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2 Oct, 2012

Transsibérien = Trans-Siberian - Miriodor - 3è Avertissement = 3rd Warning (CD, Album)

Debout Standing Viking Posted by Si1ver at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Retrieved January 8, Retrieved October 31, Hits Daily Double. Archived from the original on October 29, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Dreams of Fireflies On a Christmas Night Moscow is the largest city in Europe complete with everything one could expect. Some architectural gems requiring a visit, are the Uspensky Assumption Cathedral and the Golden Gate This city was founded in and was a trading center for people from the Orient, Siberia and Turkistan.

Formerly named Gorki, it held political exiles and was closed to outsiders for many years. The city recently opened its doors for visitors and its many well preserved memorials from the 13th and 14th centuries are an amazing attraction. Kirov has a population of , and is the seat of a great agricultural center on the banks of the Vyatka River, a navigable river that connects with the Volga. Perm lies about miles east of Moscow on the western slopes of the Ural Mountains, and stretches along both sides of the Kama River.

Perm was founded in as the village, Lagoshikha. Reports on Real Russia's service with visas and train tickets are always very positive. They can extend the trip to Shanghai or Xian, or add extra nights in Beijing if you like.

UK call , www. US call free , www. Canada call free , www. Australia call toll-free , www. New Zealand call toll-free or see website. The Russia Experience , www. IntoRussia , formerly Intourist UK, www. They can also book westbound Beijing-Moscow trains which for some reason cost a few pounds more than eastbound , stopover tours along the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Vladivostok-Japan ferry and key trains in China.

Vodkatrain www. Trans-Sputnik , www. This is a Dutch agency, but very good value so they are worth contacting even if you're not Dutch! Sundowners , www. Sundowners offer Moscow-Beijing trips via Mongolia, with many options and stopovers available. Flower Travel Pty Australia , www. A whole range of Tans-Siberian trips is offered, with visas and tickets and hotels all arranged for you. Train tickets London - Moscow The Trans-Siberian Railway starts at St Pancras station in London, so don't cheat by flying the first few hundred miles!

It's easy to travel from London to Moscow using Eurostar to Brussels or Paris, a connecting train to Frankfurt and the daily Russian sleeping-car direct from Frankfurt to Moscow, see the London to Russia page.

You can only book European trains a maximum of 2 or 3 months in advance, so wait to buy your train tickets to Moscow after you've arranged everything else. Decide which service you want using the London to Russia page , then buy tickets by phone or online as shown on that page. Alternatively, you can book westbound train tickets from Moscow to many European cities from a Russian agency such as the four agencies listed in option 4 above, though the final Eurostar leg to London will need to be booked separately online.

See the London to Russia page for train information from Moscow to London. You can book trains in China yourself at the ticket office when you get there, or you can easily pre-book them online using www.

For train times, fares and how to buy train tickets in China, see the Train Travel in China page. Train times and fares for the twice-weekly train from Beijing to Hanoi are shown on the Vietnam page. Ferry tickets Vladivostok - Korea - Japan However, it's cheapest to book these ferries yourself by e-mailing or calling the ferry company.

See the Vladivostok-Korea-Japan ferry section below for the sailing schedule and how to buy tickets.

See the China page for Shanghai-Japan sailing schedule and how to buy tickets. If you want a one-way flight Check flight prices at www.

After sorting out your Trans-Siberian tickets, you need to get your visas. You will need a Russian visa. Always check the latest visa information, as it changes from time to time. But here's a quick run-down of the arrangements: Tourist, transit or business visa? A tourist visa allows stays of up to 30 days, and is usually what you need.

A business visa allows a longer stay, but is more expensive. A transit visa allows up to 10 days in transit, but you aren't allowed to spend time in Moscow, as most Trans-Siberian travellers do, so a tourist visa is usually better. When to apply? Visas are now issued 6 months or less before your intended date of entry to Russia, you can't apply before then.

Ideally, allow at least month for the visa processing, but if you have less time than this, don't panic, various agencies offer 'express' services that will help you get a visa much quicker. Behind the scenes, the agency usually has an arrangement with a local hotel, they make a dummy 'reservation' for the period you want to be in Russia so they can legally issue the visa support, though of course you don't pay for the hotel and everyone knows apart from the Russian government that you have no intention of ever using that hotel room.

Crazy, eh? Real Russia is a reliable UK agency based in Russia which arranges Russian visas simply and cheaply, with all the necessary visa support included in the price. They have been recommended by several seat61 correspondents. Seat61 gets a small commission if you buy through www.

If you have feedback on their service, please email me. It should be obvious, but I've known people date their visa for the date they arrive in Moscow, then get thrown off their sleeper train when it arrives at the Russian frontier the night before, as their visa wasn't valid for entering Russia until the next day.

Your date of entry into Russia is the date you physically enter Russian territory, in other words the date your train rolls across the frontier, not the date you reach Moscow, which is irrelevant. Similarly, your date of exit is the date you physically leave Russian territory, which on a westbound sleeper train could be the day after you leave Moscow. Double-check train times to see when it reaches the frontier, and double-check that the embassy have given you the right dates when you get your passport back with the visa.

