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2 Oct, 2012

Ultra Sheer - Novak - Alpine Assignment (Vinyl)

Of course, seeing gives us a wonderful picture of the world around us, but I wonder how many of you think about hearing as giving us wonderful soundpictures For, sounds are really tone colours that give us a picture of what we hear.

We have all enjoyed show-and-tell at school. But, how many of you have played the exciting game of hear-and-tell? We will now hear sounds. Can you tell us what they are? And, who or what, is making them? Lets try First, close your eyes, and when you hear each sound, try to guess what it is Either say what it is, or, if you are alone, just think about it Island breezes, and your travel-shop teases, And all you want is a raise, yeah, For all of the sunshine, Better make you be mine, Forever and no more, All you do is play guitar and the melody for me, melody, melodies And you don't even boast of your extra-fine life or your flash ship upholstery, All I can recollect - 'You better wear your best white dress' Your..

Saw Novak in Birmingham in the 90's - brilliant. Good days, sadly now gone. This is such a good song! I hope I could find more songs from this band. So good! And finally, just for the hell of it, a Kim Novak fan page.

Made by Rob Brewer Mail me at novak-www rbrwr. This page now uses CSS stylesheets throughout, and will look best in a standards-compliant browser. Last fiddled with on 1 Apr Novak were Highly recommend it just because it is a useful skill to have in your back pocket. I find plenty of low quality products in Japan. The reason Japanee autos and electronics took over had much to do with low labor costs, a weak yen, educated workforce, and low interest loans available to Japanese corporations, but not available to US ones.

We've seen the same formula repeated in S. Korea and China, so much so that when Japanese corporations don't have a weak yen they just can't compete. All of these countries' companies compete by having razor thin profit margins and churning out as much product as possible.

The goal is to out last the competition and buy them out. The Japanese work ethic has as many weak points as strong ones, attention to detail is great, but working inefficiently for 12 hours opposed to efficiently for 8 isn't. In fact, it's worse for physical and mental health.

Japanese quality is matched by its inability to make creative talent and start new companies. And just this morning I read where one guy praised his high frequency Panasonic ES So take a look at those and see what you think.

For a straight razor, with good care most quality products will last. I would need to use it a few more years to see if it is really bifl.

I can recommend a Panasonic electric nose trimmer that had lasted 15 years with no issues and only twice changing batteries if you are willing to go electric. I have been thinking about this exact same topic for a bit. I've been shaving DE for a few months now. I don't claim to be an expert, but I feel like I have it down. I don't cut myself ever. The issue is that if I want a close BBS shave, it creates major razor burn. Yes, I know to go with an ultra light touch.

And I do. And I lather with vitamin e oil afterwards. But two days of DE shaving in a row is painful. Could I shave everyday DE like they did back in the day? But I would just do 1, or maybe two passes, and it would be a very mediocre shave.

But if that is the case, then why bother. Probably heresy in DE circles, but the absolute best shave I ever get is with my Panasonic electric shaver with a little soap in the shower. Or also good, using my Panasonic over the sink after lathering up with my fancy English shave cream that I bought for me DE. Takes 5 minutes total, no razor burn or cuts, and BBS every time.

Just being honest, it is the absolute best shave. I have to wonder, if DE is so great, then why did generations of guys give it up in the 70s? There is no way that they would if DE was better. All of this negativity aside, there is something appealing about DE shaving. So I still reserve it for Saturday mornings.

There is something addicting about hearing that low rumble sound of running that blade against your whiskers. That same sound as when a barber runs a straight edge against the back of your neck. That is addicting. I made that mistake this past winter shaving, acid toners, glycolic acid oh man it was bad.

One thing to note, a lot of razors have emollients around the blades. I used to get massive breakouts and ingrowns when I used to shave my face.

I started loosing my hair around 22 or so. I took the plunge two years later and have now been bald for 15 years. I get ingrowns occasionally on the back of my head by my neck but really has never been an issue. I shave two methods.

If I haven't shaved in a few days I use a safety razor with really slick shave soap. After that I keep it up with a panasonic arc-3 every day or every other day. So first thing: you definitely shouldn't feel gross about having a lady 'stash OR asking about how to deal with it. A LOT of the lovely ladies here deal with facial hair in varying degrees.

Second thing: Being one of those ladies, I use a similar razor to this one, and it works well. Not a long lasting solution, but it's not at all irritating. I had been using a rotary electric razor like yours for a long time. The foil cutters give me a much closer shave than the rotary blades on my old razor did, at the expense of taking a bit longer to shave in the morning probably minutes versus the old razor's As an odd bonus, I can hear the hairs being cut, which means I can tell when it's done with an area by the lack of cutting sounds.

