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2 Oct, 2012

Silent Hedges - Various - Satori: A Tribute To Bauhaus (CD)

More Mask numbers crop up here -- two funk-heavy groovers "In Fear of Fear" and "Kick in the Eye" , counterpointed by the slow, haunting "Hollow Hills. In all, a great overview of the latter years of a great band, at least in their original career. Bauhaus; — [Volume One]. Double Dare. In The Flat Field. Dark Entries. Stigmata Martyr. God In An Alcove. Telegram Sam. Vitus Dance. A Spy In The Cab. If each tumbler falls into place, the lock will open.

Seldom are any two locks the same. Their physical appearance might be identical, but the combination of numbers necessary to open each is different. So it is with both individual magical working and those who attempt them. Goals may appear identical in nature, and magicians similar in training and outward characteristics, but there similarity stops. No one can teach another a combination that is his own, for it would not work.

Each person possesses his own inclinations, his own Gestalt, and so he must ascertain what works best for him. There is nothing intrinsically esoteric about any combination which will lead to an ultimately successful working unless one considers the keeping of the secret combination esoteric, for it is literally that.

If the truth is to be known, Greater ceremonial magic is simply a means of formalizing acts which in and of themselves would elicit no attention were they to be carried out without ritualistic trappings. Hence a ritual chamber is necessary to make the practitioner feel like a magician, intensifying awareness of his own potential if any exists. Once one understands his potential, reinforcement supplied by the trappings of a ritual chamber can be superfluous.

It's only then when one can get down to brass tacks: the Combination. Spatial concepts contribute three dimensions to the Combination. The fourth dimension exists in time.

If the other three dimensions are placed in correct combination, then the fourth dimension, hence in each instance the spatial or physical boundaries of three dimensions must be present in suitable combination to effect said phenomena. Every occurrence happens somewhere. It is that "somewhere," in combination with the magician serving as a catalyst, which makes the untoward occur. Just as a rainbow is composed of harmonics of light, it is "somewhere" relative to our vantage point; though were we to enter into its apparent field, it would no longer visibly exist.

The only way to see a rainbow is from afar — yet it still exists. The fable of the rainbow, with its pot of gold waiting at it's base, is the story of man's delusion and disappointment. The magician must realize that his search does not end at the base of the rainbow — he must bypass it for the "somewhere" over the rainbow.

There are no curricula for such a search. The combination needed for a controlled working might place the magician not only in diverse places, but in diverse positions and acts. He might need to read a certain book at a certain time in a certain place. Each acts to drop a tumbler in the combination lock. How does one go about discovering these combinations? One doesn't. The discover him if he is responsive to their appearance.

Sensitivity is essential. The harder one looks, the less he will find. The "truth" can be screamed from a thousand rooftops, and unless it is convenient to hear it will fall on deaf ears. The most profound acts of magic just seem to "happen. Recognition is the key. How can one recognize such combinations when blind to even the most obvious motivations and actions? Or threatened by the accomplishments of another, when one's ego must be strong and secure to become a mage?

Choosing not to recognize is good practice for letting important things pass you by. Peace of mind might be attained, but accomplishment will be missing. If one's ultimate peace of mind rests upon the fulfillment of certain goals, the peace of mind accrued by desensitivity to the obvious is tragically fleeting. The ultimate letdown, which is bound to occur, will make one even more prone to ignorance. Then, contradictory though it may seem, ignorance will become one's sole intellectual and emotional salvation.

Parallels in the foregoing statement, as related to organized religion, should be amply evident. Ravings From Tartarus Probably the most oft-asked question I receive from practitioners of Satanic magic is, "Why doesn't my ritual seem to have any effect?

Having "gotten it out of you system should free you from further concern. This can be likened to an ambivalent feeling towards sex immediately following an exhausting and rewarding sexual experience. The surest way of succeeding in cursing an enemy is to find a new and equally questionable enemy immediately following the curse you have thrown at your first enemy. If you are inclined towards making enemies, this should present no problem.

If not, there are hordes of reprehensible people walking the streets in any community. As potential enemies go, the supply far exceeds the demand. Status is always a deterrent to magical success insofar as dwelling on the object of your working is concerned.

Always move on. Never dwell on your desire in dragged-out bits and pieces. Ritualize it out of your system, even if it means isolating yourself in obsessive and painful seclusion. Burn every bit of desire out of your system, and then, when you no longer care, it will come to you. How can one avoid caring? There are many tricks which can be employed. Creativity is one.

When you are in the process of creating something your brain must function on a creative level, not on a rote or repetitive one. Your mind cannot be possessed by one thing and yet be in the likeness of your obsession. Here we find an ideal combination, for if the hands can create a facsimile of the desired objective with such dexterity as to be convincing then it is as good as done.

If this method is employed, it follows that the original need is no longer of serious consequence, for your creation has sated your desire. Thus you no longer require what your ritual was originally intended to produce.

To oversimplify though I do not advocate such action : If you want money and cannot get it and you create an approximation of money — sometimes called counterfeiting — the material rewards received could well equal those you would get had you acquired real money.

You need for the real thing no longer matters. Epicurean masturbation is a perfect example of this theory. Once one's ego flaws have been overcome, it may be realized that an artificial fantasy is infinitely superior to a lousy lay.

Yet how often we observe the eternal sexual chase temporarily cease with an "any, old port in a storm" partner.

Further frustration ensues. Them that has gets. Until one has he'll never get. And you don't get it by taking someone else's either. You create your own. If you can't figure that one out, you're not much of a magician. We all know the reason white witches' curses bounce back. If these crones are consumed with enough guilt to call themselves "white witches" their dastardly act of cursing is indeed threefold guilt -producing — thereby ensuring the backfire of their curses. Here again we observe a static situation engendered by constant re -internalization of the problem for which the rite was performed.

