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2 Oct, 2012

Woodchip Of The Mind - Various - godspunk volume fifteen (CD)

Voodoo Forest. Marc Almond. John Almond. East of Eden. No More White Horses. Peter Dunton. Hello Hello. Freelance Fiend. Nutmeg, Bitter Suite. Granny's Intention. The Witch. The Rattles. Still as Stone. Jess Roden. Track Listing - Disc 2. Maybe Someday. Mike Heron. The Human Beast. Black Cat Bones. Tomorrow Morning Brings. Frank Zappa would have loved it! Plunger Megadeath". Take that, and couple it with a Cleveland band with one of the greatest names of all time,.

This song was later released on CD! Sister Ray guitarist Mark Hanley was always one of my favorite musicians to trade with. Mark made a lot of tapes, and each and every one of them was interesting! Mark's music can be kind of dark and brooding, and this title sounds pretty menacing, but he was always the nicest guy in the world to me! Mata Mandir pours devotion into each note that he sings. His gentle voice creates a sacred atmosphere for healing and connectedness, helping students calm their minds and open their hearts.

His Sikh-inspired mantras invite listeners to have a personal experience of the Divine. A longtime student of Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan, Mata Mandir learned early on about the power of the sound current for elevation. Since , he has been the principal English-language translator to the Dalai Lama. Jinpa has published scholarly articles on various aspects of Tibetan culture, Buddhism, and philosophy, and books such as Songs of Spiritual Experience co-authored and Self, Reality and Reason in Tibetan Thought.

He serves on the advisory board of numerous educational and cultural organizations in North America, Europe, and India. He is currently the president and the editor-in-chief of the Institute of Tibetan Classics, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to translating key Tibetan classics into contemporary languages.

He also currently chairs the Mind and Life Institute. Product details Item Weight : 2. Start reading on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Customer reviews. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Customer images. See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Without exaggeration, this work is the magnum opus of mind training for the simple reason is that is the compilation of all or almost all root texts upon which Tibetan Buddhist mind training is based.

It has the original slogans from the 11th century, poems based upon mind training, as well as Dharma talks that are hundreds of years old. Moreover, the translator, Thutpen Jinpa has been a translator for the Dalai Lama for more than 30 years. The translations are extremely well researched more than endnotes and the text flows naturally.

Everyday I read this along with other mind training works Choygam Trungpa, Jamgon Kangtrul and it brings pleasure and compassion to my heart. Anne Lee Bain. Located on the north side of the main camp road about ' from the entrance gate. The squares may have been just decoration or once contained other emblems that have been removed. The Third Service Corps Marker in The marker is now one of the few identifiable remnants. Note that the shrubs are now trees and the marker has sunken into the ground!

In a few years it to will probably be totally overgrown. Map Key 7a. Inside of the Chapel. Showing construction details of the barracks. Choir practice was held here and the director taught us to sing " Let Us Break Bread Together " as ' When I fall on my face with my knees to the rising sun ' - which is impossible to unlearn! Due to decay, the Chapel was torn down about and their are no remains.

Looking south towards dinning hall. The height of the trees can help establish the relative dates of pictures of Chapel pictures. The Swimming pool in The diving board mounts at the end of the swimming pool that is now a swampy pond.

It is one of the largest remaining features but the hardest to find! The remains of the pump and filters can be found under the pool deck. The "Pavilion" and "The Steps to Nowhere" are out of the picture to the left. The chapel is the building in the right background. Pool was completed in Vesper Hill looking south. It is up the hill from the barn.

The CCC Fountain is remarkably preserved. What looks like lumps of blue glass is slag from the Pine Grove Iron Furnace. From the upper service road at the site of the first CCC cabin looking towards the Fountain. The rows of trees planted by the Army can be clearly seen in the aerial photograph above.

The CCC paths were relocated by the Army. In the center of the path, directly above the fountain you can find the concrete 'arrow' pointing north that was the base for the CCC flag pole with a lightning arrester wire still visible.

A "walker" says that he checked the direction and it is dead on to true north. Magnetic compasses have a 10 deg.

Follow the path between the trees and you can find the stones that once lined it. These stones were at one time painted white and the trees were just seedlings. To the east of the fountain you can find the "L" shaped foundations of the infirmary.

The church camp bell tower was located just west of the fountain. This photo from www. If you stand at the fountain and walk up into the clearing to the NW see picture above , you can still find the "star" down the hill from the flag poll. There is a small hole in the center of the star but not big enough for a flag pole. No one know what it was for. Walk to the west to find the footers for the upper barracks. Past the barracks, the pool is down the hill.

All that is left of the buildings are the cement support posts and the bathroom floors and pipes. Looking north-west from main road. You can still locate the remains of three guard towers which will be four concrete blocks about 8' apart. One is located near the fountain and the other further up the hill near the service road. The wall around the fountain looks much smaller than in later pictures. The steps where the group photos were taken can be found between the Pavilion floor and the Upper Service Road.