Not true. I bought my fridge from best buy.. They use Pacific kitchens and even beat amazon on price. I also use them to price match and get the odd deal.. For example I price matched Panasonic speakers normally bucks each to 60 bucks each on a pricing error at Amazon. It's extremely sharp stopped down, razor sharp to the corners from F2 on. Sunstars start forming almost as soon as you stop down, even a little.

Flare resistance is good. Contrast is pretty good stopped down. I think it's probably the best landscape 50mm lens for m For other uses, there are more practical lenses. I think the Mitakon 25mm F0. Bokeh isn't quite as good but if you want great bokeh you'll probably want to save for the Olympus Pro. But the mitakon has some pretty extreme field curvature, which helps contribute to center subject isolation.

The Olympus 45mm F1. The Olympus 25mm F1. I've owned the Voigtlander, Mitakon, Panny 1. It really depends on what you want out of a lens. The most optically perfect lens is Olympus Pro and by a fair margin but the rest all have their merits.

If sharpness is your goal, get the Panasonic 25mm. Though I'd be surprised if it's sharper than the 20mm -- that pancake is razor sharp. The Olympus 17mm isn't particularly sharp. It's a good lens, I really love the way it renders people, but absolutely sharpness isn't one of its traits. If M43 ceased to exist, I'd almost certainly go with Fuji.

I like how they've gone all-in and fully committed to a reasonably compact yet highly capable system. Plus, their gear is drop-dead gorgeous. When decided to downsize from my Canon fullframe kit last year, I was very close to picking Fuji. Everyone would either stare or give shot-ruining sidelong glances. But the GX85 with the pancake zoom? No-one pays the slightest attention to me. I feel invisible, like I have a superpower.

I'm getting a much higher keeper rate in my street work. That's all that matters to me. So I came close to buying Fuji. But I also quite like Canon's M system. I don't think M's get the love they deserve. That DPAF is top-notch, and the lenses are all razor sharp. If Canon would commit to fleshing out the lens lineup I could see myself happily using an M.

I borrowed it once and I really liked it. Glad you asked. Its taken years of experiments, razor bumps and blood letting shaving against grain with blade AHH! Both waterproof and useable in shower or not I usually don't and then shower after to ensure I get it all. Plus can use more light and a mirror. Braun Series 7 excellent battery could take on a trip and not bring charger Go to for all over body shaving since the foil does some of the best work.

Cleaner stand is a gimmic that I just refill with rubbing alcohol and water, but its just easier to clean under water and some rubbing alcohol to kill any baterica if any. For my asshole, taint-line around the taint use the trimmer on the shaver , and balls Ill use a Gillette mach 5, especially useful with reverse single blade.

I try to not go too against grain as some ingrown hairs will result. Also utilize a gillette venus womens razor depending on what I have around or whats packed in a trip bag. If bumps do develop around my asshole I always wipe with Vaseline regardless so not too big of a deal.

Its a mix of teatree, ASA acetylsalicylic acid -- basically asprin , witch hazel, and other anti-inflammation skin eating ingredients. Also some benzoyl peroxide cream does wonders in a day. Eventually you can dig a hair out with some good grippy needle-nose tweezers. Then again, some people love body hair.

I don't and probably always won't. Besides, some people that have said they prefer body hair, said that I make a slight exception to the rule since it seems to be executed nicely on my body. Maybe Braun can be a sponser for me for endorsing their products with such visuals on reddit GW nakedness subtopics. Ill beta test new shavers!

Umm, razor sharp 4k video, almost limitless cheap adapted lens compatibility because there's no mirror in front of the sensor, higher framerates for slow motion, better low light performance, amazing autofocus tracking, much richer feature set for the money.

Any of those things sound compelling? I can't think of any reason why you would want to go with old tech like the DSLRs from Nikon and Canon when you have a choice. The Panasonic and Sony mirrorless cameras are where the innovation is happening in video right now.

Nikon and Canon are stills-focused camera companies that are coasting on their historical reputations and frankly selling a lot of sub-standard cameras to people who don't know any better that are buying on brand recognition. To sum up, mirrorless cameras outperform their DSLR counterparts in every price category. If you want to take pictures DSLRs are great, but for video forget it. Brain thinks, "Nissan rogue commercial I don't know this commercial, have I even seen it? Have to watch a Panasonic razor commercial before seeing the 'content' Nissan commercial.

