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2 Oct, 2012

Sennen Sessions (Part 2) - SFAA* - Sennen Sessions (File, MP3)

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Starting From The Same Point is a remix compilation featuring 12 different artists representation of the same piece of music. Stiff and Cold is the parallel project of dispersive light. Stiff and Cold are Creators of dark ambient drone pieces! For more info about stiff and cold and aReW recordings please visit: www.

Swaying Smoke creates slow electronic music that inhabits the realm of dark ambient and subtle noise. James Lowery is Swaying Smoke and has been since Topics: experimental, ambient, drone, electronic, swaying smoke, james lowery, aReW recordings. Little is known about this project and their internet presence is minimal. Downloads of their work can be found scattered about on the internet and are well worth hunting down. A 25 track various artists compilation called aReW recordings presents RW Topics: experimental music, ambient, drone, noise, electronic music, electronica, minimalist, broken no The Public Domain takes from it's name sake, views and manipulates, edits and comments.

Taking the elements from around us and making them into music. A collage of reality, times, experience. This being evolved towards radio, records and the internet. Making them anew into a voyage of our perception. The mirror of the collective unconscious. Including voyeurism and black humour.

Reflecting the things we love, and placing thing in ridicule. Putting the disparate and colliding them, in carefull Dabblings is a landmark 50th release for Lezet.

The album put together with aeolian bells, light bulb buzz, coin, hama c microphone, hoover, water, old Slovenian "mentoklar" inhaler, mouth harp, plastic bag, dvojnice, paper, jumbo sized protein can, sharp qt37 cassette recorder, aluminium foil, cardboard and accordion. Dabblings is an experimental work of art covering many genres and styles and is a change in direction compared to some of Lezet's previous releases.

All sounds are manipulated Topics: ambient, drone, electronic, electroacoustic, experimental, alternative, noise, nojoined, aReW Reflections of a Vision is aReW recordings landmark th release.

The album features a selection of artists who have supported the label since its very first release and the most consistently active on the aReW discography. A various compilation of experimental, ambient, drone and electronic tracks featuring 13 tracks by 13 artists.

I believe we can all agree the right one is the ideal body. You fool!!! This is a drawing of Sena from Haganai. Are you suggesting that Eggmanland is somehow wrong? Sena Againa. By LordStormCaller Watch. I had the sudden irresistible urge to draw Sena Kashiwazaki in my new anime style, so I did a before and after For more info about stiff and cold and aReW recordings please visit: www. Creators of dark ambient drone! There is a touch of everything from industrial to IDM to calming and dark ambient sounds and noise.

Hilfsmittel Zum Einschlafen is Lautebaum's 2nd release on the aReW recordings net label and focuses more on experimental ambience rather than the more varied combination of Gewaltakustiklangemalde which featured a combination of harsh noise, idm and dark ambient sounds. For more info about Lautebaum please Topics: lautebaum, industrial, ambient, electronic, aReW recordings.

Marax began in the summer of and after a year of experimenting with sounds, field recordings and manipulated electronics, had accumulated enough material for a release, which became the " Feel Free Over the years the transition of Marax's sound has been varied, ranging from Harsh Electronics to Dark Ambient; Power Electronics to Lo-Fi and continuing to flow between styles from release to release.

Blackest Datkness is Marax 1st solo release on aReW recordings Topics: experimental, ambient, electronic, drone, noise, aReW recordings, Marax. The Gerry Miroux solo project was born around Gerry values the freedom of improvisation and most of his songs are totally improvised. Just two songs, one representing his birth and the other; his death.

Topics: experimental, ambient, drone, improv, Gerry Miroux, aReW recordings. Measures is an experimental music project that is far from predictable. Always pushing boundaries with no set genre that springs to mind. Measures sound explores everything from ambient, experimental, industrial to drone. For more info about Measures please visit: www. Little is known about this project and their internet presence is minimal.

Downloads of their work can be found scattered about on the internet and are well worth hunting down. Introducing Simon Waldram's debut release on aReW recordings net label. The River was inspired by the compositional approaches of Can and Miles Davis. Nearly an hour of improvised guitar was recorded, which was then chopped up, processed and re-arranged into one 20 minute piece of music.

Maelstrom is meant to represent an overloading of the synapses before they gradually shutdown for good. While The River is a musical description of the landscape of an industrial city, Maelstrom is the inner Topics: experimental, industrial, soundtrack, instrumental. The 13 featured artists in order of appearance are: black dreams, Joris. Fonik was formed by ex-members of Psychiatric Challenge to carry on the performance and promotion of alternative, experimental forms of music and improvisation.

Topics: experimental, ambient, electronica, industrial, fonik, Psychiatric Challenge, alternative music, RES is a project, consisting of two people.

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Archived from the original on 2 September Retrieved 16 December Sunday Times.

Jul 08,  · Hi mate, Sennen is best low time I find is when the tide has turned and its at the bottom of the slope. If the beach is steep then its no good 1 hour before/after high as you will be ripped across the beach. Best baits are lug and sand after biguns then mackeral flapper and leave the guts in.

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  1. Explore releases from Sennen at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Sennen at the Discogs Marketplace.
  2. So Far Away Assignment (SFAA) represents the Guitar/Drone Works of Richard Wilmer recorded on and inspired by his travels. The project is quite minimalist.
  3. Stream Tracks and Playlists from SENNEN on your desktop or mobile device. SoundCloud. SENNEN. SENNEN. London. SENNEN’s tracks FRANCES by SENNEN published on TZ. SILENCE TO ME by SENNEN published on TZ. INFRARED 1 by SENNEN published on T
  4. The now defunct experimental Ambient net label aReW recordings was founded in by Richard Wilmer. Between 20aReW recordings released over releases from various artists all available as high quality MP3 downloads under a Creative .
  5. Sennen parish church is dedicated to St Sinninus but has also been dedicated to St John the has been a church here since at least the 15th century. A visit by members of the Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Society on their annual excursion in August translated a Latin inscription on a stone at the base of the font as ″In the year of the Lord [2, 3, or 4 Ceremonial county: Cornwall.
  6. Sennen are an alternative rock band from London. Formed in Norwich, UK in , the current line-up consists of Larry Holmes (guitar, keys and vocals), Rich Kelleway (guitar and vocals), James Brown (drums and keys) and Tim Kelleway (bass). The band's uncorrupted, oddly schizophrenic style has won them a loyal following across the world, and seen their music appear on hit US TV dramas such as.
  7. So Far Away Assignment (SFAA) represents the Guitar/Drone Works of Richard Wilmer recorded on and inspired by his travels. The project is quite minimalist and mostly instrumental with many tracks consisting of guitar only. Sennen Sessions is a 4 track ep recorded in Cornwall in late September
  8. Giant wave over Sennen 8th Feb storm Cornwall UK by Toby Kilroy. Sennen surfing spring by Andrew Smith. Beroopen, Mildjawrich to sennen 3 - Lebenswasser - 14/05/
  9. Sennen biography Dutch band SENNEN was formed in by Martijn Rietbergen, Sjoerd Jansen, Arnold Oosterveld, Noel Hofman and Riff Tjon Eng Soe. They released their first EP "Heavenly Spring" in , and a second EP "Periphery" followed in

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