Have you noticed how white witches — whether "Traditional," "Guardnerian", etc. The fact that we have not gone out of our way to stress a difference between witchcraft and Satanism — seemingly their favorite topic — indicates our emancipation from the need for what Thomas Szasz terms "the Other. Magically speaking however, we must take Groucho Marx's stand in the film Horse Feathers, where as Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff, he sings his nihilistic credo, "Whatever it is, I'm against it!

Thus we realize that "issues" -- human ideals that they are — are not only transitory but easily predictable. When you divulge a secret, you barter the potential power of your hidden knowledge for the fleeting ego boost that comes with its revelation. It is a natural urge to want to impress others by disclosing something thought to be of value, especially when self-esteem is weak or waning.

The disclosure is made to one up someone else. There are four kinds of secrets. The first kind assures the teller of its continued application without giving the game away. A renowned concert pianist can reveal, with relative security, secrets of his keyboard technique to a man who has never touched a piano. If the same pianist confides an escapade in the bushes with a nine year-old boy, however, the most unaccomplished acquaintance suddenly has power over him.

The latter revelation is the second type of secret, the "skeleton in the closet" secret which often enables one to wield power over another, regardless of social, mental, or economic differences. Employed for financial gain, it constitutes extortion. Wielded as a means of control, it is merely vampiric ego-sustenance. Unfortunately, a guarded principle is often usable by persons of scant accomplishment, hence the stringent security maintained by innovators and inventors.

This is the third type of secret. Unlike the second variety, the revelation of which can undermine the stature of the teller, the third will allow any novice to duplicate that which was formerly limited to the savant. The guy who finds he can double his car's mileage by dropping an inexpensive capsule in his gas tank is a classic example. Such procedures are invariably discovered rather than imparted. A simple formula is far less likely to be revealed than a complex one. But the simplest formulas are usually the most elusive.

The fourth variety of secret is that employed in interrogation and espionage techniques; the "revealing" of a useless piece of information in order to elicit a valid disclosure.

In other words, an exchange of a worthless item for a genuine one. To sum up the foregoing: The first type of secret is safe to reveal, but better to conceal. The second type is certain to undermine its subject by its telling. The third variety will allow the receiver to duplicate what the teller has done.

The fourth is a trick of lesser or manipulative magic preying upon a prurient or larcenous nature. The holder of a valid secret possesses a tangible and viable commodity and therefore wields the upper hand over those who lack his knowledge. Awareness of this treasure gives him confidence and strength that will project to others.

Even if he does not employ the secret, its ready accessibility contributes to his security. Children soon find that they can elicit attention and candy from other children by announcing, "I've got a secret. A fine method, except for many people laws are made to be broken and secrets meant to be divulged. A self-destructive person will find a fertile playground for his masochistic tendencies by revealing secrets, for he places himself in a precarious position for retribution from others.

He induces both hostility and rejection while receiving the ego gratification that accompanies a grand expose. He positions himself as a hero, thus qualifying his potential punishment as martyrdom. I have observed this type of behavior in nuns who run away from a convent only to look forward to penance imposed upon them once they return.

Hysterics have joined the Church of Satan, defected, revealed what they supposed to be secrets, and tremblingly waited for a closed limousine to abduct them and bring them to a secret lair where they might be made to endure fierce and delicious punishments.

Fear of retribution alone is probably the least effective deterrent. The oaths taken at fraternal and occult initiations implying that the candidate will be torn asunder should he divulge secrets are virtually worthless since it is assumed such mayhem will not actually occur. The more upstanding and respectable an organization, the less validity such oaths present.

Fraternal orders usually depend upon the next category, despite their bloodthirsty oaths. To work, the keeper of a secret must place no small amount of dependency upon the fellowship his comrades provide.

Fraternal groups employ this deterrent, especially in communities where ostracism can mean business loss in addition to social rejection. Some secret orders impose a sort of "statute of limitation" as a result of indiscretions. This means that if the candidate's trustworthiness is found lacking, he will find himself limited to a lower peer group where classified material is not known. Once it has become general knowledge that such a separation process exists, anyone with an eye towards advancement will exercise discretion.

The obvious disadvantage of ostracism is that its effectiveness is limited to a social environment. A member might be a paragon of discretion while residing where he is dependent on his brothers for emotional and economic security.

Should he move away, with no thought of returning, however, he will often spill the beans to acquire fresh recognition. Hence many valid secrets have been surrounded by the trappings of an apparently laughable nature. Many lodge brothers, especially those of a highly businesslike and respectable demeanor, would hesitate to describe rituals wherein they were made to dress up as women, ride a goat, urinate on the floor, lie in coffins, etc.

Such antics, within context, have symbolic meaning, but a casual explanation somehow guarantees that they will still be taken out of context. The greatest magical secrets are those that, if told, would alienate the listener from the teller. If a magician would respect a student enough to divulge such secrets, he would not wish to alienate him. Consequently, such secrets are never told. They are only discovered.

The fact that discovery is a desirable human occurrence ensures its contrived use as a means of exploitation and control. The Discovery Game If you want people to wholeheartedly accept what you have to offer, let them "discover" it a la the Easter Egg method.

Now, you all remember how the Easter Egg Hunt worked. Somebody got up early — earlier than anyone else — and went out with the eggs that were later to be discovered by the kids.

He or she hid them in places where they could be found, but not without a bit of a search. All the kids could hardly wait to get started. Of course they all arrived at the same location. None of them went to another site, unless they were awfully stupid or misdirected by a scurrilous chum. As each kid discovered an egg, he would holler with joy.

Occasionally a parent upon seeing their offspring's discovery from the sidelines, would holler too. The child who amassed the greatest number of eggs usually received some sort of recognition, often a hollow chocolate bunny.

You know as well as I that those kids couldn't care less about the eggs once they got them home. Pop invariably got them in his lunch box for the next week.

The point is that a false demand can be created where there is absolutely no need for a product, simply by creating an opportunity for discovery. John Doe finds the opportunity to discover something so attractive because he has not, will not, and could not discover anything on his own in a lifetime. What's worse, a tiny voice inside lets him know it.