Ok, yeah, I've seen that commercial once or twice before, didn't make an impression on me enough to recall it. Jeez, OP is really agitated about a commercial. Moving on with my life. The difference won't be very noticable between those two. You'll get a few more mpx, but this is offset by a softer image in many cases. The m43s make it easier to achieve razor sharpness due to the wider depth of field and excellent affordable primes available.

Olympus leads the industry in IBIS and puts it in every one of their m43 cameras, so every lens gets stabilized. Panasonic is just now dipping their feet into this area and doing remarkably well.

See the 20 mpx GX8. A newer body from either manufacturer would be a better investment at this stage in the lens format lifecycles, especially considering what you already have. If it's in your budget, you could skip crop altogether. Any semi-pro m43 will have good low light capabilities, and can be enhanced further with DXO software.

Optics Pro lets me abuse the upper ISO range It shaves plenty close for my medium thickness growth and the battery has held up. I think it is worth your consideration, There are plenty of positive reviews on Amazon I can really see what I'm doing but the lighting doesn't make me look gross.

I realize the last two have nothing to do with makeup but it's still beauty! And they're really awesome gadgets ;. You want to be sure that the competition isn't going to put you out of business before you even start. Make sure to pick something in a niche that has competition, but you don't want to compete with the same wholesalers you are buying from.

There are a great many wholesalers on alibaba and DHgate that also sell on ebay and they can price you into the grave because they deal with a MASSIVE amount of inventory and can price their products with razor thin margins. I usually deal with American manufacturers, which are a bit more expensive.

I just don't like dealing with the potential customs headaches. I'm fortunate to have very little body hair, and i don't shave my legs except for special occasions. But as far as my face, I can't afford laser yet. I also can't really use a manual razor any more, because dysphoria and OCD regularly would lead to me going overboard and ending up with a red, cut up face. I currently use a Panasonic Arc5 i think electric razor, which I've had for about two years now. I use it with Aveeno shave gel, and I shave about once every two days to avoid irritation.

Because I have dark hair and haven't had any hair removal, it's still somewhat apparent if you're looking for it especially on the second day , but that can probably be fixed with makeup which i don't wear.

I just started this a few months ago. I have a lot of peach fuzz. My husband used to comment that my face look fuzzy and powdery when I wore makeup and I realized that it was my hairy face!

I'm too afraid to shave with a razor so I bought an electric trimmer Panasonic one for women on Amazon. I don't care if I have a bit of peach fuzz. I just want to minimize it, so the trimmer is perfect. It's not stubbly and doesn't look strange. I shave about every 2 weeks. I have dry flaky skin that can be quite sensitive. People on here will tell you to get the Panasonic ST60 if you can find it. Panasonic Plasmas have been discontinued so they are pretty hard to find.

Though, if your parents are anything like mine, they probably aren't techno savvy and most likely aren't prepared for the added precautions a Plasma set might entail. I've pretty much settled on the Vizio md-A3r. I very much dig mine. I got THIS one. I use it on everything from the waist down and for someone with pale read transparent skin and black hair, it's been a godsend.

Even with a fresh shave I"d look fuzzy. The first time was a little shocking, but after a few minutes, I got used to it. I use it about once a week, and my legs look great all the time. At the end of the week i'm a little downy to the touch, but not at all like I was two days after shaving.

And at that, much better after a shower than anything else. Works fine on the ahem ladybits, but I won't say that's not a little more painful than say my shins. Be aware that you may want to reserve your razor for very painful areas.

I can't do the back of my upper thighs, it's just entirely too painful there, but since there's little to no hair, and I sincerely doubt anyone is really examining it, I just shave that part once a week or so.

I shave with a straight razor, but as far as I know, the main difference between the two types is how you go about shaving. With the foil kind, you shave in an up and down motion. While with the rotary kind, you shave in a circular motion. I've tried all of the good ones, and even with a new blade and different methods of lubricating the skin beforehand, I get major razor burn every time. The shave isn't as long lasting, but in the past my legs would be totally hairless but red and irritated so I am willing to sacrifice longevity.

I also use it for the face because I like the way my makeup applies when the vellus hair has been removed, and it never gives me bumps the way a regular razor can.

Then you can either shave the rest or just leave it be. It is reasonably quick. Although it leaves some stubble behind it all but eliminates the visual effect of being covered in hair. Another thing to consider is that shaving is a skill and you will get better at it. I promise. Each time you shave is a chance to improve.

Finally, once you do start HRT, your re-growth will start to slow. I used to have an electric trimmer something like this , and that worked okay but then I lost it during a move. I bought some ' eyebrow razors ' and use that just for the center part of my nose with some baby oil, and a small scissors for further inside. I do it about once every week or so. Cant help if you're looking to actually remove the hair by its root, as I've never done that before.

