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2 Oct, 2012

Untitled - Sewer Election - Kassettmusik Del II (Cassette)

Seattle in , about the time the city's first sewerage system was being planned. Suburban sewage treatment plants discharging within the Lake Washington Drainage Basin. WTD Division Directory. II: with a chromium dioxide CrO2 formulation was introduced at the dawn of the s featuring an undeniable increase in high frequency response. III: living a short period between the mid 70s and early 80s, the ferro-chrome FeCr never made it into the golden era.

IV: metal-formulated hit the scene at the end of the 70s. Features firmer bass as well as louder high frequencies. Changelog in Version 1. Improved: settings sliders snap to mouse position on click. Added: Artists presets from Torley. Intel processor. Also available in these bundles hot! More by Wavesfactory top rated osx pc. First Order Addictions hand-stamped 12" limited to copies. Notte Brigante France. Infoline Switzerland. O O O O O heavyweight vinyl 12" limited to copies.

Phase Group UK. Geometrik Spain. It is noisy, gauzy, confrontational and frankly weird for the way it mangles synths, layers up distortion and contorts vocals into dark apparitions and paranoid sound worlds. This is the first and only legitimate reissue of the record which was initially only pressed in very small quantities after an enigmatic fan decided to help out and stump up the funds.

The artwork is as iconic and disturbing as the music itself and the DIY, experimental nature of the music still arrests your attention all these years later. Instead, it's because things often sound, and feel, unpredictable.

Rhythmic patterns aren't quite what they seem, if they even really exist, time signatures can jump around without warning and production rules are, generally, given short thrift. Nevertheless, his work is always pleasing to hear. Flash Across The Intervals takes that mantra and reduces it to the bare minimum, and yet there's nothing restful about the tracks.

In fact, as the staccato distortions and whirs of the opener shows, there's actually a lot happening. Music On Vinyl. On its initial release in , the album was seen as something of a departure from the Al Jourgensen-helmed band's previous output, primarily because it mixed their previous EBM, industrial and experimental synth-pop influences with heavier guitar riffs, more stomping beats and the kind of growled vocals more prevalent in heavy metal.

Listening back 31 years on, the album has lost none of its luster, with highlights including the low-slung dub-rock chug of "Golden Dawn", the ricocheting drums and dystopian screams of "Destruction", the EBM-rock throb of "You Know What You Are" and the Blows style electro-dub funkiness of "Abortive".

I Staggered Mentally LP. In case you didn't know about them, they're one of the most influential industrial bands to have come out of the 's and have also been a massive inspiration for the likes of Depeche Mode and Skinny Puppy. Moreover, it's their signature brand of rhythmic, mostly instrumental post-punk which has made the music of Craig Leon and others so sought after these days. Originally out in on Phaze Records, these ten tracks are timeless pseudo-techno jams which will always be coveted by DJs, musicians and samplers alike.

Cop it now because the original is rather pricey! It's fair to say a lot more people know Dark Entries now but might not be that familiar with Smersh so this new Super Solid Heavy Waste collection is a fine introduction to the US outfit. Reflecting the more beat-focused side to Smersh, the tracks were recorded between and , covering the duo's most prolific period up to the year before Shepard passed away, with just "Under Your Hoop" having previously appeared on vinyl as part of the LP Emmanuelle Goes To Bangkok.

Listening through it's no surprise Smersh appeared on the Borft label operated by Scandinavian pranksters Frak - there are definite sonic parallels between them.

Liquidation LP. The man has been releasing gruesome electronic cassettes since the mid 's, but while he has always been a digger's heaven, his output has remained largely in the shadows to the rest of the world. Well made, but unfortunately the pressing of the vinyl is not the best I heard. Schanche working together, and basically reduces Athana to an one man band. The music here is a duet for two guitars and lots of effects.

They decided to capture the music as a performance, so microphones are placed not only to pick up the music, but also the 'action': the switching on the pedals, the acoustic sound of the strings.

Some of this was recorded live in concert, but these recordings are melted into the studio context. This is a clear break with the previous work Athana, now only dealing with the subject of ambient music, but in an extended context.

It has an improvised feel, these duets, which sets a bit about of say Dirk Serries guitar pieces; its not that kind of ambient music here. They also play the guitar in more melodic way, such as in 'Alaska Beach', which is almost a dueling acoustic guitar piece.

