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2 Oct, 2012

The Travelers

However, her condition worsens and Boyd stabilizes her, but Marcy is near death. In the future, Grace was in charge of social media research and identifying the candidates. She wants to correct Marcy's condition with an experimental overwrite.

She offers to redirect Marcy's original transfer into the functional part of her brain, saving her at the cost of her 21st-century memories. MacLaren lets Marcy decide, and she decides to speak to David first. However, her condition becomes critical shortly before David returns home, and she is overwritten by her earlier self.

Her team introduces her to David. Amanda Tapping. Kathryn confronts MacLaren about an affair she believes he is having, leading him to end his relationship with Carly.

Charlotte, the misfire historian, is overwritten and murders her team. She attempts to assassinate Grace, but Trevor stops her. Grace reveals that the anti-Director faction was responsible for the team's abduction.

Charlotte is shot by Jeff while attempting to kill Carly. Ellis reveals that he has built a quantum frame that the Director, an advanced AI, can use to travel to the present to escape the faction. David is held at gunpoint by another assassin but is saved by Marcy. The team arrives at the farm where Trevor has received a text to destroy the frame.

Boyd reveals she received an order to kill MacLaren and holds him at gunpoint; Carly later reveals having been given the same mission. Assassins surround the farm as Ellis shoots Trevor to keep him from harming the frame. Grace jumps in front of Trevor and is shot as well. Ellis shuts down the perimeter shield in the hope that the Director will help them and delivers a message to destroy the frame shortly before he dies. It is revealed that the people surrounding them are not anti-Director assassins, but FBI agents led by Forbes.

Vincent Ingram Traveler recounts his arrival in the 21st century to his therapist, Dr. Vincent's arrival was meant to be the first test of projecting human consciousness through time and he was intended to die in the fall of the World Trade Center on September 11, , so as not to affect the timeline — but soon after arrival, he went off-mission and into hiding from the Director. Meanwhile, Mac and his team are being interrogated by the FBI about the Quantum Frame and its purpose, while David deals with the aftermath of the assassination attempt on his life.

Mac investigates a mass arrival of Travelers, while also trying to repair his marriage with Kat. Philip is given assistance with his addiction from fellow Traveler , Jenny. Carly and Jeff try and clean up their act for Child Protective Services and regain custody of their son. Trevor and Grace bond in the hospital while recovering from their injuries.

Three months after the events with the Quantum Frame, Mac and Kat are working through their issues during her first trimester. Marcy has moved out of David's apartment and has taken a job as an X-ray technician at a local hospital.

Philip has traded one addiction for another, but is in denial about it. Trevor is growing concerned with the lack of communication from the Director. The discovery of a murdered Traveler team puts Mac on the trail of Vincent. The Director assigns two new missions to the team: Mac, Carly and Marcy must assassinate Congressman Bishop in order to make him a martyr while Trevor and Philip must help a radical environmental activist succeed in her plan to bomb a research facility that is working on a genetically modified seed that has disastrous consequences for the future.

Philip, while under the influence of drugs, commits to memory an anti-viral formula sent via messenger. The information is passed on to fellow Traveler Derek via Jenny so it can be synthesized and distributed to other Traveler teams as well as people targeted to be saved in order to minimize the spread and mutation of a flu like virus that historically killed 70, people.

However, two weeks after dissemination, people around the world start getting sick with a virus even more dangerous than the original one. With no contact from the Director, and the death toll rising, Marcy and the team rush to find a solution before it's too late. The team is given a mission to collect and safeguard the original power source of the Director, as it will likely be the remaining Faction members' next target. The mission is going smoothly, but the team is ambushed and killed by the Faction.

With its very existence in danger, the Director initiates Protocol Alpha — and sends back a Traveler to save the team before they are killed, but the remote location, small time window, and only two host candidates within geographic range makes the probability of success low. Three high-ranking Travelers are sent back by the Director to put Grace on trial for violating protocols, overwriting a person who was not assigned to be her host, and sabotaging the Grand Plan.