Sounds too painful for me. Not a cream. It will easily shave it all if that is what you want, though. I actually am better groomed down there more than I have ever been because its so painless and I don't get razor burn like with conventional razors.

Can also use on my legs. Use it wet and dry. Can't believe I went that long without one. NOT an ad. For me, the driving concept is sprezzatura. Whatever I do can't take too much time or look too "studied. For instance, I don't paint my nails.

I suck at it, and I hate the smell, so I don't bother because it only looks terrible after two days anyway. I shave my legs about every three days with an electric razor. Shaving with metal blades were too much of an expense compared with how I much I value smooth legs, and making it to a waxing appointment is too inconvenient. After 25 years with 20" long hair, I finally weighed the benefits of an easy-care style. It took me a year and a half, but I finally found a style that's wash-and-wear.

It's even shaped so that I can let it go months between cuts before it starts to look weird. I have very well-behaved hair, so I don't have to spend money on a bunch of potions. I use a sulphate-free shampoo and condition rarely.

I have easily saved several hours a week not having to do my hair, and I now look My makeup routine takes minutes: concealer, foundation, contouring, blush, set with spray, simple eyes and a bold lip. If I left out the contouring I can easily do ten minutes.

However, it took me all of my twenties to find makeup for each of those steps that was perfect, and to learn how to invest in and use decent equipment. It's like doing a perfect double back flip-- no one ever sees the work it took to make it look so effortless.

Dressing well, for me, is about battle armor. People take their cues from the clothes. So to me, dressing well is about making sure I take to the field with every advantage. Again, that's where sprezzatura comes in; trying to be trendy takes a lot of energy and money.

Classic looks can be bought once and kept for five or more years. Take a little more effort and build a capsule wardrobe and you never even have to worry about matching.

The reason I spent so long typing this out and looking like an absolute narcissist in the process is that I see your niece and I wrestling with the same cultural forces. Part of the reason I do such a thorough analysis of my personal presentation is that I know that the world will judge me for what I look like.

I have to decide for myself whether I'm going to conform to these norms, and how much effort I'm going to go to to obtain the privileges that are granted to conforming to these norms.

Your niece is criticizing you for not participating in part because she thinks that it's a woman's responsibility to look her best.

You report that you make an effort "grudgingly," and why wouldn't it be? That's your time and money and energy being spent to influence what people think of you! So for myself, I weighed the advantages and disadvantages of conforming to all these messages that say that I should pluck and wax and primp and polish, and decided that this force would have the least influence in my life if I was able to dress up or dress down as easily as you change your shoes.

Because how this force, and all this media, gets you is that it attacks your confidence. It shows you an image that you are not and says "This is what a successful, beautiful woman looks like. Your niece is trying to make her way as a woman by emulating what the media tells her that the perfect woman looks like.

I think we all go through that stage, but I think everyone's narrative is different. For me, I decided I wanted the privilege that came along with being traditionally attractive and well-dressed, but I didn't want to play too far into the beauty and fashion industry's hands by handing my confidence and my personhood over to them.

I'm sure it seems a little weird, but my point is, we all come to the best arrangement we can between us and society, and that's mine. Braun series 7 the top end model is what I have. They have a series 9 now that's better. I've heard good things about the Panasonic Arc V too. It's not as close as a manual razor, but it's faster and definitely good enough.

I never had much success with shaving. It always really irritated my face whether it was with a cart or an electric. So I didn't shave. Kept a beard for many years and then one day I just wanted a change.

It helped that beards became popular, I wasn't interested in being mistaken for a hipster. So I start researching the best options for shaving sensitive skin.

The electric Panasonic Arc3 foil razor got high marks so I decided to pick one up. It was better than carts but still managed to irritate my face a little. Then one day I was at a relatives and noticed a old timey razor, she said it was junk and was about to throw it away but I asked if I could have it instead.

That was my great grandfather's pre 45 superspeed and my first DE. I remembered DEs being mentioned when research shaving for sensitive skin and I wanted to give it a try. Perhaps only in later years, with hindsight and perspective, will we appreciate his longevity, and his remarkable character in juggling the obstinate demands of life as a highlevel footballer and a global celebrity icon. The Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals collection was first revealed in Paris on Sept 30th, with the footwear line opposite for both women and men releasing through selected boutiques from February 1st, A month thereafter the collection will be featured in Adidas Originals stores.

Jeremy Scott has really pulled it out the bag this time for Adidas. Gold wings, over-sized tongues and even bowtie detailing make this collaboration a fairly tame one for wacky designer-tothe-stars Jeremy Scott. Check out the Artillery High set to block arteries with its brash use of blinding techni-colour snakeskin. Definitely for the streets, Jeremy Scott is the epitome of keeping one step ahead of the pack.