They are so overgrown that they are easy to miss. The are just below the sign for the sign for the NWRF nursery north of the upper service road.. The wall still stands but was completely hidden by massive pine trees for many years!

Barn wall in hidden under the trees. In the scrub has been cleared out and the trees trimmed but the wall is cracking and in danger of collapse. The cleared area is rapidly being overgrown again. Main camp road in front of Recreation Hall Looking east from dinning hall.

The chimney is connected to the old metal stove shown in the foreground of the adjacent picture. Remains of the concrete basketball court can be found behind the Recreation Center. Here on the walls were displayed the best examples of the POW artwork. They were originally painted on the fiber board walls of the barracks and were removed and framed. Many were landscapes from Germany but some were of American subjects. The CCHS has acquired five of these paintings. How they appeared in looking down from the Upper Service Road.

There was a pump house to the left of the "new" pool as you faced it from the dining hall. It was between the pool and the incinerator and the new office building. It had an inlet in the pool and was used only for pumping water through the fire fighting system. The building housed a pump with a 6 cylinder car motor that I can remember Bill Hockley firing up when we did fire drills. We accused him of goosing the pressure up on the pump to see how many of us crew members he could knock over as we held the fire hose.

We used to enjoy those fire drills as it gave us a chance to take the old fire engine out for a spin. Sometimes we got halfway to Caledonia since we wanted to make sure the battery got a good charge. And of course we had to make sure the siren still worked. Mountain top experiences are so real that you can almost see God, you can almost touch him. They are special, out of the ordinary experiences with the Creator of the universe that will transform and transfigure you.

They are the kind of experiences you take with you down into the valley of life. Listen to Him! Dick Sigler debates with Youth Leadership Conference campers in Richard E. Dick Sigler. One night at dinner in the mess hall he announced that, "The United States is without a president! He was at the Carlisle Presbyterian Church when the camp closed. His recollection is that the state had only leased the camp land and would not sell it or exchange it for other forest lands.

Apparently, they did not want the camp in the state forest so they would not renew the lease. I had dinner with him occasionally until he moved back to the Harrisburg area. His wife had also been a camp counselor at Michaux and they recently took a return visit. I knew Rev. Silger since I was six or seven in the late s. He did his ministerial internship under my father, Rev.

Schaeffer, at the Homewood Presbyterian church in Pittsburgh and was a frequent guest at our house. Another conference leader was Dr.

William Orr. He was a good friend of my father and had been his favorite seminary professor of Greek and New Testament Theology at Western Theological Seminary. One of Dr. Orr's favorite stories about himself was that after conducting a service one Sunday, a lady met him at the church door and exclaimed, "That was a lovely reading of the New Testament scripture, what translation were you using?

I was reading from the original Greek! My favorite story about Dr. Orr was told by Mrs. As a prank, his seminary students signed him up for a visit by the Seventh Day Adventists.

They knocked at his door one Sunday afternoon and he graciously invited them in. For two hours he listened intently to their spiel and asked such wonderful questions that they were sure they had a new convert. When they concluded and excused themselves to leave, he said, "Wait! Now it's my turn! See the video from the show. William Orr was one of my father's favorite teachers at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and a generation later the favorite teacher of Fred Rogers.

Fred asked Dr. My uncle, Rev. Rodgers homiletics professor at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. One day he called Fred into his office and told him, "Fred, no Presbyterian congregation will ever give you a call! Another favorite leader of mine was Rev. Bill Southerland, currently the Parish Associate at Beulah Presbyterian Church , remembers that in the late 60's every time there was a storm, the electricity would fail and the camp emergence generator would stumble to life for a few minutes before dying.

From Carlisle take Route 34 and turn right at Hunters Run on See map below. The whole property is conservatively valued at a half million dollars. Much has been accomplished in the care, maintenance, and improvement of Camp Michaux through a share the work program in Work Camps.

Young people and adults have been doing manual work as a Christian service. A limited number of adults may vacation in Camp Michaux during the regular camping period by exchanging specified work for food and shelter.

Ministers and laymen serve voluntarily on the Board of Directors without compensation. This is the Michaux plan for less than cost budgeting. Camp Michaux is available for the use of responsible groups by the day or overnight from April 15 to June 1 and from September 13 to November Telephone Phone: Mt. Holly Springs R Please do not throw me away Give me to a friend I want him for a friend too.

Flag Pole. Thirty-five acres of beautifully landscaped forest land. Evergreen trees border the paths connecting the buildings which consist of staff lodges, campers lodges, sleeping quarters for five hundred persons , recreation halls, chapel, headquarters and office, infirmary, camp store, craft shop, toilets and bath houses with hot and cold running water.

All buildings are equipped with electric lights and heating facilities. Out doors are found vesper hall outdoor chapel , beautiful swimming pool, athletic field, hiking trails, camp fire sites, picnic grounds with fireplaces , volleyball and badminton.