They explore noise a bit in the title piece, but that's rather short. Its quite a varied album of atmospheres and textures, packed together in shorter pieces than is usual in this kind of music and makes up the best work I heard so far from Athana.

Now all LPs are 12"s but not all 12"s are LPs. You obviously know this. This 12" spins at 45 rpm, which, incidentally was something I saw after the first time I played it on 33rpm. A split record that coincides with a concert see announcement section , each displaying what they do. Anna Zaradny's piece is 'Octopus' and continues her search for sine wave like sounds from modular synthesizers.

Divided in long sustaining ones and shorter ones that form a kind of phasing rhythm pattern, going in and out phase, until they seem to be falling into a phase and make up an analogue version of Alva Noto and Ryoji Ikeda. Sturdy music, solid as a rock, sustaining and piercing. Refined piece. Burkhard Stangl on the other side is a man to play various things, from guitars to laptops, which seems to be exactly what he is doing here.

Static hiss from the laptop well, perhaps with him playing guitar on top, with bits of field recording. A totally different piece, not like Zaradny at all.

Whereas her piece is mildly piercing the ear drums, Stangl plays a much more moody tune, with open ended guitar strumming in a sparse setting of electronics. Full of excellent tension between the cracks - great music for an as yet to be made film.

This all sounds promising for that concert. I wish I could attend. The project was started in and the concept is to design and create TV-based artifacts like releases and live performances. The project is meant as a sarcastic attack on TV, especially the Italian broadcast channels. The first release is a double VVHS release with recordings of Italian TV, with several programs which are broadcasted in several times and days, like prime-time TV whatever that may be , Sunday afternoon, late night, morning etc..

The project is released on used VHS tapes, also as a political and artistic statement against the ruling digital world. The music on the tapes is a great compilation of noise and experimental musicians, like Harshcore, Controlled Bleeding, Goh Lee Kwang, Freudi and lot's more. The artwork is fine and the forewords with the backgrounds of the project are interesting to read.

All ingredients are well chosen to make a very interesting art project. But… the editing of the broadcast recordings is like a slow TV zapper. The rhythm of the music does not correspond to the rhythm of the images. For some reason I can understand that the artists Matteo Uggeri as director and Manuele Cecconello as zapper will show the dullness of the Italian television programs.

Sometimes is works, the distorted pop songs of Wooden Veil support the a show program with happy dancing people. The composition Black Heart is a compilation of models with sexy dresses walking on a catwalk combined with close-ups of men who are looking very interested to… It would be interesting that the video artists has done this more.

Yes… they combined several parts of different programs and trying to create a surreal political statement against the dullness and sexism of Italian TV, but if they made the edit just as raw or artistic as the musicians have done, this project would be very interesting for video-arts festivals. The images might give away what the music will be like. Clouds from an airplane me thinks. I don't think I heard of Herve Moire before.

The sound sources he uses in this twenty-three minute soundscape were taped at the Loire in and 'then transformed and mixed on computer'. Its surely a fine work. The river sounds which we hear at the start, slowly transform and get a whole new shape as the piece evolves, but throughout it maintains a 'fluid' flowing character.

Towards the end the electronics seem to have taken over and even something like a small melody leaks through the shimmering ambiance, along with vaguely humming glitches. Moire has studied various books carefully: microsound, field recordings, glitch and how to create your own music along these lines. Some 25 years later, the hazy magic that occured in the back of that bookshop falls in somewhere in the middle between a more sluggish, wobbly Sun City Girls and a Les Rallises Denudes played on 16rpm or something, though in the end 'Suns Movement Across Darkening Skies' and 'Down The Trail Of Aching Hearts' are both unmistakably Armpit and nothing else in all their glory.

Some other stuff from these sessions ended up on various Plop Recordings releases, the label that Clayton and Jon had with Stefan Neville, and a slightly different edit of 'Suns Movement Across Darkening Skies' also landed on the A-side of a lathe cut 7" on Insample in the mid 90's. The photography comes from their zine Plop It Up! A weird 9-minute collage split up over two 45rpm sides, cuts from the past fades in and out with Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid session leftovers straight from the floor tangled up with spicy snippets from limited to 14 cassettes, some live action and newly recorded nonsense.