JS for Adidas range will be available from February A want to wear; what would the girls wear? For six decades the iconic three-stripe label of Adidas has become a symbol of instant recognition, devout adoration and a celebration of international sport. For six decades the iconic three-stripe label of Adidas has been a symbol of instant recognition, devout adoration and a celebration of international sport.

Adidas is now the largest sport manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world. Despite its phenomenal appeal the brand retains an individuality and has developed a cult appeal usually reserved for cultural oddities.

It has obsessive collectors, athletes wearing it as they win gold Olympic medals, children wearing it over school uniforms, models wearing it down catwalks: everywhere you go, the three stripes are ubiquitous. Together they started the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.

Dassler shoes were worn by several of the athletes in the Olympics, and later in , when the Olympics came to Berlin, quadruple gold medallist Jesse Owens was wearing on his feet an early design of what was eventually to become Adidas. Both of the brothers joined the Nazi party in the s. Rudolf was drafted and eventually captured while Adolf remained behind making shoes for the Whremacht — the German military forces.

Tapie bought the company in , moved it offshore to Asia and hired Madonna to promote the product. Dreytus was also president of Olympique de Marseille football team. It successfully sued a few copy-cat companies like Wal-Mart for reproducing a too-similar logo, bought out competitor Reebok and began a series of collaborations with high-profile designers, most notably British designer Stella McCartney in The first collection of jewellery, crafted in the nineteenth century, was displayed in the glass cases looking out from underneath the opulent arches of the Palais Royal.

Choosing for himself a different path other that of the textile trade, he became an apprentice of Jules Chaise at fourteen, later practicing under the wing of Tixier Deschamps a famous jeweler at the Palais Royal. Boucheron later won awards at the Universal Exhibitions of and , ensuring international acclaim.

The last Tsar of Russia, Tsar Nicolas was so besotted with the young Alix that he offered her a diadem of pearls and diamonds.

She treasured the gift so much she was hardly ever photographed without wearing them. The cases were overflowing with sapphires and rubies, along with 1, emeralds and 7, diamonds. The craftsmen and designers at Boucheron have often set new boundaries in the vogue for jewellery creations.

As early as the 19th Century, their ingenuity was no different. Boucheron moved beyond the traditional designs of watches and focused on making them jewellery creations of their own. In the Secret Watch range had timepieces hidden under gold cases set with diamonds or crowned with plates of onyx and coral.

Her collection of jewellery. The beauty of the jewels created by Boucheron as early as the nineteenth century have not diminished in beauty or relevance centuries later. Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall currently owns a honeycomb motif diadem given to her by Prince Charles. The diadem was created in , for the frequent patron of Boucheron, Mrs. Ronald Greville. It was later given as a gift to the Queen Mother Elizabeth in For their th anniversary Boucheron have specially created unique and individually inspiring pieces to mark the event.

One creation, based on the Queen of the Night flower, designed by Shaun Lean echoes the past achievements and flamboyant styles of the Boucheron house. The ephemeral flowers are carved in blackened gold and paved with both white and brown diamonds and sapphires, with the hearts of the flower encrusted with iridescent red rubies. Hidden beneath the thorns of the flower lies a pearl shaped sapphire, which is detachable and worn as a pendant.

The emotive Quatre Ring with embossed gold gros grain, smooth polish diamond point and godron motifs in white, rose, yellow and chocolate gold set with diamonds, has been re-released for the Boucheron anniversary.

Its stunning and original design, suited to both men and women, exemplify the diligence and eclectic fashions that Boucheron are able to incorporate into their collections. Another collaboration, this time between Boucheron and Richard Mille, brings the finite skills of technological advancement with the elegant and refined skills of jewellery making. This lightweight cream adds an ultra-sheer wash of colour to help brighten dull winter skin by reflecting light off the skin, giving the perfect dewy complexion.

Enriched with vitamins such as mulberry root extract and grape extract to moisturise and condition the skin 2. The brand is the brainchild of make-up artist Rebecca Morrice Williams. When the first make-up academy opened its doors in Chelsea, I felt duty-bound to book myself in for a lesson. Our teacher is Dunja Ghag, originally trained in Canada. Dunja has worked both internationally and in the UK as a. Dunja informs me they both have anti-oxidants, vitamins and broad spectrum of SPF20 to protect the skin.

The products speak for themselves — each one is sheer, yet they are able to gradually build with colours to suit every skin tone.

