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2 Oct, 2012

The Art Of Ruin - Mega (19) - Life Sucks, But Im Okay (CD, Album)

You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. War, natural disaster, incinerating a painting because it's haunted by Vigo the Carpathian--there are all sorts of regrettable, but perfectly legitimate, reasons valuable art has been lost to the world. But sometimes there is no good reason.

Sometimes we just screw up. Sometimes we do something silly, something like this When you think of the last supper, you probably only have one image in mind: Jesus sitting calmly at the center of the table while everyone else clambers around as if they've all misplaced their contacts.

Apparently, "forgetting to give her eyebrows" was not considered a major blunder at the time The painting is so well known, you might not be surprised to learn that it crossed paths with two of history's most famous figures. But, you probably didn't know that both figures went out of their way to treat it like it had been pooped up there by someone with a remarkably imprecise and explosive strain of diarrhea. The first noted figure was Leonardo himself. See, frescoes are supposed to be painted on wet plaster or they start to peel.

Unless you want your fresco to have the shelf life of a Banksy painting, the wet plaster is as important to the equation as the paint. But this wasn't any painter, he was Leonardo motherfucking da Vinci and if he wanted to paint on a dry surface, who's going to stop him?

Unsurprisingly, the whole thing turned to a horrible peeling mess within his own lifetime. By , it was considered ruined and unrecognizable. This may explain why someone decided later to knock a hole right through the base of Jesus to make room for a door. Just so we're clear how much of a mess this was, this is the 15th century Catholic Italy we're talking about. Jesus was sort of a big deal over there. Then Napoleon, a great lover of art and anything Leonardo, came along and decided it was shit.

When his troops were stationed in Italy, he decided to turn the whole room into a storage closet. Then, because he wasn't quite finished dragging his ass all over Leonardo's second greatest work, he decided to turn it into a prison. By , after a number of attempts to fix it, an attempt was made to move it to a safer location.

Unfortunately, they commissioned a man who specialized in moving frescos to move The Last Supper. That'd be great if it was actually a fresco. His techniques ended up damaging the painting, and he quickly tried to glue the whole thing back together, which only added to the damage. Clearly, The Last Supper.

Or an out of focus photo of some laundry. We're not sure. Monet was known to be one of the founders of the impressionist art movement and his lily paintings essentially kick-started a radical art community that was widely misunderstood in it's time.

Of course now he is recognized as a genius, kind of like how generations from now the world may finally understand what Fred Durst was trying to tell us. Monet had cataracts. While nobody can say for sure if the condition was responsible for the blurred look that initially made his paintings so influential, we do know that as his condition worsened with age, his paintings became blurrier. And since cataracts affect your ability to perceive color, what began as paintings of green lilies Eh, close enough for government work.

The art world assumed he was intentionally using the wrong colors and blurring images more than ever. The style of the anime character portraits clashes with the realistic steel beams, city, and sky.

The player character, Mighty No. But it works. Besides, Mega Man 11 is going to fail or succeed based on its gameplay. I get that I might be coming off as a defender here. VentureBeat Homepage Games Beat. General Newsletters Got a news tip? Profile Log Out. Above: Mega Man 11 is still colorful. Image Credit: Capcom. Above: Hey, how about you shut up? Product details Item Weight : 1. Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle?

Customer reviews. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.

No customer reviews. Pages with related products. See and discover other items: art tutorial. The lacking results of their so called time and effort doesn't lie! I'm all for making some easy money, but now the majority of the creative community online is trying to CHARGE ME to see what was being offered for free up until the last few years! We might as well charge you too since you seem happy to throw money at anyone. Lets just make up a BS story to disguise our laziness and get you to work for us, why not?

Why should we work when you want to throw money at us? However, it doesn't stop us from thinking Barely anyone is sharing anymore. Now its all ''Gimme ya money, money is more important than your happiness and loyalty! Seriously, WTF is going on?! It was meant as a joke because at the time, people would never vote for a selfish capitalist as president, it was an insane concept.

Capitalistic 21st century! The rich get everything, the poor get suicidal thoughts and envy induced depression! No one is against that! This journal isn't meant to ruin peoples ''lively hood' and take away their income even if most deserve that. Just remember that not everyone wants to pay! Some can't, some don't get why, some are just have other priorities for their money.