So when someone comes along who provides an opportunity to ameliorate an inherent lack of perception, the opportunity is seized.

If you doubt what you have just read, consider how the Hidden Persuaders employ the magic word "discover. Occultism for the M illions I have always harbored a natural repugnance towards fads. When the most rewarding and exhilarating interest becomes a fad, its evocative qualities enjoyed by the few are diminished by mass acceptance.

This must not be confused with being jaded. To be jaded does not imply that many others are doing the same thing, but that one no longer finds stimulation in it.

Often one can become jaded with something, only to later return to it after a passage of time creates the reawakening known as nostalgia. Occasionally my eyes will light up at hearing or reading about discovery or innovation on the part of someone engaged in the exploration of the unknown. This trait is analogous to true Satanism. For every such Promethean individual, there are a hundred others "proving" their prowess in magic by sitting in pyramids, building orgone cabinets, photographing leaves and tracing Dracula's past.

If I hear of a person looking for fairies in his garden, at least I am amused at his singular pursuit, for few seek fairies in their own gardens any longer.

There is nothing wrong with sitting in pyramids or constructing orgone accumulators, any more than eating banana splits or skydiving. But if you fancy yourself a magician, don't flatter yourself on the merits of you investigations. You are neither innovative nor farsighted. Just going along with a fad.

A prime example of occult faddists' chicken-with-a-beak-on-the-line methodology is their tendency to grab up anything that has been set forth as arcane. When Wilhelm Reich was "discovered" by the occult movement, they failed to recognize that, as I stated on the dedication page of The Satanic Bible, he knew more than cabinet-making.

How many have pursued theories advanced in The Cancer Biopathy? Who has attempted to duplicate Reich's "cloudbusting" and to relate it to the rainmaking principles of Charlie Hatfield or aboriginal shamans? Who knows a good case of "character armor" when he sees it?

Or has expanded upon The Function of the Orgasm? Because enclosures are all the rage and occult journals expound their ramifications so long as they are pyramidal , Reich's following is largely limited to cabinetmakers. It's a cinch that if you read it in an occult periodical or paperback, everyone's doing it.

That should be you cue to avoid such stuff, lest you be relegated to the same readership level. As time proceeds, the table -tipping of Annie Besant becomes the Kirlian photography of today.

The Ouija board becomes the mind machine unit, complete with flashing red LEDs and "subliminal" sound. And turbaned East Indian swamis move aside for "psychic rescue squads. It still takes fare more practice and skill to type well than to read auras. Or to change a transmission than to make predictions like, "A famous singer will have marital difficulties this year.

Occult hidden knowledge will seldom be found in obvious sources. The very phrase, "popular occult movement," is a contradiction in terms. Satanism cannot rightly qualify as an occult phenomenon, and I have never claimed it as such. One's personal delvings can be considered occult in the true sense of the term only if they remain outside the pale of supernormal faddism.

The would-be innovator asks, "If I cannot find food for thought in source material akin to my interests, where then? One creates one's self. Magical power is accrued by reading unlikely books, employing unlikely situations, and extracting unlikely ingredients, then utilizing these elements for what would be considered "occult" ends.

After one has observed the results of such creative unions, what was originally considered "unlikely" will be seen as the most easily understandable methodology.

For creating intrigue, an ambiguous statement is infinitely preferable to the straightforward one. The more intrigue created, the more frantic others become to partake of what you have to offer. For example, as a Satanist, I am sometimes asked about sex orgies by the deeply frustrated.

A knowing wink will do more to get them slobbering than any amount of lurid description. It would be senseless to improve upon the explicit vistas provided by modern pornographers. I'll never forget a man I worked with on a carnival's back lot who ran what was known as a "sex show. Behind roped-off sections were exhibits: a waxen two-headed baby known in the trade as a "pickled punk" , a couple of "medieval" chastity belts made by a Tucson sheet metal worker , an array of tongs, forceps, catheters, and breast pumps under glass , a reproduction in wax of a noseless face of an unfortunate syphilitic gentlemen, and other educational wonders.

A "doctor" would get the rubes into the tent by appearing on the bally platform with a rather sleazy blonde wench dressed in a nurse's uniform two sizes too small and in need of laundering.

With a dented reflector fitted to his forehead and a stethoscope around his neck, the surgical-smocked doctor would blame the microcephalic condition of a pinhead, borrowed here from the sideshow, as a result of improper genetics. The pinhead, standing at the doctor's side, would simper innocently, nodding its little cranium in unknowing agreement.

The doctor didn't sell medicine, as one might have expected him to, and proceeded with a far more sophisticated game. After the customers filed into the tent to view the secrets of mankind and the miracle of life, the magic would really begin. When the ten minute guided tour ended at the last exhibit the pickled punk, presented with a brief discourse on improper sex education , a dim glow could be seen through a ten flap hung at the extreme rear of the museum, next to where Doc was holding court.

Presumably, the light came from his living quarters, where the yokels were inclined to peek through. While the marks were furtively looking through the lit -up flap, the doctor was beginning his big pitch.

Since the audience consisted only of males which was usually the case , maybe they would like to see first-hand "the modern method of sexual hygiene. Those who "chanced" to glance through the tent flap during the Doc's build-up saw the aforementioned dirty nurse reclining on a shabby cot reading a movie magazine, her ample thighs revealed above the tops of her stockings.

A small nightstand next to her carried an immense jar of Vaseline. On the wall, directly above the nurse's cot, was pinned a slightly whiter piece of bedsheet, suggesting a motion picture screen. The remaining area was occupied by about twenty folding chairs. A folding card table stood against the tent wall opposite the cot, supporting a scuffed movie projector. From what was glimpsed, this was a show that should not be missed.

He then lifted his outstretched middle finger for all to see, and closed his other hand into a sheath which he slid over the projected finger three or four times, slyly winking as he did so. No further enticement was required. The doctor couldn't rip the tickets off the roll fast enough. And when the audience finally found themselves seated, the overripe nurse was nowhere to be seen; she was outside on the bally platform with Doc warming up a new crowd while an assistant materialized within the "auditorium.