After only one-hour lesson I looked well and truly groomed. Not only did Dunja offer her expert knowledge and tips to me, most importantly she listened.

This is like Harrods VIP beauty service within a much more intimate surrounding. She starts with a breakdown of the different sections, comprised of three-hour sessions, three evenings a week.

Each student will complete the course within the intimate and relaxed surroundings of the Becca Boutique, with a small class structure of no more than six students per course. Set in a truly comprehensive learning environment with the utmost individual attention given to each student.

With all the preliminary information over, we get down to work. We begin looking at colour theory, understanding and preparing the skin, and as I only have this evening free we go straight to make-up — a one to one lesson that begins by looking at brush technique and capacity, why we use them and not the fallbackin-a-hurry finger. Each brush blends these products effortlessly over my skin.

I explain to Dunja from the start that my skin is very sensitive to most foundations. I want a very natural look, so using Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector to brighten. BECCA says that whether you regard yourself as a novice or a maestro, this seven-week course will teach you the tricks of the trade and provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve success in the beauty industry.

The course includes an evening seminar teaching students how to blow dry and style hair. Students will finish the course with a photo shoot held in a studio.

The unisex product creates a water-resistant finish so no need to re-apply after water sports. It is hydrating and oil free. Can be used as a standalone product or applied under make-up 2. The moisturising product also contains SPF Can be worn under, over or mixed in with foundation 4.

Being dual-use and multi-purpose, they are easy to use on holiday and small enough to carry around in your pocket. They are very hydrating and deliciously scented.

Enriched in vitamin E to moisturise and protect the lips. Qatar, a former pearl-fishing centre and once one of the poorest Gulf States, is now one of the richest countries in the region, thanks to the exploitation of large oil and gas fields since the s Qatar is set to be a leading source of supply for the UK in the years ahead. According to reports, this year the UK will need to import 40 percent of its gas demand, rising to 75 percent by Ruled by the Al-Thani family since the mids, Qatar transformed itself from a poor British protectorate noted mainly for pearling, into an independent state with significant oil and natural gas revenues.

During the late s and early s, the Qatari economy was crippled by a continuous siphoning off of petroleum revenues by the Amir, who had ruled the country since In , Qatar resolved its longstanding border disputes with both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

As of , oil and natural gas revenues had enabled Qatar to attain the highest per capita income in the world. Doha successfully hosted the Asian Games and officials have since concentrated on bringing in famous athletes in various fields from all over the world.

The existing facilities are impressive and include Khalifa Stadium which seats 45, spectators, the hole professionally designed Doha Golf Course, and Khalifa Tennis and Squash Stadium with 17 courts, swimming pool, and gymnasium. Horse Racing Horse racing is one of the oldest sports most favoured in this country.

The Equestrian Club organizes a number of seasonal horse race meetings, in which the competition becomes more intense with hefty financial prizes offered for winners. International horse beauty contests held in the country are the main attraction and appreciated locally, regionally, and internationally.

Falconry These birds of prey were used originally by Bedouins to hunt game, providing an important addition to their diets. In Qatar today, the tradition of falconry remains a major sporting activity during the hunting season from October to March. Out of season, owners and falcons continue with training exercises. The incredible eyesight of the falcon allows it to lock onto its prey; fly at speeds of over kilometres per hour and dive at twice that rate. An important bond is created between owner and falcon, and the birds are treated with great care and respect.

Golfing For the enthusiastic golfer, a visit to the Doha Golf Club is absolutely a must. This hole, 7,yard, par 72 championship course was designed by Peter Harradine and has played host to major international golfing championships.

A nine-hole floodlit academy course is also available as well as a splendid clubhouse with three restaurants and a golf shop.

Diving The warm, shallow waters of the Gulf make Qatar an ideal place for beginner divers. For the more enthusiastic, there is enough interest to keep the more experienced happily occupied, and many people acquire or fine-tune their skills here. Constructed of sunken cars and oil-drums, two artificial reefs have been built for scuba-diving and create a welcoming environment for marine life, including a large variety of fish, crustaceans and corals.

Boating and Sailing Sailing is a preferred pastime with several private companies offer dinghies and windsurfers for rent, as well as sailing lessons for novice and experienced sailors.

A sunset cruise on a traditional dhow in Doha Bay provides a stunning view of Doha at night, while luxury yachts can be rented for half and full-day fishing trips. Water Sports There are jet-skiing and water-skiing rentals, as well as pedal boat, water cycle, and kayak rentals. And for the extremely adventurous, try parasailing, surfing, or wind-surfing. Equipment is available through most hotels. When it comes to deep sea fishing, enthusiasts could not ask for more.