Mastered by Viktor Ottosson and artwork by Charlott Malmenholt. In April the band entered a studio to record the 8-song demo which turned out to be the only studio-recording the band ever did. About a copies were made and the cassette is now one of the white whales of the early 80's Swedish punk. In the mid 00's 'Der Weltcup' and some of the other tracks started to circulate among the filesharing communities and Mutant Sounds-styled blogs, and 'Der Weltcup' became a floor filler at certain indie clubs in town for a while.

While some of their influences might be somewhat present, there's a certain stripped-down approach to the music that is letting the melodies and lyrics which, by the way, deals with everything from candy bars and a distaste for athletics to John Peel speak for themselves. A lost gem of brilliant, youthful DIY pop.

The live recording shows the shortlived band on its peak, passionately blasting through a bunch of new tracks like the mind-blowingly good 'Gatan den nya ' and 'Liemannen' alongside a few numbers from the cassette.

Two tracks of industrial DIY minimalism creating an organic sound world from broken rhythms and extraneous sound generated by modular synthesis with minimal bass figures and voice that is both an instrument and a cloudy narrative.

Next month: Komare 7". Right there and then the most jaw-dropping amalgamation of the first bunch of Rough Trade 7"s, Berlin Super 80 and Gothenburg Monokultur is a new duo that consists of Elin and Julius from Skiftande Enheter and it certainly doesn't stop with 'Lindholmen - Stenpiren' that just happens to kick things off on this 4-track 7". A beautiful and life-elevating blur that brings selected chunks of the first Cabaret Voltaire EP to mind at times with some Gothenburg harbor messing with Cold Storage-like ambience, before jumping headfirst into ham-fisted Death Disco dub territories while pouring warm beer in the Dome 2 sleeve.

Back and forth, it's all happening. F Records style, part Precious Metal heaven. The psychedelic ambience on the A-side at times brings to mind Swedish communal collective rock ala TGS and such, that same headspace, though passing on in slow motion. Both sides pummels through shades of random Swedish new wave obscurities and homespun DIY electronics, though always being somewhat rooted in Gothenburg here and now.

Photography by Mai Nestor and mastering by Viktor Ottosson. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 45rpm. Record and show reviews. A5, 44 pages, copies. Her two albums Lace and Felt, released in very limited editions in and respectively and both reissued by Time-Lag Records in , are marvelous excursions in songwriting and it seems like everyone that heard them has been waiting for something more since then.

A few videos of Maxine performing songs in her home started to appear on Youtube and in Dynamite Hemorrhage published an interview with her. This new EP continues on the same path as before, pure, beautiful music evoking the timeless nature of artists like Sibylle Baier and Kath Bloom.

Recording sessions are sporadic and completely improvised, later edited and overdubbed into songs at home. A very uncommon environment, I must say, that would not be possible without multitracking.

Cosi finds his inspiration in the recordcollection of his parents if I have to guess. For instance the influence of Neu and Harmonia is obvious if you listen to the beats in the tracks 'Harmonia Raag' and 'Hoboland'. Also we hear influences of Terry Riley-like minimal music.

In a piece like 'Lovely Blue Cream' Cosi's trademark really works for me: energetic free saxplaying, backed with an environment of looped drums and sounds. Not that I liked all of it. Not everything is worked out satisfyingly.

But I met enough unusual twists and ideas, played with freshness and dare, to be curious what will be recorded more in that room of Valerio Cosi. With David Hurley we are on the american continent. Hurley is a percussionist playing on a very extended set of bells and percussion.

And also flutes and even the Moog appears in a few tracks. The CDs contains several solotracks, accompanied by pieces of duo- up to quintet-format.

In this and other tracks 'Metamorphosis' we travel the spaceways in a Sun Ra-like manner. In other tracks the playing is more close to free jazz like in 'Inner Nebula' with Zuri Waters on sax. Also this release shows that Porter Records has a good nose for new original talents. Originally the label gathered a number of friends and artist networks to compile the first release - the compilation album titled "Minus infinity dB".

Now four years later the label is ready to launch the 10th album, being a compilation of artists of the label who each contribute with two pieces for the album carrying the title "Hyperakusis". The overall style of the album operates downbeat spheres from chilling IDM to ambient.

The show is opened by German artist Carsten Stiller a. Then comes the sound artist Nerthus delivering a slightly darker and more downbeat contribution of dreamlike quality. Next in line is Mandelbrot operated by Philip Munch also known for his power noise project Synapscape as well as his electropop-project "Rorschach garden".