Make your money with a commission or even do the teaser thing Or, throw us a bone now and then and give us a FREE high quality pic, instead of continuous low quality scribbles and insist we pay for the good stuff!

And its a total dick move to offer art for free, then suddenly snub everyone and insist they pay! You lured us to your page, we got use used to you and suddenly you take it all away and expect people to still like you? You chose to make friends and a following by giving us FREE art, then as soon as you got a reasonable following, you ditched your loyalty and went for the cash!

Insisting we pay now! Thats all i can say! Lets see how YOU like losing out! Now i just wanna be clear; I have nothing against drawing for money. Commissions has always been an honest way for any talented person to make money for centuries! I myself used to draw more 'respectable' art and sell it in a shop in Lincoln City DeviantArt is also a 'community' website. Most of us are here to meet new and interesting artists who share our interests This only upsets the community and costs your friends and followers.

You can draw and still offer free pics! Just remember that the people that will throw money at you, will throw money at you NOW! Not tomorrow, not next week. But NOW! As soon as they see what they like! That new pic you just uploaded? Its the new pics they pay for, not the old ones, they have already seen, paid and told their friends about those!

So, in a couple months time, once the impatient people with more money than sense have finished throwing cash your way, give us that old pic for FREE!!! You can't expect people to continue to watch you if you never throw them a bone, or if the bone you throw is crappy and half chewed!

Business plan! To get more customers, you have to keep your customers happy! The biggest companies in the world are the ones that offer the cheapest rates and prices.

You can't refuse such a low price, its too good! You don't have to be an over priced, exploiting a-hole to make money! Cater to all and you will find you not only have money, but loyal friends and fans who genuinely like and respect you!

Plus, long term plan. Humans get bored, in a few years time the people who sponsor you today will get fed up with your stuff and move on to someone else. This is just human nature. Its why TV constantly changes and shows stop airing. Too few viewers to make enough money! So, in the future you are gonna need 'NEW' sponsors to throw money at you.

How are you going to get these chumps if you never offer any FREE adverts Think about it! Like many, i am here online to share my art with the world, make people happy whilst getting some great friends, humorous comments and decent art in return from the community. If it wasn't for deviantArt, i probably would have given up drawing years ago when the art shop closed.

Since i have no interest in fame, popularity or money. To make my life that bit more pleasant and less stressful here online. I'm getting rid of all the AWFUL cold hearted jerks who make my online experience miserable and rage filled, with the constant 'gimme money' journals, teaser pics and the constant cold lifeless comments they give I am no ones chump! I want to see YOUR ideas and art, not what lame, overused poses and generic pics that other people pay you to do!

If every journal, poll and activity update is 'related to giving you money'. I want to hear about what you've been up to. As a friend i wanna know your well and life is good.

A "mega" collab with 's Spawny pic with someone so I did Mega Man instead of myself, so why not. Though I was too lazy to make a background so I used an image from google. Isn't Mega Man a sport patting Spawny's head. From it, Rock saved him from a robot that wanted to use Spawny for evil tricks.

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  1. Feb 18,  · from "Life Sucks, But I'm Okay", OUT NOW on One Chord Wonder. onancribpassrefcu.gestsoulucurfeicompprettherstertemptawars.coo.
  2. Mar 15,  · Mega - Life Sucks, But I'm Okay OCW - in The Art of Ruin un verso recita "what would MacGyver do in my shoes?" - che nonostante il mood negativo del disco imprime una piccola nota di reazione. Se da un lato i punti di continuità con la loro precedente uscita sono abbastanza solidi dall'altro questo Lp, complice la maggiore qualità.
  3. 'Life Sucks, But I'm Okay' LP/CD [OCW] by MEGA, released 01 March 1. Break The Ice 2. Your Vice Is A Locked Room 3. The Strange Vice Of Mrs. Wardh 4. All The Colors Of The Dark 5. Shoot Straight From My Heart 6. Can't Let Her Go 7. st Legion 8. Piranha '78 9. The Art Of Ruin Pretend To Be Happy A Fantastic Fear Of Everything
  4. Welcome and thank you for visiting my site! My name is Meg and I am the artist behind ArtbyMoga. Below are my most recent works featured on my Instagram: @artbymoga.
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