The fifteen-minute epic ends with five glorious minutes of tight close-ups of oozing chancres, eaten-away palates and running sores. By the end all unconsumed popcorn, sno-cones and orange drinks had been abandoned under the seats, and at least one rustic lad had fallen ill. None manifested disappointment that the show was over. The doctor shall remain anonymous, for he now may be practicing in some large hospital.

One thing is certain, however: prurience thrives on ambiguity, and the need for mystery in everyone's life demands subtlety, suitably dispensed. In addition to pie -in -the -face attacks, they render such services as seltzer-water barrages and squirt -gun contracts.

Which brings me to an important factor — one which practicing Satanists should consider in their world view: comedy. The twin masks of tragedy and comedy exist as irrevocably as any other duality. Yet it is the mask of tragedy that is worn most often for magical means. Desire for that which is unfulfilled is always a little bit tragic, and those who frequent the ritual chamber most, often lead the most tragic lives.

In order to generate an emotional response conducive to a successful working, one cannot easily extract humor. Nor, in most circumstances, should one try. Frequently humor can serve to alleviate or attain a situation before solemn ritualization becomes relevant or required.

Unfortunately for a multitude of occultists, humor is a rare ingredient in their lives. In fact it is their very lack of humor that has impelled them into the arcane and esoteric. Someone once commented to me that a sorcerer without a sense of humor would be intolerable.

I agree and will add that, in addition to being intolerable, he would be incompetent. Candidates for pies-in-the-face are more plentiful than ever. Less messy but equally inhumane indignities are easily implemented. I have places and spanning a year period, — the golden era of practical trickery. After , people started getting crazy notions about human dignity, and the practical joke was neglected for the serious protest. The change was needed, but something was lost in the process, as is usually the case.

Now fun is poked at institutions rather than at individuals. A sort of collective humor has replaced what was once a personalized pratfall. Mad and the National Lampoon, entertaining as they are, have provided a like-minded readership with universal victims. The butts of jokes are no longer selected with careful deliberation, but are ridiculed en masse. A time approaches, though, when seers like Jeanne Dixon will sit upon a When the victim unsuspectingly sits upon the cushion, it gives forth noises that can be better imagined than described.

By mail postpaid. Too long have curses and anger been wasted on deserving victims whose most devastating insecurities could be brought forth by a harmless practical joke -- one which a more secure person would accept with mild annoyance at worst and amusement at best. Those who deserve ridicule have been living in a climate that provides relative immunity while their pomposity has gone unchallenged and even encouraged.

Satanists are anathema to the pious, the sanctimonious, and the hypocritical. They should also be the nemeses of the pompous. Satanists — Atten-shun! Right shoulder Whoopie Cushions! To the rear — harch! The Threat of Peace "Eustress" is a term that describes an emotional state of fun-fear or pleasurable discomfort Although they are antonyms, we shall see how what begins as distress can lead to eustress. Since most people live their lives in a programmed series of distress and fears, a social environment wherein security and comfort are only present if a certain amount of crisis prevails.

The human mind abhors a vacuum. Wild animals have no such problem. According to the prosecutor, Watkins told police that he was visiting a relative's grave and asked, "Well, what do you think I was out there doing? Breaking into mausoleums? What I mean is good and evil," he said in his statement. I need their company to make me peaceful inside. Art vandals in London dumped black paint over artist Damien Hirst's latest work - a dead lamb floating in a tank filled with formaldehyde.

A two-hour power blackout near Twen- tynine Palms, California, was attributed to a bird dropping a "rosy boa" snake over a power station. The snake's impact caused a short circuit. Box , Washington, DC I made a Japanese monster band, yup. I bet you're wondering what this dumb big nosed guy from San Francisco might know about making a Japanese monster band. Well lemme' tell ya'. I fell in love with Japan but we played a lot of shows in a short time, making it a bit hard to really look around.

I decided I wanted to return in September. One of the fine people I met was Nissie of R. He visited me a couple months after my return from Japan, while on business for his label. He seemed to like it, then the beer kicked in and I jokingly said I would be interested in playing a couple shows during my vacation in Tokyo. I really meant it as a joke. He returned home and booked me.

I could've bailed but I decided it would be a fun challenge. So I called another nice fellow I met in Tokyo, Kiu- chi. He was in a great band called A1. He also dabbles in the 4-track fun sol thought he would be interested in doing the shows with me.

I told Nissie to just book us with some mellow low key shows and we'd all have some international music jam fun. I freaked. I knew that we'de only have enough time to practice two or three times. I also knew that we had to put together a full band instead of just two dorks on stage with guitars. So September came, I flapped my arms good and hard and flew to Japan. The stewardesses kept begging me to stop but I paid them no mind. Kiuchi and I met and started the recruitment for the band.

And what a great line-up we got. It went a bit like this. Daichi Ex guitarist from Beyonds on guitar. Then came time to rehearse. So we all climbed into the rehearsal studio at midnight, the night before our first show. We weren't nervous.

We rehearsed, everybody had listened to the tape and we sounded surprisingly okay. It also helped that everyone was damn good at the instrument they played. So the next night we played our show. And with one practice behind us we sounded great and actually pulled applause and nobody threw bottles at us.

I was very happy, to me it showed that a bunch of people who really didn't know each other and couldn't even speak the same language could get together and make a sound as a unit.

We all had a lot of fun that night. We only had one more show to go. So he and I rehearsed in a city park a couple times late at night and came up with four songs. While he played guitar I banged on a metal Snoopy trash can and it was mighty groovy.

The Kamen riders and I practiced one more time before the last show and added a song or two. Damn these guys learned fast!

Well, we all played the last show and we had even more fun than the first time. We laughed, the people laughed and after we all had snacks. Makine the band was just a part of the fun I had in Japan. I saw many great bands and met many genuinely great people. I highly suggest going to Japan to check out the scene, it's not as expensive as some say.