Whether you are an expert or a novice, you will enjoy this experience. While you fish, a delicious barbecue is prepared onboard.

Its mission is to make sport and physical recreation available to men, women, and young people in the country to foster harmonious development in true Olympic spirit and in accordance with the Olympic Charter. A series of objectives has been developed to assist the QNOC in achieving its mandate. This committee has played an integral role in the Asian Games. The Qatar experience is a unique blend of adventure, leisure and Arabian tradition, from desert dune driving to exciting water sports, from fascinating museums to traditional markets.

It was a romantic getaway planned with military precision. Going away with your partner for the first time is fraught with danger. Disconnected from the comforting routine of home, left at the mercy of uncertainty and circumstance, a bad holiday can leave a stench of resentment that lingers over a budding relationship for weeks or months to follow. The perils begin long before touching down on foreign soil: the mere risk of a forgotten passport, a lengthy flight delay, or lost baggage giving rise to a pre-holiday tension that you both feel, but dare not admit.

This outrageous violation of female dignity, which forbids liquids over mg being taken onto flights, will surely eventually result in a Hague tribunal. Whilst parents travelling with children can always curb a tantrum by administering a smacked bottom, there is simply no proven remedy, no magic formula, no viable disciplinary measure available to subdue a grown woman who has had her toiletries confiscated.

As I was to discover at Gatwick Airport on the morning of my first trip away with Debra, my girlfriend of six months, this act of authorised thievery is liable to provoke a rallying cry of such passion and defiance that it would make William Wallace appear a meek and submissive apologist. Nevertheless, whilst airport mishaps are hard to predict, there are still a few ways you can insulate yourself against possible holiday spoilers; and the trick is getting the basics right.

Or so the theory goes. But armed with the wisdom that says complacency is the enemy of preparedness, I wanted to leave nothing to chance.

Our trip was planned for early October and after a wash-out British summer, the prospect of getting some warmth on our faces appealed to us both. Decision made. There was just one final ingredient missing from my recipe for a successful holiday: accomodation.

They have been around for centuries, and are now ubiquitous. A website dedicated to boutique hotels threw up a variety of luxury riads across the city, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.

But one stood out from the crowd: the eight-room Rose Sultan. It promised an idyllic setting away from the magical chaos of central Marrakech. The words were enticing, the pictures stunning. We were sold. The Rose Sultan is indeed a gorgeous hotel and a masterclass in minimalism. Every inch of every detail has been painstakingly considered, not least by the owner, an intriguing Casablanca-born gentleman who comes from a background in luxury brand marketing. Still awaiting its first birthday, the hotel is clearly a labour of love, and his passion for architecture and interiors is evidenced by an array of lavish, design-themed coffee-table books intricately positioned across the living room.

The theme of the hotel is sensual luxury with a traditional Moroccan twist. And from the ambient music to the enchanting aromas, strolling around the grounds is certainly an experience in sensory overload. There do, however, remain teething problems. In our otherwise delightful room, stripped down to its most basic features, in the most sensitive way the sink was leaking, there was no waste-basket, and the lock was cumbersome to say the least.

You also wonder how the current staff, numbering three the owner, plus two other chaps with seemingly multifunctional roles including handyman, waiter and on-site taxi driver would cope with fully occupied rooms. The two outdoor breakfast tables, which look out onto a jaw-droppingly beautiful swimming pool, would be a bit of a squeeze in the mornings.

The other temporary defect with the Rose Sultan is its location. There is a fine line between seclusion and isolation, and if true luxury can allow no compromise, the barren wasteland surrounding the hotel must be considered a fatal flaw. Approaching either by car or by foot, requiring the negotiation of mounds of dusty rocks and rubble, is simply objectionable, and until developers populate the vicinity with something — anything — more aesthetically pleasing, or at least create a makeshift road or walkway, the hotel will lose significant brownie points.

Not least with unacquainted taxi drivers who cannot believe their eyes when instructed to navigate this vast stretch of desolate wilderness. The non-existent road signs also means the turn-off for the hotel is often missed. One of the few signs of life nearby is an equestrian club, which offers beginner, intermediate and advanced expeditions to all-comers. Amateur horse riding is one of those activities that seems pleasant in theory, but in practice is at best tedious, and at worst dangerous.

Unfortunately my own experience fell into the latter category I should state at this point that what happened in no way reflects badly on the Rose Sultan, which has no affiliation with the club, and is merely an incidental neighbour. During a snails-pace amble across a litter-strewn eyesore of nothingness, our horses were thrown into panic by an approaching donkey.

The collective. My own horse turned sharply and I was promptly thrown to the ground, with my knees taking the impact.