Mac and the team must give testimony at the trial that will determine if she should be overwritten or not. Meanwhile, the Faction is trying to replenish its numbers by overwriting people with the stored minds in the Quantum Frame.

It transpires the trial was staged by the Director to flush out a Faction member from within the three Travelers judging Grace, which it successfully does, this leading to Mac's team securing the Quantum Frame.

Philip is ordered by the Director to attend an "update" with various other Historians, which is where the altered timeline's history is imprinted onto their minds, but it comes with physical and emotional consequences.

Trevor tries to help a former football teammate with past trauma. Hall returns from prison and has a new mission assigned to him from the Director.

Kat has complications with the pregnancy. Marcy puts herself in a near-death state to recover her lost memories from when she was reset.

While she is out of commission, Mac and the rest of the team are ordered to provide Hall with backup in protecting the future 53rd President of the United States, who is currently a prepubescent girl. The team track down Simon Traveler , a specialist who developed the consciousness transfer technology in the future, who was sent into a host body that developed schizophrenia after arrival.

Simon, who set up the Travelers' communications system in the 21st, is haunted by hallucinations of Vincent, who previously convinced an institutionalized Simon that the Director wanted him to next build transfer technology in the 21st. Vincent asks the team to stand down and let him finish what he has been planning. When the team refuses to comply, Vincent holds the lives of Kat, David, Jeffery, Ray, and Grace over them, and forces them to reveal themselves as Travelers to the world.

The team must make the choice between breaking protocol and thus risking being overwritten by the Director, or doing what they must to save the ones they've grown to care about since their arrival in the 21st.

Eric McCormack [8]. MacLaren, his team, and their loved ones regroup at a safe house protected by the FBI, but doubts and betrayals may sabotage the rest of their mission. MacLaren and Yates adjust to their new partnership while protecting a TV show host whose inflammatory rhetoric about Travelers has led to tragedy, and potential exposure of their existence.

The TV host is then overwritten by a new Traveler and apologizes on camera. MacLaren, his team and their loved ones regroup at a safe house protected by the FBI, but doubts and betrayals may sabotage the rest of their mission. MacLaren and Yates adjust to their new partnership while protecting a TV show host whose inflammatory rhetoric about Travelers has led to tragedy. Certain that his team erased his memory of the previous day, MacLaren retraces his steps in the case of a disturbed youth with a horrific future.

The team learns that Traveler is still alive when the Faction tries to capture him. Doubts about their loved ones worsen for Kat, Jeff and David.

The team attempts to extract a rogue A. A new Traveler adjusts to his host. The Faction kidnaps Philip and a group of other historians, forcing MacLaren and the team to extract their location from a critically injured Hall. Suffering from a fatal brain disorder, Trevor makes the choice to allow himself to be overwritten as the team races to invent an experimental cure. MacLaren urges Yates to help him when a Traveler with a mission vital to humanity's survival arrives in the body of a just-captured serial killer.

The Faction sets off nuclear blasts that destroy all of the Travelers' archives, except the one in which a wounded David just happens to be trapped. Shattered by recent losses and a sweeping new protocol, the Travelers face a bleak future with only one long-shot chance to succeed in their mission.

Call Netflix Netflix. Creators: Brad Wright. Watch all you want for free. Videos Travelers. Travelers: Season 3 Trailer. Travelers: Season 2 Trailer. Travelers: Season 1 Trailer.