Thank you all, indeed. So I'm talking with this colored guy at a homo bar. White shirt, neat little mustache, he's got the slightest hint of a Southern accent. He drinks something clear, in a short glass with ice and a red straw in it.

He says he's moving from the Upper East Side back into a "darker neighborhood. There's a black girl, but she's just as scared of me as the rest of 'em. Some people were afraid of me. He takes a sip of nis drink. Ahead of me in his drinking, his pondering causes a bit of unsteadiness on his bar stool.

I loved it. I was a king. Of course, our situations were not exactly analogous. The white minority in Japan does not fill the jails there. People's contact with them is usually not in a situation of fear. Still it does happen and there is racism. I could not belong to a Japanese video rental shop because I was a foreigner.

Most foreigners in Japan treat their experience there like drivers treat their time as pedestrians. When walking, these drivers shout at cars who cut them off and treat them poorly. Then, when they're behind the wheel, they forget the experience and treat other pedestrians just as poorly. The Negro tells me how he scared this white lady after he moved in. He entered the building at the same time she did. She looked at him, terrified. He was angry that his just being black was enough to scare her.

The locals often come into town and start fights, or harass women. They were big and difficult to get to leave. So the signs went up. But, I could understand their point. After all how did they know? But from experience and watching the news on TV, I could understand why white folks might not want to deal with them.

But it's not so easy to learn from that experience. It wasn't only about racism, that I learned. I also learned about work. The Japanese work from sun up to sun down. Full time workers there spend more human hours per year than any other country in the world.

Actually, the Japanese have the logical alternative to our system. If you respect work, and think it's a good, then it snouldn't be separate from your life. The company, in Japan, usually takes care of the workers. It provides cheap housing, recreation, lifetime employment. In exchange, people who work in those companies dedicate their lives to them. They both work for the benefit of the company so both sides can prosper.

It's corporate communism: the perfect picture of a society where people really value work. I could never permanently live there.

But their work attitude sure is better than the Western one where folks work slightly less and hate their jobs— and their employers— a whole lot more.

I wrote a lot about Japan while I was there. Much of it was negative. I don't feel that way anymore. I have Japanese friends and I love the country and much of the culture. As soon as I see her, I know she's too good looking to be hetero.

We're upstairs in some bar. Bad music plays too loudly on the stereo. This girl sits at a table by herself. She's got short blond hair, a leather jacket. Docs, and a body pretty as a little boy's. At first, she's not all that friendly. Then things take a nicer turn. The girl stands nearby, listening. I tense, holding my breath, ready to run for cover. Uh oh! I hate those feminists. And then she goes on. I don't hear everything that she says. I'm too busy watching her lips move and the way she shrugs her leatn- er-jacketed shoulders with her thumbs tucked over her belt.

She's a goddess! I catch enough of the story to know that it's a good one, though. I need a chance to talk when my head is clearer.

I ask for her phone number. She gives it to me. I wait until ten o'clock the next day to call. I don't want to seem over-anxious. We've got a date to meet at a local bar. I'll get the whole story— and I'll get to see her lovely lesbitude again.

So we sit in this yuppie bar with a hockey game blasting yelling at each other over our Guinness. I'm annoyed at the noise, but this is the closest bar. I'm not a very good interviewer, but I want the dirt on the Grrrls. I have other incentives to stay: First, the girl I'm talking to is sexier than a cheex mole. Second, I already bought the first round of beer. If it was just them. I'd shout my name from the rooftops. It's just that I've got these new customers and well, MRR gets around. The guys wouldn't be too happy if they knew I was doing it with girls.

And the girls would get pissed if they knew I was doing it with guys I mean have girl prostitutes. But it seems like it's gonna be quite lucrative. I'm happy to hear it. I'm sick of hearing how sex work is men using women. She's the first to confirm that the pay-by-the-hour girls are involved in the lesboworld as well as hetland.

Then she says she'll call me later in the week to tell me what name I should use. Events falling as they do, she decided to use Jackie O as her name here. Not only is she a goddess, she's a goddess with a sense of humor! Back in the bar, we still shout at each other over the Ranger's game on TV.

She flipped out. This older girl was friends with my roommate. There were some other notes and some black magic witch stuff. A ot of Riot Grrrls are into witch stuff. One of the girls had a voodoo doll— and she used it! They poisoned her. Jackie shakes her head "Not just revealing it, but by being so anti-sex work in general.

At that time, I wasn't even earning my money through sex. But they thought I was, and that was enough to condemn me. Riot Grrrls anti sex? But they just close their eyes to that.

I ask. The young naive ones, who really didn't know very much except that they wanted to be involved. Then, there were the older ones. Many of them were paedophiles. She looks at me strangely, as if just remembering something. Then she adds, "Not that I have anything against paedophiles. It's just that it was hypo critical of them. Here they are con demning these girl's hetero relation ships, then trying to seduce them. The whole Riot Grrrl thing is dressing up in these chaste clothes of the 50's.

The last thing these older girls want is to be chaste. They're preaching this 70s-style women-are-vic- tims feminist agenda: anti-porn, anti- hetsex, supposedly pro-equality. But there was no equality between the younger women and the older one who were running things. I guess The Rangers just scored or something.

At first it was nice. I wrote for their magazines. I slept with a couple of the girls in the group. But then tne tension started. The older girls got mad at me for sleeping with the ones they wanted. I mean if I want to fuck Her words pierce through the air in the bar. All heads turn toward us. I look around and see folks watching us with toothful Yuppie smiles.

Jackie tells me about how even the music got bad after awhile. I thought I was gonna be next. In a way, I was. It's your turn to pay. Their rich parents paid for them. They had nothing to do but be students and Riot Grrrls. I put myself through school being a whore. It's letting me make movies. But they condemn it. We talked a lot more. Jackie O is still whoring, still pansexu- al and still a goddess.