Back at the horse club, the staff treated me well, giving me ice packs for my knees, and any other comforting items they could lay their hands on. But their attitude changed when, to my amazement, they told me I would still have to pay. I explained politely that I thought this unfair, and the atmosphere turned nasty.

At this point, I just wanted to get back to my room and rest my battered knees, so I bit the bullet and paid up. What a disaster; and there was more to come.

Our first night had been the perfect introduction to Marrakech. The awesome scale of Djemaa El-Fna square, with its snake charmers, food stalls, and electric atmosphere exceeded all expectations, while a short walk took us into the heart of the historical Medina and down a maze of sidestreets bustling with medieval commercial activity straight out of Aladdin. Donkeys, bicycles and motorbikes came out of nowhere like space invaders, before routinely passing, allowing us a few seconds of respite before the next wave.

Caught up in this cauldron of brilliant Arabian mayhem, I was unaware that brewing away inside me was a stomach bug, more than likely sparked by the snail soup I had devoured in the Djemaa El-Fna. Twenty-four hours later, legs. In fairness to us both, we made the most of our remaining time in the city. Walking was painful, so we avoided the chaos of the city centre and instead headed for Nouvelle Ville, a tranquil neighbourhood west of the Medina, and home to the delightful Jardin Majorelle, a botanical garden and modern art retreat once owned by the late fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Its wide boulevards lined with palm trees, cafes and designer stores is light years away from the old world feel of the religious Medina, where alcohol is banned and most women wear traditional burkhas. Our one remaining day was spent back at the hotel, lapping up the rays around the swimming pool and trying not to think about the horrors that surrounded us.

It also gave us more time to enjoy one of the other delights of the Rose Sultan: the service. The staff were attentive without being intrusive, and even seemed to talk in a soothing, laconic tone that added to the sense of relaxation. It contributed greatly to our enjoyment of the trip, despite the misfortune of my accident and tummy troubles.

A couple of years ago, they decided to take a new step and create another great sports car and this is how the Mercedes SLR McLaren was born. The car has a fabulously supreme design with performance that makes you tremble. The price may fly high, but the Mercedes SLR driving experience is priceless.

The body of the SLR, like those of the Mercedes-McLaren Formula One race cars, is made from carbon fibre composites — lightweight materials that demonstrate exemplary energy absorption, ensuring the highest standard of occupant protection.

Adaptive airbags, kneebags and sidebags, belt tensioners, high-performance ceramic brake discs and an automatically adaptive airbrake in the boot lid round off the range of safety equipment on board the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, setting new standards in this vehicle class. The price is , Euro excluding VAT.

The super sports car serves up a boost of output, more dynamic chassis tuning, improved aerodynamics and a distinctly sporty interior. The company built the SLR racing sports cars on the basis of the W R Formula One racing car to compete in the sports car world championship at the Mille Miglia. With engine displacement pushed up from 2.

The refers to the victory by Stirling Moss and his co-driver Denis Jenkinson in a Mercedes-Benz SLR with the starting number indicating a start time of a. Both vehicles feature a fully retractable and folding soft roof capable of withstanding such high speeds, and are made of carbon fibre.

In addition to increased power, the new SLR McLaren Roadster S features even more dynamic suspension tuning and improved aerodynamics. With its sporty, premium-quality interior and distinctive motorsport pedigree, the new SLR McLaren Roadster S is limited to only vehicles. Its price is , Euro excluding VAT. Compared to the standard SLR Edition, the SLR GT has been uniquely and comprehensively re-engineered by British motor racing specialists Ray Mallock group RML , especially with respect to the suspension, braking system, aerodynamics, interior and exhaust system.

More than components were redesigned in total. The car features new wider bodywork to accommodate 19 inch OZ racing wheels. The front grill vents have been removed and larger, free flowing air extractors sit on the hood and flank the side of the car. The rear has a racing wing and diffuser. The cars have an acceleration time of 3.

It was founded in at the same time as the launch of the SLR Edition and gathers enthusiastic gentleman drivers and wealthy sports car collectors. This elite programme of events includes driver training under the instruction of international motor racing experts on the circuit and organised tours on roads in Europe.

The purpose of the Club is to offer the SLR owner the opportunity to explore the capabilities of. Roadster Last year, hip hop megastar 50 Cent rocked up in style to the 02 Arena in London for the UK leg of his world tour, driving a brand new Mercedes-.

The Roadster, which was launched in , combines the power of a high-performance sports car with the sophisticated allure of a luxury car. Its power comes from a handmade 5. The combination of this, with the racing type chassis gives rise to outstanding handling characteristics.

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