the shorter, less-powerful SVCh The president… was shooting…at a Patriot Park firing range in the Moscow region…He showcased his sniper skills…In the summer, Putin posed for a Bear-Grylls-style photo shoot in the Siberian mountains.

On October 9, , a Russian team armed with a super-expensive, Lobaev Sumrak chambered for a souped-up, wildcat version of the. A large number of Russian Special Forces men privately purchase fighting knives from Kizlyar Supreme, handcrafted in the Russian Republic of Dagestan, which was a war-torn region in Both the United States and Russia want to nab this guy — and get him bad. Then, there is a need to rescue some hostages being held at a second compound. Who do you send where?

Let's put the movies starring Chuck Norris aside even if they were pretty awesome — and where can I get that motorcycle? The real Delta Force is filled with very deadly operators. Teaching planning as well as overall method of Shayetet 13 is to learn they are brilliant and also they are improving all the time their one of the best or the Shayetet 13 is use high tech equipment well. Special Forces. Most of these lists are heavily influenced by Hollywood or also on the other media or when we are looking true all-around soldier then look no further than Delta Force.

S Green Berets is best American special forces because of that they are trained in tactics, survival, sniping, combat, stealth, firearms proficiency and much more as well as U. S Rangers Regiment is working at a consistently higher level or than nearly any other operational unit over the planet as well as a Green Beret, former LURP, Airborne Ranger i believe that the Rangers should be ranked much higher or the U.

USMC:4 Spetsnaz:3 Another Spetsnaz is lurking in the shadows, he shoots a Marine with his Saiga. Spetsnaz training is very intense and far more violent and aggressive than the training of US marines. Spetsnaz: Sniper Rifle 3 weeks ago. The seal of the United States Naval Academy's is its coat-of-arms.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Spetsnaz on Discogs. Label: Not On Label (Spetsnaz (3) Self-released) - none • Format: Cassette Single Sided • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Punk, Noise/5(4).
  2. Soviet Spetsnaz forces took part in the Soviet–Afghan War of – in Afghanistan, usually fighting fast insertion/extraction type warfare with helicopters. Their most famous operation, Operation Storm, was executed on 27 December which saw Soviet special forces storming the Tajbeg Palace in Afghanistan and killing Afghan President Hafizullah Amin, his son and over of his.
  3. Aug 07,  · Spetsnaz - Demo Track List: 1. Intro/ People Are Powerful 2. How? 3. World: My Prison 4. Stained Weapon Miserable Life 6. Severe Human Isolation 7. Power.
  4. Russia's spetsnaz were created for a different purpose. Founded by the Soviet Union, they worked for the Main Intelligence Directorate, known as the GRU. Their mission was to track down and destroy American tactical and theater nuclear systems like the MGR-3 .
  5. Incredible masterwork of open hand combat and martial arts techniques, with the most respect for Vadim Starov and all other instructors. Every Video is very educational, i was not aware to the refined art what is known i believe especially in Russia among the Spetsnaz, did hear a lot of stories from friends who have seen it in action that once did serve in the french foreign legion, also from 5/5(2).
  6. Oct 07,  · ASIAN SPECIAL FORCES - THESE ARE NOT PEOPLE, THEY'RE ROBOTS | - Duration: Military Forces XXI Century , views.
  7. The Alligator Tactical Machete Is back after being out of production for several years. Handmade by Kizlyar Knives of Russia, the Alligator machete was introduced in the s as a civilian version of the legendary Special Forces Survival Machete of the Cold War onancribpassrefcu.gestsoulucurfeicompprettherstertemptawars.cong: Free.
  8. Mar 13,  · The Soviet commanders want to gain a great deal, and so are ready to risk a lot. A great deal has of course been done to reduce the level of risk. Only a relatively small number of spetsnaz troops take part in the ‘pink’ terror, but they are the best people in spetsnaz .
  9. The Spetsnaz commander is a key character in Episode 3 of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, "A Hero's Way."In it, the player has to eliminate him either by killing him, Fultoning him, or placing him onboard a chopper. If the player proceeds to recruit him instead, Miller will note that he'll tell their client that the commander has been sent to "a place outside of heaven," indirectly.

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