She maintains a long distance phone sex relationship with a girl somewhere in the Midwest. She fucks her male friends and still manages to stay friends with them. I had a friend-sex relationship only once. You know, where you call up and say, 'hey, wanna fuck? That lasted only year. We had different desires. She wanted a baby and I wanted anus. I don't The interview ends on a slightly drunk, cordial note.

Jackie promises to return to look over the column before I modem it to Tim. He's already pissed because I'm a week late with it. But isn't it worth the scoop? Am I just giving space to one girl's anger? Am I making a statement about feminism? If so, this doesn't prove anything, does it? The evidence is only anecdotal. Where are the hard statistics? Anecdotal is what social and 'pure' scientists call stories from real people about real events.

They'd rather have numbers. They want hypotheses, tested and proven by computers. Evidence for me is human beings and their lives— not placebos ana control groups. Jackie O is my evidence. Like my life in Japan let me see racism— as a human— so I could understand it and not simply, thoughtlessly, condemn it.

That's more than any scientist will ever get. They are also seeking support from those whose goals are greater than an aspiration to Gay Republicanism. You can reach them at the above address or phone them at Where are you? Please let me know. Station, New York NY E-mail at: mykel wps. I'm just covering my options, you see.

You never know what's gonna happen in MRR-land. They want to network with other punk BBS sysops to make the electronic highway more hardcore.

You can contact the main sysop through internet at wrenmons playgrnd. If this sounds like gibberish to you— it's time you scammed an internet account and checked out the cyberworld. People on her siae thought I was mean to her. People on my side sympathized with me as a victim of 'abuse. The trip was wonderful. It would not have been half as good without Lily. Those problems were interesting— and funny— I thought.

But I didn't mean to imply that the trip was just problems. Lily is great— smarter and funnier than you are. She's not an exploiter or inconsiderate. We have different tastes, but we're friends. I just wanted to make that clear. He sent me a couple more vids. One with lots of white wetness and the other of a punkish type girl who really gets into it. No professionals, just our amateur pic of naked you or some- ody else.

They're looking for bands to add to their compilations. I doubt if they pay any money. But if you want your music distributed in places it might not ordinarily get— write to them— or send them some stuff.

They only do cassettes. Cassettes are wonderful. They're still the best way to get music toplaces it wouldn't otherwise be heard. Write if you want to take advantage of him. Not that , way— I don't even know what he looks like! We are new, friendly, and supportive of your D. By late June, we will be carrying the best of over 35 labels. Records 2. History of Compassion and Justice!

My oh my Land of Greed Well here we go on our first tour, please come out and dance like fools with us. If you need any information, call or write So. See ya soon! Bring a date. For the girl I love Another church City Under a wheelchair Between tough melancholy, motionless sound voyage and insupportable lightness of the atmospheres, the pieces of Pastry Case allure durably and mark l' listener. Thanks to their atours at the same time kitsch and modern, with the multiples bidouillages on the sound and the melodies nicely contagious.

In Step Better Of As 2 Gotta Boyfriend Confusion Girl Shame Shame Shame Your Boy When You're Around Wonder Woman Complete Me Vacant Heart Done Done Time Will Tell Run Away From Trouble In Frankmusik is that rarest of pop prospects; one that has manufactured his own image and music.

While his contemporaries use one producer for one track, one writer for another and end up with a hotch-potch of borrowed sentiments and a patchwork of production sounds, Vincent Frank wrote and produced these tracks in his bedroom in Croydon.

The album is an electronic love letter, the soundtrack to an eternal summer of adolescent heartache, equal parts light and dark. With a dozen remixes to his name for everyone from avant-garde Brooklyn act Telepathe to The Pet Shop Boys; Frank has also produced two tracks on the forthcoming album by No 1 grime pop star Tinchy Stryder, as well as his debut single "Better Off As Two" reaching the upper reaches of the charts.

Complete Me marks the long-awaited long-playing debut from Frankmusik, aka Vincent Frank--a former BMX rider and student at the London School Of Fashion who packed in both to become a do-it-yourself pop star. The climax, or at least a sense of closure, comes with "Vacant Heart"--an epic heartbreak number that blows up the emotions of a collapsing relationship into epic widescreen.

Coming from Mons, Alucard is a quintet founded by the artist Dorian and developing a visual and musical concept called Dark romantism. I loved you is a great song, reminds me of Bohemian Rhapsody - John Fryer, Riga, about the originality and musical quality of that song. In order to push the perfectionism to its limits, each album will provide an original concept and will create its own realm following the previous universes. The end of the first album features a reference to the second one, now in preparation.

Deadbeat Summer 3. Laughing Gas 4. Terminally Chill 5. Mind, Drips 9. Psychic Chasms Local Joke Ephemeral Artery Their first LP titled Psychic Chasms will be released on October 13, and their is a lot of fantastic buzz and excitement with this record. Forged after a hazy winter gathering in Texas, this initial batch of tracks were the result of field recordings, record samples, a collection of bizarre synth sounds.

Orbiting around the themes of drug induced heartbreak, weary afternoons, and lost chances, this music provides a lush soundtrack to the deadbeat exploits of teenage ennui.

Who Fingered Rock 'n' Roll 2. Soul School 3. Half Brick 4. Shut Southall Down 6. Free Love 7. Operation Push 9.

The Mighty Quinn, The The Constant Springs Chamchu Against the odds, Cornershop breathe new life into it. Cornershop have done something rather unexpected here.

They spent their youth at south-west London's Elliott School fellow alumni: Four Tet, Burial and Hot Chip obsessively tinkering with instruments in the music room before signing a deal and self-producing their album in their record company's back office. At first glance, you'd expect them to make basement rock'n'roll songs serrated with guitar feedback, but they're more interesting than that. On paper, it's a mongrel mix. As the languorous swirl of Intro fades in, however, you immediately sense you're listening to something seductively special.

Standout tracks such as Crystalised, with its off-key riff, possess a very modern sense of anxious turmoil, while Shelter mixes spare, dolorous guitar lines with a restless chorus. It's an album to play when you're wallowing in a comedown and slow-paced melancholy offers a strange comfort.