Mandelbrot takes the full step into dark ambient-spheres - no rhythms or shiny light here, just darkness and noise drones. The drone-based expression continues with the contributions from next artist. Spherical Disrupted delivers the best moment on the compilation with his opening track that hypnotizes with echoed drones waving back and forth meanwhile discreet melodies give a beautiful atmosphere on the piece.

His second contribution is a quite different beast that floats in classic IDM-spheres reminiscent of early Warp Records. The compilation closes in the most beautiful way with a trippy ambient piece from Zero Degree that recalls the heydays of early ambient from the German krautrock-pioneers such as Edgar Froese and Klaus Schulze.

A beautiful soothing piece that is everything but dark and thus closes the album in a pleasant manner. Nice compilation. Zero Degree is also the brain behind the next album reviewed here. The album titled "Inner realm" is second full-length from the German composer.

In contrast to his contribution to the aforementioned "Hyperakusis"-compilation, Zero Degree on "Inner realm" includes technoid rhythm textures in ambient worlds. Compared to the "Frozen sunlight"-piece from the "Hyperakusis"-compilation, the expression on present album is much darker in expression.

The atmosphere is grandiose on the album. A few tracks have a quite old-school feeling to the electronic sounds, i. A quite interesting and varied album from Zero Degree. Last album reviewed here is aforementioned Mandelbrot a. In comparison to his alternative projects, Philip Munch on this album titled "Thorns" under the Mandelbrot-flag, focus on a much more introvert sound nature of dark ambient-noise.

As Mandelbrot Philip Munch collaborate with B. Buzzing drones create the foundation of the album, sometimes added atmospheric and melodic passages.

Nice one. The cover said 'moments captured and repeated in raw mono [ Not at all.

Tracklist A1 - Some Velvet Morning () A2 - Breaking Audio Masturbation () A3 - I Guess Peace Of Mind Is An Illusion After All () A4 - Hell Is Here () B1 - Horhak Pt. 2 () B2 - A.D.M.S. () B3 - I Give You My Heart () B4 - Dramaqueen () B5 - Collapsed () Notes A1 Taken from Split Tape with The Cherry Point on Troniks. A2 Taken from the Split CDr with Clew.

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  1. Label: Spanking Ritual - sr • Format: Cassette C30 • Country: Sweden • Genre: Electronic, Non-Music • Style: Noise, Abstract Sewer Election - Kassettmusik Del II (, C30, Cassette) | Discogs/5(2).
  2. Esplora tutte le pubblicazioni di Sewer Election su Discogs. Compra vinili, CD e altro di Sewer Election nel Marketplace di Discogs.
  3. Sewer Election + Treriksröset - Killing For Norway ‎ (Cass, Ltd) Sell This Version: sr Hisingen: Ramberget ‎ (Cass, C32) Spanking Ritual: sr Sweden: Sell This Version: sr Sewer Election: Kassettmusik Del I Sell This Version: sr Sewer Election: Kassettmusik Del II.
  4. Distortion is kept to a nice level and Sewer Election creates a composition full of tension and drama. I have nothing against noise, which some people seem to think, but it has to be good and not wearing out all the cliche's of the genre. As such I can easily say that 'Kassettmusik' by Sewer Election is exactly the kind of noise I like.
  5. SEWER ELECTION - KASSETTMUSIK LP "April Moments captured and repeated in raw mono. Contact mic, cassette loops + cassette amplifier" Originally released as two private edition cassettes and then reworked for a CD release on iDEAL in , Kassettmusik still stands out as one of Dan Johanssons' most confounding and bold moments.
  6. After months in transit, the Sewer Election "Kassettmusik" LPs are finally in! Blizzard Amplification 2CDs are being restocked shortly as well. Replacement covers for the Mental Abortion and Pleasure Fluids LPs have arrived and the remaining copies are in stock now.
  7. SEWER ELECTION - VITTRA SONDER (LP by Throne Heap) Back in Vital Weekly I reviewed Sewer Election's 'Kassettmusik'. I thought I was going to deal with noise on that one, but it wasn't, or at least not the kind of noise I don't like - which is the heavy 'let's put all distortion boxes together type of noise and let that run for an hour'.

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