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2 Oct, 2012

Untitled - Organ Of Species - Cosmic Zoop (Cassette)

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That could be it indeed, say Asher with his music more up to 0 db. Quite a nice release and certainly one that fits the format pretty well. Apparently there have been previous releases which deal with spoken-word readings, which is also the case here. Somehow I think these texts are not to be understood as texts to be heard. The voice is drenched with echo, which makes it hard to know what it is about. The synth s produce a drone like background, which is very dark.

Maybe it's me, but this bunch wasn't well spend on me. The music is a rather easy lo-fi noise drone thing and the voice speaks without too much intonation, so the whole thing drags a bit on. Maybe if I was into serious literature more, I would understand more. Since then his name came up a couple of more times and here we have another version of his 'Echolocation', which was the thing that introduced me in the first place.

On the cover we read about this being a combination of rural and suburban recordings and included is also the presence of Oliver Drake age 2 , whose 'careful critique of the sounds in real time gave useful direction and his youthful energy kept things light when they got too heavy'. No list of equipment used.

Pretty clueless actually what he does here, or just what does field recordings might be made of. A simple loop of low-grade sound, being repeated far away, low on the tape, slowly changing, adding tiny bits of extra sound. An intense tape of minimal music. Not exclusively new, but highly enjoyable. The first is Deison, who is mostly known from a more noisy end of the musical spectrum.

That is not the case on this release. The music is rather quiet, in line with the series, I guess, of looped electronic sound sources, but its all rather 'low humming', so perhaps not easy to tell. The b-side is also looped based, but here the material is definitely louder and stems from the world of industrial music. Sheets of metal reverberate in a large hall - that sort of images are evoked here.

The somewhat more obscured a-side is what I preferred, but both sides are actually quite good. It shows what Deison is capable of. Alo Girl is a new name for me, and the music here has nothing to do with the notion of things being quiet, unless noise is the new quiet. I can be short about this one: two sides of harsh noise music, and not really the kind of harsh noise I particularly like.

Too much static distortion, not enough variation. You know the drill - literally. Luckily there is Enrico Coniglio to bring back ambience and ambient into the room. More the kind of music I expect from this series. Here he stays in ambient land with both feet firm in the ground. Glacial like tonal drifts on side A, and on side B, low humming bass sound hovering closely over the surface.

Whereas its unclear what the soundsources are on the first side, the second side seems to have heavily processed guitars. It sounds altogether made in the digital domain, which may take a bit of warmth away, but, after Alo Girl, certainly a delight to hear.

Did I ever hear of N.? I may have, but its hard to find online, which might be whole point of calling yourself N. Not as loud as Alo Girl, and not always as loud, but nevertheless loud enough. Here too I thought I heard all of this before, a long time ago, also on cassette, and even back then it was all rather stale.

Those do not remember the past, are condemned to bla bla. Ghoul definitely is harsh noise, even when the title of their piece, 'Chant', may sound otherwise.

A wall of noise type of thing, but in which there is more happening than just a wall of feedback and distortion. Its alright, perhaps because it lasts just under twelve minutes and the somewhat low medium adds its own tonal color to it.

The other side is a solo project of Vasco Alves, who is into circuit bending. A distorted lo-fi sound of what could indeed be computerized noise, of sounds fading in and out. Maybe at eleven minutes a bit long for what the idea has to offer, but nonetheless quite functional low grade noise. The next release is also a split. Hard to tell what it is that he does here, but as a brutal form of musique concrete it actually sounds quite alright. Roughly processed field recordings and electronics.

I never heard of Utility who have a thirty-two minute piece on the b-side. It starts out quite loud, and I feared it would be all noise here, but thing went more quiet and it seems it was made on a bunch of analogue synthesizers. Not quite at the sophisticated edge of cosmic music, but effective and to the point. Also Phalanx is a new name for me. Two pieces here, both called 'Field Of Rape', both said to last I am not sure what the structured aspect of this music is, as it seems to me that this is all a bit unstructured in the realms of voice?

The second version of 'Field Of Rape' is louder than the first, but both seem to me an uncontrolled mass of noise and a bit worn out. Its alright, I guess, for what it is, but not great.

Vasco Alves returns in a duo with Louie Rice. Both get credit for electronics on a release that spans a forty-two minute tape and a nineteen minute CDR. Thus, SETI searchers should consider using tools that are capable of finding signatures of a global and diverse biosphere on other worlds. Continue or Give a Gift. Daily Planet. Flight Today. The most unusual of such organisms is the marine alga Acetabularia ; many nuclei stay clumped together in one compound nucleus in the rootlike base, which often is as much as….

Then the zoospore grows into a mature thallus that ultimately releases 40— zoospores over its 4—5-day life cycle. In species….

Oct 08,  · Olivier Di Placido & Fritz Welch – untitled cassette (tape, humansacrifice, HS, edition of 75 or download) Kelly Jayne Jones & Jon Collin – Sheffield, 9 August (tape, Early Music) Jon Collin with Ross Parfitt – Münster, 10 April (tape, Early Music) Yol – This Item Has Little Or No Scrap Value (tape,.

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  4. Label: - • Format: Cassette Compilation, Unofficial Release • Country: Saudi Arabia • Genre: Rock • Style: Blues Rock, Classic Rock.
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