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2 Oct, 2012

Real Deal (Joey Musaphias Real Dub) - Precinct 13 Feat. Joy Malcolm - Real Deal (Vinyl)

My experience has been that when I listen and obey, the help and strength is immediate. I am given ample opportunity to learn how to do things on my own and the offer of divine help along the way is always there. She ate one bowlful and then wanted more so I gave her a second helping.

As she began eating it, she knocked her bowl over onto the floor, spilling all her food. I must have had a calmness fairy sprinkling all kinds of her magic all over me today, because on a normal day, by this point, I would definitely be reacting with just a tad bit of frustration!

I showed her first how to scoop it up with her fork and then told her that if she wanted to eat some more of her food that she would need to help me clean up the mess. I praised her tons for her effort and her face lit up as she smiled and laughed joyfully. Because she did help me clean it up, I was willing to give her some more food.

But before I could take her bowl to replace it with new food, she had already sat down with it and began eating what she had just cleaned up from the floor.

I shrugged and allowed her to just do her thing. A few minutes later she deliberately scooted her bowl to hang over the edge of the table and as I noticed what she was doing I told her to move it back away from the edge at precisely the same time that it dumped all over the floor for the second time. I think an eye roll did sneak in there this time, but I again got down with her calmly to help her clean it up. With patient encouragement, she did start helping again, except this time, instead of using the fork, she grabbed handfuls of the cheesy noodles and put them back in the bowl.

I squirmed a little as I saw how that was making her hands all messy, but sighed and let it be what it is, knowing that I could help her clean her hands up directly after we finished. By the time it was all cleaned up she had lost interest in finishing it and was off to play, but my mind was noticing yet another spiritual parallel. I often think about my belief that God has a plan for His children, a plan that is all about bringing about their eternal happiness.

And He invites them all to be a part of His work. As children, immature in spiritual development, still learning, they make messes. A lot. And God invites them to help Him clean it up. The choice is always ours to make. I believe that learning to listen to Him and following Him brings the greatest and most lasting joy that can be found in this life! Just learn to listen, really listen. And the joy is real. It took me 6 years to earn my Associate degree.

I dealt with a lot of depression and anxiety at that time in my life that really made daily life a struggle.

I did complete withdrawals from my entire school load more than halfway through the semester a handful of times. I finally got to the point where I was done. I felt like the stress I was experiencing was so debilitating and all for what reason? So I stopped. I only had one class left to complete — an English class, but I had attempted it a few times and kept failing. When I finally came to the resolution that I did not need to continue putting effort into something that was causing me such intense stress, I let my professor know of my decision.

She was worried about me. I KNEW it was the right thing for me to do at that time. Time went by and I engaged in my own individual, self-directed learning. It was a wonderful time for me.

You can do it. It was a peaceful confidence that I was being led and would be strengthened. And I was. I completed that class and thus received my degree. Again I allowed time to pass and engaged in my own self-directed learning, thinking that was it as far as my formal education was concerned and I felt completely fine with that.

So I returned again to school and, knowing my history of biting off more than I could chew, decided to break it into reasonable chunks for me. I took two classes a semester for five years. My oldest baby was around 6 months when I started. But I did it! I know I was infused with a power beyond my own because I was working towards a purpose that meant the world to me.

Experience has shown me that I can trust the voice that speaks to my heart and fills my soul with peace. However, I digress. I want to return to that one English class. Her bangs were cut like a toddler got a pair of scissors and clipped too close to the scalp.

I thought it looked completely out of place with her shoulder length hair. Her laugh was loud and snorty and unconnected to the emotions of the students, prompting me to squirm uncomfortably in my seat. There were a few snickers and whispers among the other students around me. It felt like God was telling me to do an experiment that semester. Say instead that it will be a great semester and an opportunity to learn and take the time to show her respect and to listen to her and connect with her.

So in my head I agreed. I listened as she described how our entire semester would be a persuasive writing project based on a single topic that we would chose right at the start. She assigned us the topics but allowed us to chose which side we would research and write about. I was given the topic of nuclear energy and nuclear waste storage.

Admittedly, I knew nothing about it. And again, I distinctly felt an impression outside of myself suggest something I would never have thought of on my own. Well, okay, that will definitely keep my mind awake and push me through this course!

So I said okay and decided there on that first day that I would write from the other side, in support of nuclear energy and the storage of nuclear waste. I will always remember a moment when, after class, I went up to talk with the professor about a question I had, and then after it was answered, I took some time to talk with her a little more.

I asked her a few personal questions like how long she had taught, where she was from and what she liked to do. As I listened to her, I felt stunned to see there were tears in her eyes as connection happened between us. That moment changed me. It helped me recognize the power of connection and taking the time to help another person feel seen, valued, cared for.

I have had people, strangers even, who have done that for me in my life and I can understand why it brought tears to her eyes that day. It is that powerful. It is what the soul yearns for. And as far as my project of writing from the other side of the topic than what my initial choice would have been, that was an enlightening endeavor as well.

