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2 Oct, 2012

Sacrifice - Oxidised Razor / Meatknife - Guts, Grind & Gore (CD)

Pechitos de oro 4. Las aventuras del hippiesito 5. El gato con zorras 6. La perricienta Parte 1 7. La perricienta Parte 2 8. Los tres marranos maricones 9. La bella caliente Pinchocho Hansel y retrete. Blanca hueles y los 7 pasesitos. El diablo rojo. El sapo de la princesa. Podemos pero no queremos. Venga dama y se lo hundo. Hemdale - It Burns Fought Back Point 3. Full Of Stress 4. Artrosis 5. Terrorism State 6. A Tense Calm 7. Enviroment Of Violence 8.

Sinestesia - El Folklore Obscuro. En realidad en este album no predomina el metal pero si me parece un trabajo admirable, se requiere tener mayor amplitud musical y estar abierto a la experimentacion musical para poder disfrutarlo. Incluye un cover de Carmina Burana bastante bueno. Saludos y descarguen chido. Sadiko - Demo Con Bonus Tracks!! Matasadika EL Chakal. Cuchillazos Bonus Track Siete Clavos en la Cabeza Bonus Track Virgen Desmembrada Bonus Track.

Dante's Inferno 2. Abysmal Emptyness 3. Flames of Purification 4. Septic Veneration 5. Magnificent Height 6. Hymn for Him 7. Damned Pits 8. Mystichal Universe Stars 9. Reencounter with Beatriz Baal - Hatemachine Pain Box. Hatemachine 3. Satraight To Hell 4. Burning Cold 5. Emptied On Blood 6.

A Side My Chains 7. Killed Me 8. Undecived 9. F- Red Hot Piggy Pussys - D. Scumfuck - Anal Preferences 6.

Scumfuck - Auf Der Mauer 8. Scumfuck - Arschgeburt 9. Scumfuck - Unborn Sickness Pigtails - Preteen Lesbian Pregnant Duo Pigtails - Petite Classie Pigtailed Blond Pigtails - Pigtailed Teen Teasers-2 Pigtails - For The Pigtailed Lovers Pigtails - The Pigtailed Fucker Pigtails - B. Amnionic Fluid Fountain - Mangled Masturbation Amnionic Fluid Fountain - Egg Liquer Amnionic Fluid Fountain - Untitled Amnionic Fluid Fountain - Crippled Sisters Third full album of this goregrind band from Bulgaria!

After 5 years of silence The last album is from and the last release a split CD is from , but now the sickos are back with their brandnew album "Pimple with Pus" and are butchering their way through the sicko-underground! The new album is a killer mix of goregrind and death metal with some funny samples! A fucking great album that should please every sicko out there! Recorded and produced by the band, the new album contains 14 songs that will leave you dead in the pit with a broken neck.

Artwork was done by Robert Zimmermann from Illustrious. The album was recorded and mixed by guitarrist David Mauritzon. Prepare for the bands most brutal album to date! Brand-new songs! Old school Death from Scotland vs ugly Swedish old school death metal with punk influences. Black trucker mesh cap with white band's logo printed on it.

Limited to numbered copies worldwide. Digipak CD limited to first press. The terrific debut full-length from yet another promising, up and coming underground act: Gorgosaur, from Sweden.

There is no denying these guys pay homage to the very pioneers of the ancient Swedish way namely Nihilist, Carnage and Grave , but one can also find traces of the gory filth of Autopsy, Carcass, Deranged, Necrony and Cadaver in their music.

Deliciously old-fashioned, morbid artwork by Mark Riddick. New sick Death Grind Bomb from the crazy swedish guys. Debut album of this new Swedish gore band. Killer production!

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  1. Oxidised Razor: Recorded, mixed and mastered in July Meatknife: Tracks taken from "Blood Blister" LP from live session at 4/5(9).
  2. Co-released with Bazar Rock Produciones and Genital Grinder Records.. Recording information: Oxidised Razor: Recorded, mixed and mastered in July, Meatknife: Tracks 6 .
  3. Oxidised Razor / Meatknife Oxidised Razor / Meatknife - Guts, Grind & Gore ‎ (CD) Diablos Recs., Bazar Rock Prod., Genital Grinder Records.
  4. Oxidised Razor discography (misc) Guts, Grind & Gore () > Oxidised Razor discography (all) Guts, Grind & Gore () Tales from the Gorehounds () > Cover-ed with Blood Oxidised Razor. Type: EP Release date: Catalog ID: HL Version desc.: 3" CD Label: Half-Life Records Format: CD Reviews: None yet Songs; Lineup; Reviews.
  5. Oxidised Razor / Meatknife: Oxidised Razor / Meatknife - Guts, Grind & Gore ‎ (CD) Diablos Recs., Bazar Rock Prod., Genital Grinder Records: DR, none: Mexico: Sell This Version: FETU Meatknife / PxExNxE: Meatknife / PxExNxE - 23 Stabwounds / Exquisite Quartering Sexual.
  6. “OPTICAL HOOK DISSECTION” 3 WAY SPLIT CD / GUTSAW / ROTT. Deus Mortus Prods U.S.A. First record alive.
  7. Guts, Grind & Gore Split: Oxidised Razor - Certificated Death 02 Meatknife - Sacrifice Meatknife - Razor Cut 23 Stabwounds / Exquisite Quartening Sexual Split: Meatknife - Porn Meatknife - I Hate You
  8. Oxidised Razor & Meatknife - Guts, Grind & Gore () Oxidised Razor - Certificated Death Oxidised Razor - Saponification Corporal Cadaveric Fat Meatknife - Sacrifice Meatknife - Razorcunt Descargar. en Genero: grindcore. No hay comentarios.: Publicar un comentario.
  9. Oxidised Razor (Mex) - Oxidised Razor / Meatknife Split cd () Lust (Mex) - Possessed () Oxidised Razor & Meatknife - Guts, Grind & Gore () Oxidised Razor - Certificated Death Sacrifice Meatknife - Razorcunt Descargar. Enlaces a esta entrada en Genero.

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