There is a lightness of touch at play that gives the XX a sophistication beyond their years. It probably means that their dream pop will become the ubiquitous dinner party album du jour. But really, their panicky atmospherics are too strange for that. This is uneasy listening to soundtrack the gentle gnashing of teeth. Madonna - Celebration Try.

I'll Find Me 2. Sunshine 3. All I Need 4. Moo La Moo 5. Hard Rock 6. Back To Memphis 7. Apart At The Seams 8. Sinkin' Or Swimmin' With You 9. Take Your Time Ryan's Song Let Go Of The Ropes Sweet Delta Chains Startin' Today Azar blends passion and energy into the track album filled with all original material. Slide on Over Here is an album that will satisfy the fans who have been on board from the beginning, and also open up the minds of those unfamiliar with the soulful singer's music.

The collection of songs offers a little bit of everything from romantic ballads to his signature rockin' themed melodies, and represents what his music is all about. What do you want to say? What inflections will you use? Everything about that conversation has got to be honest. Cecilia Foundation, which provides aid to disadvantaged, sick and abused children in the Delta and Nashville areas where the singer spends most of his time. Slide on Over Here once again showcases Azar as a multifaceted talent as a singer, songwriter, performer, producer and musician.

With songs like "I'll Find Me," "Startin' Today," and "Beautiful Regret," Azar delivers signature, soulful and bluesy vocals, sure to give the listener chills, and taps into his softer side with the romantic ballads "Sunshine" and "Hard Road. The song goes on to contain a hidden song of the raw and acoustic title track.

The album's debut single, "Moo La Moo," will ring true to fans of all ages, with his take on being broke long before payday rolls around. Terri B. Jerry Ropero Feat. Stevie T. CD1 The Mac Project Feat. The Radio K feat. Nicola Fasano vs. Matt Samuels ft.

Jason Phats Feat. Cary Brothers - Ride Tiesto Remix Oakenfold Feat. H two O Feat. Richie Havens Pedal Down Feat. Zach And Andrew Gabbard Cold Coffee Feat. David Grisman Arc Of The Sun Feat. Mike Gordon Second Song Feat. Keller Williams Light Blue Lover Feat. Grace Potter And Tony Rice Edges Feat.

Bela Fleck Leadbelly Feat. Jerry Douglas Borrowed Feet Feat. John Scofield Revelry Feat. Martin Sexton And Tony Rice Straight Feat. Theresa Andersson High Brow Feat. Al Schnier You Lay The Dust Feat. The Flirts - Calling All Boys 2. Divine - Native Love 3. Evelyn Thomas - Reflections 6. The Temptations - Masterpiece M - Pop Muzik Imagination - Just An Illusion George Mccrae - Rock Your Baby 3. Jimmy 'bo' Horne - Spank 5. T-Connection - At Midnight 6.

Anita Ward - Ring My Bell 7. Dj Sixx Ft. Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive 8. Caribbean All Stars Ft. Melanie Ft. Tony C. Dj Big Ft. Leapy Lee - Little Arrows Dj Wee Ft. Heaven 17 - Temptation Dj XYZ Ft. Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing KJ Ft. Bob Marley - Soul Rebel Try. Sonny Liston's Blues What Can A Mother Do Where The Hell Is Henry? American Man Barely Exist Hot Talk Love Won't Keep Us Apart Good Time Crowd Leave The Window Open Chuck Prophet's genius lies in assimilating a wide variety of genres into his essentially Stonesy architecture ahead of the standard curve.

Originality is not easy in the derivative rock world but Chuck Prophet has blazed genre trails for over two decades with no signs of running out of inspiration or desire. The formula remains the same. Lead Singer, Pete Frauenfelder delivers his folksy, Americana vocals while the rhythm section of Steve Kerwin keeps the band moving forward with a furious energy that is the driving force of the band. Add to that a host of flourishes such as accordion, saw and fiddle that give the band a more texture without losing their trademark sound.

The stage is their natural element and allows Frauenfelder and Kerwin to feed off the crowd and fire around the stage with reckless abandon. The production team of Patrick Brown The Black Lips, Gomez , and mixed with Jon Kaplan Ash, Granddaddy has done a great job of capturing that energy on the album, while not losing sight of their evolution as songwriters.

It ambles along in no particular hurry, keeping you interested at every meandering turn. Next up on their list of things to keep to me happy is a tour through Chicago. Guns Your Time My Time Find Your Way Honest I'll Wait Oh My Baby Loaded Heavy Crown That's Life Neverfall Driving Blind Velvet Live Acoustic Eyes Can't See Live Acoustic Untitled Heavy Crown is the powerful new disc from Lovehammers, one of Chicago s long-standing leading rock bands.

The fifth full length from the band - Marty Casey vocals , Billy Sawilchik guitar , Dino Kourelis bass , Bobby Kourelis drums - was produced by heavy-hitting producer Marti Frederickson Aerosmith Buckcherry, Pink, Faith Hill, Papa Roach and restores faith that anthemic and heartfelt rock and roll can still thrive.

Set for release July 21, the album includes 11 new and reworked studio tracks including thought-provoking hook-injected airwave contenders and two bonus live versions of classic Lovehammers songs, "Eyes Can't See" and "Velvet. He continues, "REEP - which stands for Record Executives Everyday People will make decisions regarding singles, videos, touring, etc based on feedback from the real music experts - the fans.

Now the foursome has come full circle by returning to the Lovehammers moniker. While in the studio, the album quickly turned into the band s first new studio disc in three years. Heavy Crown kicks off with the band s explosive opening salvo "Guns. Previously, the band created the "Shoebox Of Love" campaign which encouraged fans to donate care packages to those fighting abroad. To date, over packages have been sent and the band is working on their "Shoeboxes Home" campaign to support veterans "Heavy Crown is Lovehammers firing on all cylinders," says Dino.