However, they can certainly provide you with a transit visa, valid up to 10 days. This will get you home, but will not allow you to stop off anywhere, other than as necessary to change trains in Moscow.

How to arrange a Belarus transit visa However, getting a Belarus transit visa is relatively straightforward. You'll need a tourist visa if you plan to stop off in Belarus. You will need to get your Russian visa before applying for the Belarus one, although you can apply for both together if you go through www.

It takes 6 working days, or there's an extra-fee express option which takes 2 days. Real Russia is a reliable UK agency which arranges visas simply and cheaply, including all necessary visa support included in the price shown on their site. They have already recommended by one seat61 correspondent. If you have feedback on their service, please email me! Should you avoid Belarus? Some people get worked up about trying to avoid Belarus, and with the new higher visa fees you might want to try.

Just remember that if you pay the visa fee, you can travel quickly and simply from western Europe to Moscow on a direct train through Belarus saving time and expense. Avoiding Belarus by travelling via the Baltic states means an awkward and time-consuming relay race of trains and buses, taking at least 48 hours longer, with two extra hotel nights.

Going via Ukraine Ukraine no longer requires EU citizens to buy a visa is quicker, but will still take at least an extra 24 hours, changing trains in Kiev and with no easy way to pre-book the Kiev-Moscow train before you get to Kiev. It's a couple of blocks from Kitai Gorod or Lubyanka metro stations. How to arrange a Mongolian visa For more info see www.

You can arrange your Mongolian visa most easily through www. Australian citizens need a visa to enter Mongolia, see www. Open Monday-Friday , see www. How to arrange a Chinese visa You'll need a Chinese visa if you're visiting China. You should apply for a visa at least a month before you leave, but less than 3 months before entering China. In the UK, the Chinese embassy www. Alternatively, you can use a visa service agency such as www. Chinese visa requirements were tightened in for the Olympics, to require confirmed tickets into and out of China, plus confirmed hotel bookings for every night in China.

They were relaxed again afterwards, but tightened up yet again in November , so always check current requirements with the local Chinese embassy. You may now need hotel reservations for every night you plan to spend in China to get the visa, but you can easily make hotel bookings at a site like www.

Feedback is always appreciated! You can travel all year-round. Here's the departure board at Moscow Yaroslavski station.

Learn the alphabet and you can easily read the destinations. You can see that train to Archangel leaving at will depart from platform 3. The platforms for train 2 to Vladivostok the Rossiya departing and train 6 to Ulan Bator departing are not yet shown as they are not ready for boarding. Learn the Russian alphabet here. Photo courtesy of Daniel Brewster. The Trans-Siberian Railway runs all year round, so you can go at any time of year. May to September are the peak months for foreign tourists, with the warmest weather and the longest hours of daylight.

This makes booking a specific date more difficult you need to book well ahead but you might like the party atmosphere amongst like-minded travellers on Moscow-Beijing trains 4 and On the other hand, Siberia in winter is a sight to see - the trains are well heated, warm and cosy, you'll just need to wrap up well when you get off for a stroll at station stops! For the outside I had snow boots, a jumper and a long wool coat, and this was fine most of the time. The temperature drops significantly once the sun goes down, but as long as I was wearing a hat and gloves I felt warm.

I also brought a North Face down filled body warmer which was like a heater in itself! I ended up not wearing this most of the time, but it packs up really small and I'd probably bring it again if I were travelling in winter. Spalny vagon gives you much more privacy, with 2 people instead of 4 in the same size compartment, but it costs twice as much.

The choice is yours. Platskartny is a bit rough for most western travellers, but some budget-minded backpackers enjoy it. It gets booked out very quickly! This is the question most people ask. Well, you put your feet up and relax. You read, watch the scenery, look out for the sights listed on your Trans-Siberian Handbook, go to meals in the restaurant car, sleep in your own comfortable bed at night, meet people, talk, play chess, drink tea, drink vodka, get off at station stops and take photographs The Moscow-Mongolia-Beijing route is arguably the most interesting because of both the people on board and the sights and scenery on the way.

You are unlikely to be bored - the time just goes! The Trans-Siberian Handbook has a kilometre-by-kilometre account of the sights to look out for from the train. Highly recommended, as this helps you get the most from your journey. You can tell where you are from the black and white kilometre posts all along the line, usually on the south side of the tracks. Take plenty of reading books - Tolstoy's War and Peace is the most predictable title, but it's a great read.

The funny thing is, you probably won't finish it - there's so much else to do! The Moscow to Beijing journey page shows what there is to see along the way, even if you don't stop off. Is not speaking Russian a problem? No, it isn't. I certainly can't, and everybody manages just fine. However, even if you don't speak Russian, it is definitely worth learning the Cyrillic Russian alphabet as you will then be able to read place names and understand many Russian words.

You can learn the Cyrillic Russian alphabet here. What about food? Typical meal in a Russian dining-car , this one on train 19 en route from Beijing to Moscow Courtesy David Smith.