I learned to set aside my opinions especially my uninformed ones as I approach someone with a different view than mine. I have learned to listen with curiosity. And there you have it! My lessons on the other side, from that one English class. Education is amazing. And it all happens on the inside. Trees are a beautiful thing and are a critical component of maintaining a balance of life on this earth. They also can offer us things like shade on a summer day, protection from peeping eyes, delicious fruit, and strong branches for hanging swings on — all contributing to our pleasure and enjoyment in life.

But have you ever encountered a tree that was a nuisance, or even a danger? Consider the tree growing underneath a power line and the danger it poses that an entire community of people could experience a lose of electricity to their homes, or what would happen to a child who climbed its branches, accidentally coming into contact with those lines surging with power.

What about a tree that is growing so close to your house that its root system is threatening the very foundation of your entire dwelling, or roots that have compromised a sidewalk, causing uneven surfaces for the unsuspecting pedestrian to stumble upon. And consider the nuisance and health damage that can be caused from mold growing in your home because there is a leak in your roof that was caused by unwieldy tree branches scraping off the protective shingles. The point of this analogy is to illustrate that something healthy, beautiful and necessary becomes dangerous and a nuisance to self and others when not carefully attended to and kept within the proper boundaries.

This illustrative example came to my mind as I was studying and pondering on a recent talk by Henry B. In it he addresses a familiar pattern of spiritual decline that appears time and again throughout history, destroying the foundations of societies at every strata. I want to do my best to share my train of thoughts as I was exploring the dictionary, relishing the deliciousness of words. A word written in bold is a word I looked up. Here I go…. Joey is nominated for a Daytime Soap Award, and he is also presenting an award but ends up announcing the wrong name.

He brings Gina, who is uncomfortable because she is forced by Joey to dressed unlike herself. Guest stars Julia Duffy as Kimberly. When Mary Theresa discovers her engagement ring is fake, she decides to call off her wedding and stay in LA, causing Joey and Gina to try to find a way to get her to move back to New York. Meanwhile, Michael is oblivious that a girl likes him. Eric is back for the first time in two months but Alex and he have problems after being apart for so long.

Even though Joey and Sara agreed to see other people, Joey realizes he cares too much about her. Alex and Eric separate, leading Eric to move into the apartment next door. Alex sees Eric with another woman and spies on him. Gina wants to break up with Glenn and tells him the reason is because Michael doesn't like him, causing Glenn to try to become closer with him.

Joey brings Michael along to help him resist her. Alex finds out Eric kissed another woman. Joey helps Sara get an interview with Newsweek , but she gets offered a job in Washington, D. Gina meets Michael's new girlfriend, who turns out to be a much older woman. Meanwhile, Alex struggles with her divorce, and Gina tries to cheer her up. Joey freaks out after asking Sara to move in with him. Alex doesn't know how to act on her first date after her divorce.

Bobbie gives Michael tickets to a Star Wars preview but shows up as well, which leads Gina to confront Bobbie about her behavior around Michael. Things become awkward between Joey and Alex after having sex. Due to Joey's popularity on Deep Powder, Bobbie makes some outrageous demands leading to him being fired. Gina starts working for Bobbie. A young aspiring actress moves in the complex and thinks Michael is Joey.

Hearing voices in his head causes Joey to blow a couple of auditions. Gina gets to tell everyone bad news for Bobbie, Michael wants Joey to go on a double date with him, and Alex wants Joey to take her on a romantic date so she feels better about sleeping with him.

Joey must deal with an unruly child actor on the set of his new movie. In order to discipline him, Joey spanks him. Gina helps Alex meet a guy so she can get over Joey. Guest stars John Larroquette as Benjamin Lockwood. Joey's stuntman shadows him to learn his mannerisms. Abby, the script supervisor at the movie set, who nags Joey to memorize his lines, dates Michael which annoys Joey. A photo of Joey and Alex appears in US Magazine , and Alex freaks out after Joey lets her tell the magazine what their relationship status is.

Guest stars Dan Cortese as Chuck. Joey thinks about buying a new house because of the amount of money he is making from his new movie. After helping Bobbie with anger management, Alex learns that she too has anger because of her relationship with Joey.

Joey follows a girl into an English as a second language class. Joey and Alex play poker, but Alex lets Joey win so he'll continue to play with her.

Because of this, he decides to play in Celebrity Poker Showdown. Zach tries to get Joey to donate to a children's rec center. Joey tries to prevent a woman from releasing a sex tape of him. Gina discovers Bobbie has no plans for her 40th birthday.

Joey and Zach direct a musical starring Gloria, Joey's girlfriend's grandmother. Alex writes a letter to Joey as a way to vent her anger, but Joey reads it and thinks it's about Eric.

Bobbie's mother wants a part in the musical. Despite Gina spending a lot of time planning Thanksgiving dinner, Joey decides to go to his bachelor neighbor Dean's party instead. Joey finds ancient Native American artifacts in his backyard and accidentally gives them away. Joey's best friend, Jimmy, from high school visits. It turns out their friendship abruptly ended because Gina was secretly sleeping with him. DJ Charts. Juno Recommends. Today's Offers. Gift Vouchers.