You d rather burn it. Miller's Crake 2. Akialoa 3. Po'o'uli 4. Little Bittern 5. Mysterious Starling 6. Laughing Owl 7. Archaeopteryx 8. Solitaire 9. Piopio Zapata Rail Kakawahie Magdalena Named for an extinct Hawaiian bird whose delightful song will sadly never be sung again, O'o is the exotic follow up to The Dreamers, one of Zorn's most popular and appealing musical projects.

Featuring the same dynamic band of masters from Zorn's inner circle, O'o presents twelve more lyrical and adventurous instrumentals combining world music, surf, exotica, soundtracks, easy listening, minimalism and more into a fabulous and exciting new music. Beautifully packaged in original artwork by Chippy, this is charming and adventurous music passionately performed by a downtown super group.

Rocksteady Woman 2. Highgrade 3. Chop Chop 4. Jah In The Moment 5. Travellin 6. Dial PBS 7. Maybe You Should Try Some 8. Crush On You 9. Rock Ya Mama Bombshell Goldtown Kruptanite After years of working with bands from Africa to the Middle East and honing his reggae, ska and mento expertise, Nicky has drawn on his musical journeys and philosophies to produce his first ever solo work, Planet Juice. This collection captures songs that have been sitting in the bag for years to new tunes - freshly squeezed.

His new work sees him getting back to his roots; spending more time on the drum kit on top of a kaleidoscope of other instruments including the ukulele, marimba and guitar. I kept finding subconscious excuses to avoid the studio.

Eventually I allowed myself to be vulnerable and feel the fear a little. It was the blessing the adventure needed. I now realise the possibilities are endless. The live performance still holds sacred for Nicky who is eternally committed to creating a sense of community and unity whenever he plays. It is not uncommon for Nicky to go off on some magical tangent in order to really connect with an audience. Flying by the seat of his pants is something Nicky welcomes. Believing in the moment and kind of steering that spontaneous beast can result in something really special.

Absolute positive vibrations. Over the years he has formed and played with bands purely for the love of the music and the adventures they create. Aspire Why Remember Me? The Way Of The Explorer Wasteland Different Dawn A Friend All That I've Got No Regrets Real Life I began the first pieces of a new album in late , a little inspired by the appreciation some had given my previous attempts, but on the whole disheartened that they were nothing special and not memorable enough that people would feel compelled to share it with a friend.

It gave me the feeling that I hadn't tried hard enough, that there must be better songs I can make, longer time I can spend on vocals and recording, and wider sources of influence to widen the range in sound.

Perhaps the only worthwhile approach I could have to keep myself moving forward because this album like the others would still be given away for free. For my first stroke on a blank canvas I didn't go the route taken previously to try and formulate song ideas and pick up the guitar, I went to a voice clip of John F. Kennedy in addressing congress on the importance of space travel.

It set up the beginnings of 'The Way Of The Explorer' and allowed me to build an instrumental song up from sentiment and passion rather than a guitar chord.

Re-creating the optimism for the future and the feeling of what it must be like to actually be up there fulfilling the hopes and goals mentioned in JFK's address with music was a challenge, but once done I had a place to progress from; the 50's and 60's. To fully improve my music I had to consider my weakest element, my vocals. I expanded my original sentiment to re-create emotion with instrumental sections of music in the vein of Pink Floyd, but for the songs that featured vocals I looked to the harmony, the backing and the layer upon layer of voice from The Crickets The 'Chirping Crickets' album and the infamous 'Pet Sounds' by The Beach Boys for ideas.

Stacking the vocal tracks with numerous tones wherever possible would give my voice more depth, and the addition of backing would further increase the melody present, ideas that are present throughout the choruses and verses of this album.

Charlotte, curious and instinctive, agreed to the invitation, booked a flight, and they met concretely for the first time in March at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel-Aviv. They composed 9 songs and fell deeply in love. Their love became the core of the songs and brought to their music a timeless universality. Other then it's obvious meaning, "Love Happening" is also a reflection on the 60's and 70's, when artists were spreading their work on the streets, transforming a normal day into an unforgettable creative moment.

On stage, joined by talented musicians, the couple shares their love with an almost cinematic presence. If you missed it then, please download it now.

Some of you might remember their name being attached to one of the best Little Bit remixes around. If not, you have some catching up the do sirs and ma'ams. Start your learning process off by listening to 'Gladiator' at least three times then give their Little Bit remix a couple of plays and you'll see why they are one of the mostly hotly anticipated acts coming out of Canada for Switch Off The Moment 2.

Skeleton 3. It's You 4. The Journey 5. Stupid 6.

Jan 25,  · Added to all of this are the peerless covers of "Ziggy Stardust" and "Third Uncle," a couple of ringers from earlier in the band's career ("Satori" and "Crowds"), stand-alone singles "Lagartija Nick" and "The Sanity Assassin," and one honest-to-goodness rarity, "Paranoia Paranoia," a radical dub reworking of "Silent Hedges" that's just as good.

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  2. Silent Hedges Various - Satori: A Tribute To Bauhaus (Comp) 2 versions: Panam: Japan: Various - A Tribute To The Stalin ‎ (CD, Album, Comp) Polydor: UPCH Japan: Sell This Version: Various: Silent Hedges Various - Satori.
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  4. メガジャケは、CDに24cm x 24cmの大きなジャケットがついてくる、onancribpassrefcu.gestsoulucurfeicompprettherstertemptawars.co限定特典です。 Satori: Tribute to Bauhaus Silent Hedges(CHU-YA) 5. IN THE FLAT FIELD(Loopus&広石武彦) 6. Bela Lugosi is Dead(SPEED-ID)/5(3).
  5. CD、DVDの通販ならタワーレコードオンラインショップ。 Various Artists; SATORI-A Tribute To BAUHAUS- Silent Hedges 5. In The Flat Field.
  6. UK gothic rock band, Type: Group, Founded: in Northampton, Dissolved: , Area: United Kingdom.

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