See sample menu. Typical meal in a Mongolian dining-car. You'd better like rice and mutton! Photo courtesy of Tom Woods. Typical meal in a Chinese dining-car , this one on train 23 from Beijing to Ulan Bator Few people go to Russia for the cuisine, but contrary to what you might have heard, Russian restaurant car food is quite edible and not expensive. The prices shown here are from , further feedback is always appreciated. Don't expect an extensive menu or everything shown on the menu to be available!

Typical meals include ham and fried eggs for breakfast, schnitzel and potatoes for lunch or dinner, with soups and salads for starters. The restaurant car also sells beer, Russian champagne and of course vodka, chocolate and snacks. You can pay in rubles, although they may also accept euro or dollar notes.

But don't venture far from the train, as stops aren't long. Don't forget that on almost all Trans-Siberian trains, unlimited boiling water is available free of charge from the samovar at the end of each coach, so remember to bring a mug, spoon, coffee and a selection of cuppa soups. You can save money on restaurant car meals by bringing dried pasta or noodles, for example. My personal favourite is water-based drinking chocolate for a relaxing night-time drink each evening What about security?

Is it safe for families or women travelling alone? The Trans-Siberian is a very safe way to travel, even for families and women travelling alone. After all, the train is full of Russian families and women travelling alone, it's how the Russians themselves get around! Just use common sense as you would anywhere else, lock the compartment door at night and don't leave your wallet or camera lying unattended in your compartment while you go to the toilet or the restaurant car.

There's also a safe place for your bags at night - if you have a bottom bunk, there is a metal box underneath the bunk which you can only get to by lifting up the bunk. In other words, for anyone to get to your bags, they will have to shift you off your bunk first! Your carriage attendants may also lock the access doors at each end of the corridor at night to prevent intruders. So don't worry, you'll be safe and snug. Men and women share the same compartments, but on some routes you can now ask for a ladies-only compartment.

If you're a woman travelling alone and do happen to find yourself sharing with men who make you uncomfortable, ask the carriage attendants if they can move you to another compartment and they normally will, without too much problem. Suddenly, no westerner can travel anywhere without a whole array of electrical gadgets, cameras, PDAs, iPods and mobile phones that need charging. The situation varies by train. Some trains have one or two similar sockets in the corridor that can be used to recharge things if you keep an eye on them.

Your carriage attendant may be willing to charge items using the socket in their own compartment, for a small tip.

Your default assumption should be that there's no WiFi on Trans-Siberian trains, although you'll find WiFi in hotels and other public places along the route. There's data reception along much of the route, so contact your mobile network provider about data packages for Russia, Mongolia and China. Just to reassure you!

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South Caucasus. Eurasian Land Bridge. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.

Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. Moscow Yaroslavsky Vladivostok. Route map Legend.

Purchase Trans Siberian train tickets at the lowest prices available on the Internet. has been assisting travelers with their Trans-Siberian journeys for over 10 years. Besides tickets we also offer rail tours, visa support and much much more.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of 3è Avertissement = 3rd Warning on Discogs.3/5(2).
  2. At the fall of Miriodor took part at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville and in they made a significant tour in Europe, visiting France and move was to enter the La Prairie Studios in March and work on their next their third work this was entitled ''3e avertissement'' (''3rd warning''), released the same year on the Cuneiform 4/5.
  3. At the fall of Miriodor took part at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville and in they made a significant tour in Europe, visiting France and move was to enter the La Prairie Studios in March and work on their next their third work this was entitled ''3e avertissement'' (''3rd warning''), released the same year on the Cuneiform /5(2).
  4. Jun 25,  · Miriodor - 3è Avertissement / 3rd Warning () Avant-Prog ( kbps) No, this isn’t two albums on one disc ; it’s merely the French and English versions of the title. If you can deal with the gimmicky cover of the CD, the bilinguality of the song titles, and the progressively RIO bent of the music, Miriodor would be an excellent.
  5. About File Formats. MP3 is a digital audio format without digital rights management (DRM) technology. Because our MP3s have no DRM, you can play it on any device that supports MP3, even on your iPod!
  6. MIRIODOR Warning / 3.č Avertissement reviews / from, the ultimate progressive rock website "Trans-Siberian" is a top three and it sounds great once it gets going. So much going on. "Solace" is a little more laid back as sax and piano lead. "3rd Warning" is a top three. I like the sound here. A calm before 1 1/2.
  7. Miriodor - 3è Avertissement / 3rd Warning () Avant-Prog ( kbps) If you can deal with the gimmicky cover of the CD, the bilinguality of the song titles, and the progressively RIO bent of the music, Miriodor would be an excellent addition to your collection. Transsiberien (Trans-Siberian) () 2. Langage de lezard (Lizard's.
  8. 1. Transsiberien (Trans-Siberian) () 2. Langage De Lezard (Lizard's Language) () 3. Garde A Vaus! (Attention!) () 4. Jerusalem ().
  9. Sep 30,  · Inauguration d'un tronçon du Transsibérien en Trans Siberian railway, sanctification ceremony (), railroad inauguration (built ) and blessing with icons and Orthodox priests.

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