Travelers: Season 2 Recap. Episodes Travelers. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3. Bayle 1 episode, News Anchor 1 1 episode, Dan Gillen 1 episode, Cashier 1 episode, Yard Worker 1 episode, Man Texting 1 episode, Carter 1 episode, Judge 1 episode, Connor 1 episode, Bree 1 episode, Gord 1 episode, Amanda Myers 1 episode, Ronnie 1 episode, Crystal 1 episode, News Anchor 2 1 episode, Sandra Wilson 1 episode, Michelle 1 episode, Fighter 1 episode, Construction Worker 1 episode, Agent Riley 1 episode, Pastor 1 episode, Taylor Age 3 1 episode, Stacey 1 episode, Graham 1 episode, Drake 1 episode, A26 1 episode, Old Man 1 episode, Traveler Guard 1 episode, Johnson 1 episode, Iyala 1 episode, Sergeant 1 episode, Mindy 1 episode, Indian Woman 1 episode, Russian 1 1 episode, Taylor Age 7 1 episode, Colleen 1 episode, Joanne 1 episode, Young Girl 1 episode, Reporter 1 episode, Anna's Mom 1 episode, Bartender 1 episode, Old Woman 1 episode, Katie Sosa 1 episode, Historian 1 episode, Jordan 1 episode, Singh 1 episode, Police Officer 1 1 episode, Deputy Oslin 1 episode, Priest 1 episode, Russian 2 1 episode, Becky 1 episode, Tory 1 episode, Morrissy 1 episode, Bob 1 episode, Tall Driver 1 episode, News Anchor 1 episode, Friend 1 episode, Secretary 1 episode, Calloway 1 episode, Anna's Dad 1 episode, Teacher 1 episode, Jimmi 1 episode, Tall man 1 episode, Mikey 1 episode, Police Officer 2 1 episode, Child Messenger 1 episode, Nick 1 episode, Morrison 1 episode, Carol 1 episode, Store Owner 1 episode, Marion 1 episode, Wendy 1 episode, Girl 1 1 episode, Terminal Patient 1 1 episode, Guard 1 episode, Agent Tanner 1 episode, Drew Clarkson 1 episode, Traveler 1 1 episode, Omar Taxi Driver 1 episode, Greg 1 episode, Candy 1 episode, MacLaren's Future Wife 1 episode, Captain Garcia 1 episode, Terminal Patient 2 1 episode, Officer 1 episode, Cameron 1 episode, Traveler 2 1 episode, Man 1 episode, Team Leader 1 episode, Web Cam Girl 2 1 episode, Masked Guy 1 1 episode, Traveler Security Guard 1 episode, Ensign Jackson 1 episode, Tall Man 3 1 episode, Nurse Jane 1 episode, Doctor 3 1 episode, Terminal Patient 3 1 episode, Agent Quinn 1 episode, Miss Davies 1 episode, General Chin 1 episode, Officer Ross 1 episode, Reporter 1 1 episode, Traveler 3 1 episode, Masked Guy 2 1 episode, Web Cam Girl 3 1 episode, Tall Man 4 1 episode, Dad 1 episode, Terminal Patient 4 1 episode, Reporter 2 1 episode, Traveler 4 1 episode, Security Guard 1 episode, Valantin 1 episode, Laverna 1 episode, Masked Guy 3 1 episode, Terminal Patient 5 1 episode, Tall Man 5 1 episode, Young Boy 1 episode, Janet 1 episode, FBI Agent 1 episode, Black Op 1 1 episode, Little Girl 1 episode, Vera 1 episode, Tall Man 6 1 episode, Terminal Patient 6 1 episode, Sheppard 1 episode, Swat Leader 1 episode, Black Op 2 1 episode, Agent Morton 1 episode, Terminal Patient 7 1 episode, National Guardsman 1 episode, Black Op 3 1 episode, Agent Paulson 1 episode, Xiao 1 episode, Faction Member 1 episode, Claire 1 episode, Black Op 4 1 episode, Young Shanghai Man 1 episode, Oliver 1 episode, Annie Kapoor 1 episode, Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time.

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  2. Oct 17,  · Created by Brad Wright. With Eric McCormack, MacKenzie Porter, Nesta Cooper, Jared Abrahamson. Hundreds of years from now, surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back through time, into people of the 21st century, while attempting to change the path of humanity/10(43K).
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  4. The Travelers guard a little girl who has a big future, while Marcy recalls more than expected when she attempts a procedure to recover her memory. Simon 45m. An incoherent homeless man turns out to be a brilliant but delusional Traveler who knows the identity of the team's powerful nemesis, Traveler Number Of Seasons: 3.
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