All Genres. Rock All. Studio Equipment. Techno All. Techno Hard Techno. Deep House. DJ Equipment. Drum And Bass. UK Garage. DJ equipment. When Marty McFly traveled back to November 5 , , he met his Uncle Joey at age 1 behind the bars of a playpen wearing a black and white striped shirt. Stella noted that he enjoyed being in his playpen, as every time they took him out he would cry.

In the alternate timeline where an elderly Biff Tannen brought a sports almanac from to to make his younger self rich, Biff mentioned in that Joey was still in jail. In the alternate timeline where all lawyers were abolished in the United States by the 21st century , USA Today ran an article on Joey Baines in their October 22 , issue. The article, Parole denied again , mentioned that this was Joey's twelfth consecutive parole hearing to end in denial. In the alternate timeline where Emmett Brown married Edna Strickland and ran Hill Valley as a gated community, Joey never ended up in prison and instead worked at the Brown Institute the Brown Mansion of that reality.

Though he cooperated with the two, Edna Brown punished him with an electrical rod, albeit set to stun. In the timeline where Doc Brown built a second DeLorean time machine , Joey Baines was awarded parole and was released from prison in When Joey gets the job of understudying in three different plays, it leaves him in a tight spot when all three main actors call in sick.

Meanwhile, there is a vacant apartment in the complex, and Joey, Michael, and Alex try to hide it from Gina. When Michael gets sick, Gina moves into Joey's place to take care of him, and Joey moves to Gina's place to get away from them. However, when staying at Gina's, her secret boyfriend mistakes Joey for her, and snuggles up to him. Brian Kelley. Joey finally meets Alex's husband, Eric, and is stunned when Eric is not threatened by him.

Joey decides to donate his savings to Gina so she can open up her own salon, but she has second thoughts. Gina's high school friend Donna, who Joey used to have a huge crush on, visits. Joey promises Gina he won't do anything with Donna but cannot resist. Michael learns he used to be a great baseball player when he was younger.

Joey tries to plan the perfect week for Donna, so she chooses him over her husband, who is attempting to reconcile with her. Alex discovers that she can get free stuff because she is a "hot girl".

At Alex's Northwestern alumni party, Joey is mistaken for a fellow alumnus by a movie producer. This helps him get an audition for a new show called Deep Powder, described as "Baywatch on skis". However, Joey soon finds out that the audition is not for the lead character, but for the lead's father.

Joey Tribbiani jóravaló, kicsit hiszékeny és ábrándozó színészpalánta. New Yorkból Los Angelesbe költözik. Nővére, Gina veszi szárnyai alá. Gina együtt él húsz éves fiával, az egyetemista Michaellel, aki kifejezetten zseni és különc alkat.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Real Deal (Remixes) on Discogs. Label: Not On Label - PRE • Format: Vinyl 12 Joey Musaphia Presents Precinct 13 - Real Deal (Remixes) (, Vinyl) | Discogs4/5(4).
  2. Feb 07,  · Photo of Joy Behar dressed as ‘beautiful African woman’ resurfaces. A long forgotten video clip from ABC's 'The View' resurfaced on Wednesday that showed co-host Joy Author: Joseph Wulfsohn.
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of The Real Deal on Discogs. Label: D:vision Records - DV • Format: Vinyl 12 Precinct 13 Feat/5(7).
  4. Aug 09,  · Unsubscribe from Vinyl Stash? (Joey Mustaphia's Dub Mix Tito Puente Jr. - Topic Recommended for you. Precinct 13 Feat. Joy Malcolm - The Real Deal (Joey Musaphia Real Mix.
  5. Buy Joey Musaphia on vinyl & CD at Juno Records, the worlds largest dance music store. Joey Musaphia Joey MUSAPHIA feat JOY MALCOLM. Reachin (12") Refunkt. Cat: REFT Rel: 12 Jul Real Deal (Joey Musaphia "Deep" vocal mix & dub) Real Deal ("Classic" vocal mix) Real Deal (reprise) e-mail me.
  6. 6. Pound Boys Vs. Martello Bros. - Jack It Up (Johnny Corporate Dub) 7. Harry Choo Choo Romero - Tania 8. Precinct 13 feat. Joy Malcolm - The Real Deal (Joey Musaphias Real Mix) 9. Chocker - Disclosure Brent Laurence feat. Maureen Parker - Aint Gonna (Montanari & Greppi Dark Vocal Mix) Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally (Tenaglias Time Marches.
  7. Buy a CD or Vinyl record and get 90 days free Amazon Music Unlimited The Real Deal - (Joey Mushaphia's Real Mix) - Precinct 13 feat. Joy Malcolm 9. Disclosure - Chocker Ain't Gonna (Montanari & Greppi Dark Vocal Mix) - Brent Laurence feat. Maureen Parker Finally (Tenaglia's Time Marches On Mix) - Kings Of Tomorrow5/5(7).
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  9. Get great deals on Joey Season 2. Expand your home video library from a huge online selection of movies at Fast & Free shipping on many items!

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