A private reservoir with extra pumps for fire fighting purposes , and a sanitary sewage disposal plant provide for the safety and sanitation of the camp. There is also fine drinking water. It has been designed by competent engineers and will be under Red Cross Life Saving supervision. Because young people living together in this beautiful mountain retreat far from the usual distractions of ordinary everyday life, are rediscovering God and learning anew his teachings.

Because trained ministers and teachers with a definite planned program are giving young people a real taste of Christian living, sharing, learning. No young person can be exposed to the atmosphere of Camp Michaux without feeling that he or she is a better boy or girl for having been there. Through the vision and untiring efforts of a few ministers and laymen who were faced with the great need for Christian youth training. These men worked to acquire and equip the camp grounds which they have called Michaux.

Through the cooperation and work of many young people who enthusiastically accepted Michaux as their camp and conference ground. Dining Hall and Flag Pole Note how small the trees are.

Through the organization of a board of directors of Michaux, this camp is set up for continued and permanent operation. They have acquired a ten year lease from the State, and employ an all year round caretaker. The Presbyterian Church and the Evangelical and Reformed Church share equally in the maintenance and the use of Michaux. It is a nonprofit corporation operated jointly by the two denominations.

The cost of operation is therefore lower than any other camp or conference in Pennsylvania having the same facilities.

Albert C. Robinson Pacific Avenue, York, Penna. Thomas Wood, Main St.. Watsontown, Pa. William Turner, R. William Turner. Baltimore Registrar: Rev. Robert McKibben. Baltimore I, Md. Harrisburg, Pa. Camp X Synod and Presbytery W. Harrisburg, Pa,. The brochure was reproduced from a copy that was sent to me by J. My copy! Camp Michaux Reunion Saturday June 19, Also present was Lisa John, who at the time was a state park ranger working on a brochure and walking trail of the camp.

We were able to locate the base of the CCC flag pole which is an "arrow" pointing true north with a lightning rod grounding cable still visible. It can be found directly above the fountain in the middle of the parallel row of pine trees.

The shadow of the CCC flagpole in the center photo marks it's location. Note the path that runs to the log cabin that would later become the POW guard house.

The paths were all rerouted for the POW camp. The path was relocated to run to the other log cabin by the upper gate off Michaux Road. This is were the trail of pine trees now stands. The photo of the fountain was taken from the CCC flag pole looking south. The photo of the CCC flag pole was taken from the fountain looking north. The fountain in this picture seems to have a lower wall that it does today.

It must have be rebuilt at some later date.. I have the entire collection of these and many personal photos provided by the people at the reunion available on a CD. Just send me your name and address! Remains of the Buildings The weather was dry enough to locate several piles of lumber at the end of the lower service road near where the path crosses Tom's Run on the south west corner of the camp grounds.

Just past this area is a clearing that is believed to be one of the "frontier camp" tent camping areas. John is the author of the new book "Secret War at Home. The footnotes and bibliography indicate that he has done a tremendous amount of research. While devoted primarily to the POW era, the book will be of interest to the church campers because it shows how the camp evolved from the CCC and POW occupations into the church camp.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the book contained seven slides from to and two paintings that I copied at the UCC Hartman Center camp. The pictures lost something in the conversion to black and white half-tones.

However, you can see them in color on the my Web pages or in high resolution on my CD of camp photographs. If you order a copy of the book, my pictures can be found on the following pages:.

The Walks were divided into two groups with Dave and John as the leaders. After a quick lunch, I joined Dave for his 1 PM walk. I would guess there were over 50 people in attendance for the two walks. Every year, Dave has more material and a deeper understanding of the history.

One myth dispelled this year was that near the end of the war the Japanese prisoners were held in the small compound between Michaux Road and the Old Barn. The army constructed a fence through the middle of the camp from approximately the Steps To Nowhere down to the Staff Mess Hall. The two barracks by the Pavilion were retained by the church camp. The buildings in the are of the New Swimming Pool were probably in poor shape and torn down before the church camp opened.

One recent discovery was the concrete block and an iron post hole that secured the gate to the prisoners compound. It can bee seen to the left of the CCC Fountain. Pine trees in front of the chapel in ?

The pine tree in It is interesting to note that two of the most obvious remains are the sewage treatment plant and the ramp to the incinerator just south of the Mess Hall. The origins of the Star by the CCC Fountain is still a mystery but because it uses the same blue slag as the Fountain leads one to believe that it was from the CCC days.

We have been led to believe that the official closure of the church camp was in when the lease was terminated. However there were two former campers on the walk who were positive that they were at UCC camps in and As usual each visit to the camp raises more questions to be researched. Every time I have revisited visited the camp I have had a "quest" to fulfill. One the first visit, the goal was just to locate the camp! By this visit my list had narrowed to a few final items:.

One adventure was crawling under the pool deck to inspect the remains of the "filter and pump room". The drain pipe from the pump room must still be functioning or it would be filled with water!

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